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Main prese

  1. 1. Webtangle Pharmaceutical Inc
  2. 2. VID
  3. 3. WEBTANGLE• Webtangle, Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in New York City, NY with its main manufacturing factory in Baghdad, Iraq.
  6. 6. CURRENT SITUATION• 4 key comparisons between the statistics recorded in 2010 and 2011. – Sales Revenue – Company’s Market Value – Number of Employees – Key Drugs in Production
  7. 7. 2010 2011
  8. 8. Survey (August 2011)• A survey was carried out among the employees in the month of August 2011.• Main purpose was to examine the causes of productivity decline.
  9. 9. The causes of productivity decline Health OtherPollution 7% 4% 7% Safety 82%
  10. 10. Safety Issue
  11. 11. Terrorist threats (January 2011)• 29th January 2011 – Webtangle’s manufacturing factory in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad was pillaged by a group of terrorist, believed to be the Taliban army. At least 2000kgs of drugs were reported stolen.
  12. 12. Bomb explosion – March 2011 Time Effect • Compensation paid to injured/deadBefore employees. • Significant rise in repairing cost. • Instilled fear in the mind of employees. • Mass exodus of employees After
  13. 13. Landmines in the areas nearby the factory• Areas nearby the factory, such as the roads leading to the factory are infested with landmines.• Plans to dispose the landmines were put on hold by the government due to lack of funding and skilled personnel.
  14. 14. Terrorist threats Upgrade weaponryExperiencedand trained security personnel
  15. 15. Upgrade weaponryCurrent – Lee Enfield No 1 MK III Rifle Upgrade to - M16 Assault Rifle
  16. 16. Experienced and trained security personnel•Example of potentialcandidates: •War veteran •Former army or police personnel•Benefits: •Experience can lead to less casualties in a battle. •Less training cost. •Increase in security. •Less panicking during emergencies. •Reliable
  17. 17. Bomb threats • Explosive sniffing dogs • Easier and cheaper explosive detection method. • The dogs can also provide extra security i.e sightings of strange individuals. • Accompany security personnel on their patrol.
  18. 18. • Provide assurance to employees as normally dogs symbolizes security and safety.
  19. 19. • Detection of landmines is difficult, dangerous, costly andLandmine threats time-consuming. Therefore: • We introduce the Landmine detection rats (HERORATs). • It takes approximately two months and 50 USD to fully train a HeroRAT. • The rats are trained to use their exceptional sense of smell to detect landmines. • With this, we can do a joint operation with the government to remove the landmines nearby the factory.
  20. 20. Problem Solution CostTerrorist threat Upgrade weaponry and more experienced & Slightly high as equipment trained security personal and personnel cost are high but the quantity needed is not much, therefore affordable.Bomb threat Explosive sniffing dogs Relatively low as it is easy to train animals and costLandmines Landmine detection rats little due to abundant (HERORATs) resource of dogs and rats.
  21. 21. Pros Cons•Bigger guns provide more assurance. •Cost is slightly expensive.•Provide jobs for people who served thecountry.•Provide sense of security on sight. •Might scare the employees.•Moving detector.•Cost extremely low. •Take 2 months to train.•Build better relationship with thegovernment.
  22. 22. Expected Result – Chain effect• Safety issue solved.• No/less danger.• Employee will feel more secured and safe.• No unnecessary expenses.• Increase in productivity level.• Increase in sales revenue in the next 12 months period.
  23. 23. Projected Sales Revenue in 2012
  24. 24. Conclusion• It costs more to cover the unnecessary expense such as compensation paid, employees’ healthcare, repairing cost and others THAN to put these plans into motions.• Should the top management decides to execute these plans, I can assure an increase of productivity level, which in turn will improve the gross profit margin in 12 months period.