Physical assessment quiz dr. khaled khader


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Physical assessment quiz dr. khaled khader

  1. 1. Encircle the correct answer (1-12) (6 marks): 1. Skin temperature assessment is best done by use of the nurse's: a. b. c. d. Palms Finger tips Elbow Dorsum of the fingers 2. The nurse would expect to develop crepitus in a patient with osteoarthritis of the knee during which health assessment technique? a. palpation b. percussion c. auscultation d. inspection 3. The sequence of physical examination techniques is as follows: a. Inspection, Palpation, Percussion, then Auscultation b. Auscultation, Inspection, Percussion then Palpation. c. Inspection, Auscultation, Percussion then Palpation. d. Any sequence can be used. 4. During the physical assessment of Mr. Y's skin, the nurse observed that Mr. Y's skin color is pale, the nurse expect that Mr. Y may has: a. Jaundice b. Pulmonary edema c. Anemia d. Heart failure 5. All of the following are considered Functional Health Patterns Except: a. Health Perception/ Management b. Nutritional-Metabolic c. Dressing-Cleaning d. Activity-Exercise 6. Color, size, shape, position and symmetry can be assessed using: a. Inspection b. Palpation c. Percussion d. Auscultation 7. Light palpation is used to assess: a. Tenderness b. Body organs & mass c. Skin color d. Bowel sound
  2. 2. 8. One of the following assessment is not considered palpation of skin: a. Temperature b. Moisture c. Odor d. Texture 9. lifting a fold of skin between your thumb and forefinger is used to assess: a. Texture b. Moisture c. Mobility d. Temperature 10. Normal angle at nail base is: a. 10 degrees b. 30 degrees c. 160 degrees d. 180 degrees 11. Normal color of nail is: a. Bluish b. Pinkish c. Yellowish d. black 12. Normal capillary refill duration: a. less than one second b. less than three seconds c. less than ten seconds d. more than ten seconds Submental lymph nodes located at: a. b. c. d. Base of neck Under chin Posterior to ear Anterior to ear All of the following normal skin findings EXCEPT: a. b. c. d. Elastic Smooth Moist Rough
  3. 3. The interviewer start collecting data at which stage of interview? a. b. c. d. The opening The body Closing Before interview Give an example for subjective and objective data: (1 mark) Subjective data: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Objective data:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Give an example of open and closed ended questions: (1 mark) Open-ended question:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Closed-ended question:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Write the three stages of interview and describe role of examiner in stage one? (1.5 marks) 1.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Write 4 items of complete health history? (2 marks) 1. -----------------------------------------------------------2. -----------------------------------------------------------3. -----------------------------------------------------------4. ------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. The patient has chest pain, you perform complete assessment of pain, write complete description of your assessment: (2.5 marks) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Encircle “T” for true statement and “F” for false statement: T F Spooning (concave nail plates) associated with iron deficiency anemia. T F Edema with +1 mean pitting present longer than 5 minutes. T F feeling nervous and tired is an example of subjective data. T F Objective data is obtained by observation and physical assessment techniques. T F Close ended questions is a type of question that has specific answers like yes/no. Write 4 groups of neck and face lymph nodes and determine their location (2 marks): 1. 2. 3. 4. Write the four types of assessment: (2 marks) A. Initial B. Focused C. Emergency
  5. 5. D. Ongoing