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Facebook ninja part 1


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Facebook ninja part 1

  1. 1. Facebook Ninja Bootcamp A Guide For Direct Response Marketers By Khaiyong for Mindvalley
  2. 2. Facebook Advertising• Paid Advertising Strategy• Serve Ads To Facebook Users• Self-Served Platform - Facebook Ads Manager•
  3. 3. Design Your Ad• Destination: External URL• URL: Landing Page• Title• Body• Image (110x80 px)• Related Page
  4. 4. Targeting• Country and State• Age• Sex• Interest (Broad category/Precise)• Connections - Advanced Connection Targeting• Education and Work
  5. 5. Estimated Reach• What constitutes reach?• Likes and interests• Interactions on Fanpages• Talking about things on peoples walls• >50,000
  6. 6. “Knee Deep Contextual Targeting”• People aren’t on Facebook To Search• Think about stuff that describes how a person lives/ expresses themselves• Books they read, brands consumed, political inclinations, leaders followed, perversions, hobbies, tastes, affinities...
  7. 7. Do’s And Don’ts• Facebook Advertising Guidelines•
  8. 8. Campaigns, Pricing, Scheduling• Campaign Name• Budget• Scheduling• CPM or CPC?
  9. 9. Bidding Strategy• Competing with others for Ad Positioning• Bid + Quality score = Ad Position• Suggested Bid - not necessary the cost to run the ad• Are your ads getting clicks?
  10. 10. What Constitutes A “Good Ad”• Look at your metrics - Leads/Sales?• CTR - Good CTR = Lower Cost• Is Your Ad Relevant to your offer?
  11. 11. Optimization• Continuously optimize•
  12. 12. How To Grow Fast?
  13. 13. How FB Is Done In Mindvalley• Facebook Management Software (BuyBuddy)• Robust Tracking Systems - Oathkeeper, Google Analytics, BuyBuddy• Intensive Analysis Of Numbers (ROI focused)
  14. 14. Cool Stuff• Segment by Demographics (Split Permutations)• Time Scheduling• Suggested Median Bid• Ads Performance Tracking (8 Layers)• Interest “Clusters”
  15. 15. Oathkeeper• Tells us which person signed up on which day using what email and bought how much worth of products on any day• Easily tells us which campaigns are working/are not and how much we are making over a period of time
  16. 16. Weekly/Monthly Tracking Sheets• Define the most important metrics• Focus on weekly, monthly ROI• Setup Alert Systems to know what to focus on• Monitor trends to see whats wrong with your campaigns e.g VPL/CPL
  17. 17. Q&A Want to learn more?Stay tuned for PART 2