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Crm at fe dex


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Crm at fe dex

  1. 1. FedEx in 2006: Continuing CRM Innovations Group 9Sandeep Sarfaraz Anwar Khalilullah Rahul Sharma Raju
  2. 2. About • FedEx Corporation (FedEx) is the leader in the intensely competitive overnight package delivery business. • Founder and CEO Fredrick Smith (Smith) depends on innovative customer relationship management (CRM) practices to gain a competitive advantage over FedEx’s rivals. • He stresses that knowledge about cargo’s origin, present whereabouts, destination, estimated time of arrival, price, and cost of shipment are as important as its safe delivery.
  3. 3. • Original name – Federal express Changed to - FedEx on January 1998
  4. 4. Objectives of the case: • The case outlines FedEx’s CRM initiatives over the year, which helped the company save costs, grow and retain customers. It also highlights the importance of CRM in services industry • The case discusses 6X6 Transformation and the new e-initiatives taken by FedEx to keep ahead of its rivals.
  5. 5. CRM at FedEx • FedEx was the first to launch overnight delivery service. • Transport companies had a tie up with IT companies so that it could provide information. • Introduce “FedEx’s toll free line” for customer information about delivery status. • It gather information though COSMOS.
  6. 6. • It introduced Power ship in year 1984 to improve the service. • It established GOC (Global Operational Control Center) to track real time movement and positioning of trucks and flights and also provide weather condition and electronically displaying the data. • It used CRM software which provided information of the customers.
  7. 7. • FedEx pioneered the “Hub and Spoke System”
  8. 8. E- CRM Initiative • FedEx launched E-CRM project for wide information and move of Data. • In 2001 it started with two certified CRM application , one was to make built and make customer profile and other was to customer service. • The main objective of E-CRM was to solve the problem faced by customers.
  9. 9. Online tracking system
  10. 10. 6X6 Transformation The Six parts of FedEx initiative1. Satisfy the FedEx Customer. 2. Work as a trust partner within the business. 3. Create a great opportunity for every employee. 4. Improve are ability to deliver. 5. Unify though a consistent environment. 6. Simplify information access.