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How to create my twitter account by Khalid Raza


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This file is a simple step by step process to create your twitter account. Take a look and start the journey. The screenshots will make the process very easy to follow. Please share, comment or like the file to let me and others know more.

Twitter is a great place to learn and be a leader. It is quick, easy and full of information. However most of us are unsure of many things when it comes to Twitter. Few years ago I shared 5 ways to get the best out of your twitter account however there is much more that we need to know. If you still do not have a Twitter account, then see how to create my twitter account deck.

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How to create my twitter account by Khalid Raza

  1. 1. How to create My Twitter account Khalid Raza Social Business Program Manager @khalidraza9 #socialglamor
  2. 2. Twitter is a free microblogging service founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone. At its heart are 140-character bursts of information called tweets. Users can include links to other content in their tweets, and broadcasts can be public or private. Celebrities, journalists, politicians and other public figures have established significant followings on Twitter. Media outlets in particular use Twitter as a way to broadcast breaking news. © 2013 IBM Corporation 2
  3. 3. Lets begin with jargon.. Tweet: A 140-character message. Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else's tweet. Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your homepage. It's comprised of updates from users you follow. Handle: Your username. For example @khalidraza9 Mention (@): A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @khalidraza9). Users are notified when @mentioned. It's a way to conduct discussions with other users in a public realm. The Twitter glossary © 2013 IBM Corporation 3
  4. 4. few more… Direct Message (DM): A private, 140-character message between two people. You can decide whether to accept a Direct Message from any Twitter user, or only from users you are following. You may only DM a user who follows you. Hashtag (#): A way to denote a topic of conversation or participate in a larger linked discussion (e.g. #socialHRsuccess, #ibmsocbiz). A hashtag is a discovery tool that allows others to find your tweets, based on topics. You can also click on a hashtag to see all the tweets that mention it in real time — even from people you don't follow. What is a hashtag (with replay link) © 2013 IBM Corporation 4
  5. 5. Start your Twitter life now.. Thank of your handle first Go to Type you full name, email address and a password Click on Sign up for Twitter © 2013 IBM Corporation 5
  6. 6. Click Next and search for people and follow them. You would need to follow at least 5 people. Start with @khalidraza9 #chuckle 6
  7. 7. A good profile is needed Upload your image – a good, clear headshot. Add your Bio – in 160 characters! Upload your image – a good, clear headshot. Add your Bio – in 160 characters! 7
  8. 8. So start tweeting, now… 5 ways to get the best out of your twitter account © 2013 IBM Corporation 8
  9. 9. Thank you Khalid Raza Social Business Program Manager © 2013 IBM Corporation 9