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Knowledge Transfer Strategies: Expert Transfer


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The content for this presentation slides were taken from Nancy Dixon's Common Knowledge. This presentation slides were created by students from Essential of Knowledge Management, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.

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Knowledge Transfer Strategies: Expert Transfer

  1. 1. Jason Lau Kim Wee 13828Tay Zhi Wei 13922
  2. 2. Presentation Outline  Introduction Example From The Book Example From Our Team Criteria Related Design Guidelines
  3. 3. Introduction  Sharing of Explicit Knowledge Sharing of very Technical Knowledge Definition: A team facing a technical question beyond the scope of its own knowledge seeks the expertise of others in the organization Ways to obtain answer to a technical question Receiving team broadcast question to colleagues Use a yellow page function to find specific individual
  4. 4. Example from the Book  Buckman LabsTechforums
  5. 5. How Does It Work?  Buckman Laboratories is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals for water treatment, pulp & paper, and leather industries. Owns and manages an internal forum that acts as electronic discussion groups. There are 24 sections in the forum and each section is led by a section leader, professional library staffs and sysops.
  6. 6. - Nearly half of Buckman employees asked questionsbefore in the forum. - About 10-20% responded to the questions.- Others mostly just read and benefit from the forum. Library staffs try to answer the questions with library resources. Section leaders make sure questions in the section are answered by themselves or forwarding to others. Then, section leaders will summarize the content while library staffs archive them to the library.
  7. 7. What Came About?  However, the questions became numerous to be read and answer for forum users. Librarians thus make weekly summary of the exchanges of each section for briefer alternative views.
  8. 8. What’s Next? for different language groups: Three more forums are formed- Foro Latino- Euro-forum- AAA But as non-North Americans associates are familiar with the electronic environment, the forums are merged back into Techforum. A success factor is that the CEO of Buckman, Bob Buckman actively ask or respond to a question and mention to employees who are not seen active in Techforum.
  9. 9. Example from Our Team Technician of Siemens in PETRONAS Refinery,  Service Engineer of Siemens in Headquarters Germany MalaysiaTechnician lodge a report to Service engineer teamthe headquarters asking receives report fromhow to solve the problem of technician and provides theloud noises produced by the solution of clearing the dustold-model machineries and apply lubricant on the machineries (in email)
  10. 10. Criteria RelatedCriteria  ExplanationSimilarity The technicians being placed in Malaysia is responsible toof task and maintain the machineries being supplied by Siemens while thecontext to service engineers in HQ, Germany is responsible to help solve thethose of problems faced by the technical team.the source The task assigned to both team is different but they both areteam responsible in solving the problem when a machinery has problemReceiving Since both the source team and receiving team are from the sameteam have organization and the machineries they work on are the same, theythe are able to communicate and the receiving team will be able toabsorptive understand the instructions and solutions to solve the problemcapacity raised.
  11. 11. Criteria RelatedCriteria  ExplanationNature of Problems occurring from the machineries are very infrequentthe task but the task is routine as the machine they are servicing is the sameType of The receiving team is asking for explicit knowledge from theknowledge source team. The source team will reply to the reports lodge immediately if the know the solution to the problem or they will not reply if they do not have the solutionFunctional Knowledge which is obtained by the receiving team impactsareas of the only the source team which is the service engineer team andorganizatio no other team or departmentn impacted
  12. 12. Design Guidelines  Electronic forums are segmented by topic- Segmentation helps to bring questions to real knowers.- Otherwise, redundant requests or common answers will occur.
  13. 13. Design Guidelines  Electronic forums are monitored and supported- An amount of work and time is required to keep the questions and answers moving.- Some monitoring forms include: Making rules Archiving responses Appoint moderators
  14. 14. Design Guidelines  Differing levels of participation are encouraged- It is normal for percentage of requests to be higher than percentage of answers.- Most are passive users benefiting from reading.
  15. 15. Design Guidelines  Knowledge is pulled- The required answer is “pulled back” instead of having numerous results with only a few being the answer.