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Bibliometrics is statistical analysis of written publications, such as books or articles. Bibliometric methods are frequently used in the field of library and information science, including scientometrics. For instance, bibliometrics are used to provide quantitative analysis of academic literature.
Citation analysis is a commonly used bibliometric method. Many research fields use bibliometric methods to explore the impact of their field, the impact of a set of researchers, or the impact of a particular paper.
Data from citation indexes can be analyzed to determine the popularity and impact of specific articles, authors, and publications.
Bibliometrics are now used in quantitative research assessment exercises of academic output which is starting to threaten practice based research.
Performance indicators are extracted from bibliometric to evaluate Researchers, Universities, Countries and others.

In this episode an introduction to bibliometrics provides an overview of bibliometrics; the context for the use of publication and citation analysis in higher education; a look at the main metrics used; the main tools available to research staff and students such as web of science , scopus and google scholar.

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