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Elp complete

  1. 1. 11.0 INTRODUCTION:We have obtained this short course work on 28 February 2013 and asked tosubmit it on March 14, 2013.In this short course, we were asked to choose one of two articles that have beenprovided. The first article titled "Do not teach maths and science in English" and the titleof the second article is "" Does Power Point Help or Hinder Learning? ".After selecting the article, we shall write an article review of about 350 wordsbased on the summary of the article, the main ideas and details from each paragraph,significance of the article, evaluation of the article and other information.Then, the next step make argumentative essay based on the issues raised in thearticle of about 350 words. We need to show our abilities to think critically and creativelyin analyzing relevant issues in the article selected. It is also an evidence of their abilityto communicate effectively in writing.The final step is to write a reflection of our personal experience and what I havelearned for in performing this project.
  2. 2. 22.0 ARTICLE REVIEW : Dont teach maths and science in EnglishThis article “don’t teach maths and science in English” by GiovaniTapang, who isan associate professor at the National Institute of Physics, University of the Philippines,he consider that science and maths have to be understood in the local tongue if acountry wants to transform the subjects into real economic benefit. This article alsodiscuss about English for commerce not education, maths and science are notexceptions and the challenge is worthwhile.The critics of English as medium of instruction say that it is detrimental to boththe quality of teaching and learning process. This is because most school children comefrom homes in which their mother tongue is the predominant language, resulting to theirearly social marginalization. In Philippines the Department of Education enables locallanguage for teaching most subjects. This is because children are naturally using thelanguage they grew up with in order to understand the world around them.Maths and science are not exceptions. Despite the prominence of English as thelanguage of instruction, it is not a requisite for achieving excellence in maths andscience. Countries that rank high in maths and science tests all have basic instruction intheir local tongue (with the exception of Singapore). This can be seen where eighthgrade students in Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have – together withSingapore -- consistently ranked high in maths and science tests. These countries teachtheir basic education (including science and maths) in their local language, with Englishintegrated only as a part of a compulsory curriculum.The challenge is also worthwhile. Teaching all subjects in the local language notonly enhances understanding for learners, but also paves the way for more potential fornational development. The training of teachers, and their teaching materials, must be inthe local language as well. It is important to note that the prominence of English is aproduct of history, much like the use of Latin from medieval times. History also showsus many examples where the dominance of a particular language for scholarship doesnot preclude the publishing of excellent research in a native language. Teaching
  3. 3. 3science and mathematics in the vernacular is no barrier to science excellence, andwould result in better understanding of the world around us.I strongly agree with this motion because each of us must be given an equalchance to taste the best education in this country. Each of the students has the right toenjoy the best knowledge. However, we have to change our mindset first. We mustunderstand that getting an “A” does not guarantee success as positive characters cangreatly affect a person’s achievements in life. If we teach both subjects in Malay, theymay understand the subject.
  4. 4. 43.0 ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY:Dont teach maths and science in EnglishI strongly agree if science and mathematics are teach in English because each ofus must be given an equal chance to taste the best education in this country. Each ofthe students has the right to enjoy the best knowledge. However, we have to changeour mindset first. We must understand that getting an “A” does not guarantee successas positive characters can greatly affect a person’s achievements in life. If we teachboth subjects in Malay, they may understand the subject.However, their critical thinking skills will be reduced as they are so comfortablewith the first language that the absence of English language will keep the mind idle. Anidle mind cannot breed thinkers in our country. The saddest part is the subjects aretaught in English in universities locally and globally. The worst part is the vacancies forcritical jobs in the government sector are rather very limited.Who controls the findings of many things in this world?Malaysians?Singaporeans?Australians?Americans?Europeans? We have to answerthese questions before we make any decision before we start teaching Math andScience in Malay. I bet you know the answer. These findings are basically written inEnglish. If we use English to teach Science, we can equip our students with a lot oflatest findings as long as Science is concerned.I believe that Malay Language is a language that is meant to unite us whileEnglish is a language that helps us to stay relevant, competitive, rational, critical,important, intelligent, positivein order to survive successfully in this world if we were toconsider this world as our stage. We don’t have a choice but to like things that wedislike in order to create a versatile human capital.Based on my own experiences, English is language that helps me to stay aheadof others as the ability to use this language helps me to understand the chronology ofmany important events that happen yesterday, today and events that may happen in thefuture.
  5. 5. 5Most of the reading materials are written in English. As a future teacher, I alsowant to use new strategies to teach English, I can look for the information easily online.However, if I can’t speak and write good English, my teaching strategy will remainstagnant, irrelevant, backdated, traditional, boring and others. Having the ability to usethe language effectively helps each of us to be more independent and knowledgeable.It is not wrong to love our language. However, we have to be realistic about howthe world looks at us. We must know where we stand in this world. We must know ourranking. If we believe that we have given so much to this world, I don’t mind if Math andScience are taught in Malay. However, if we believe that we have not shared enoughwith the rest of the world and we believe that we are still a student who has to learn alot, then Math and Science should be taught in English.
  6. 6. 6REFLECTION:AHMAD AMZAR BIN MAT SAID930302-11-5163Assalamualaikum w.b.t. First of all I would like to thank God for with Hispermission I Successful complete this task. It is not easy to complete it because ofdoing evrything we must strive. Without effort we will not be able to achieve success.Proverbial mentions "satisfaction is in the effort, not success."My friends and I got this assignment on February 28 and required to send it onMarch 14. In the assignments, we are asked to choose one of two articles that havebeen provided. Then review the article. The third step is we must write anargumentative essay and the latter is writing our own reflection.There are many things Ive learned for two weeks complete this assignment.Article that I choose is related to the use of English in mathematics and science. Writerof the article, Giovanni Tapang, disagreed mathematics and science should be taught inEnglish. He stated that many more success in these subjects if using their nativelanguage.I admit that as a prospective teacher it is very desirable both of these subjectsare taught in English because if we look at today, there are many people who are weakin English, regardless of the child or adult. Currently we do not see the impact, but try tosee the effects if the child is an adult later. They would be difficult to speak in Englishwhen faced with tourists from abroad. Companies around the world today alsoemphasize English performance recruitment. If students today are weak in englishlanguage, how they want administrators country someday. Mentioned Proverbial, "youthare the hope of the nation, colleensare the pillar of Country".In complete this assignment, I have learned some good values. Among them arepatience, cooperation, selfless, helping each other, independent and mature. Patience
  7. 7. 7is wonderful,it was evident when I complete this task. Many challenges and trials that Ihave to tackle, but patience overcome everything. I feel calm when patience.In addition, I could collaborate with each other, my classmates and my friends athostel. Although it is not a group assignment, but we are not selfish. We mutuallyexchange ideas in completing this task. If some of us do not understand the question orarticle, those who understand will help to clarify. It’s very nice work.I was also able to divide time very well in completing this task. I admit, a lot ofprograms and activities that I follow in the next two weeks, some of them are sports,sports invitation, futsal tournament, but Im wise to separate the time to complete thistask. As a future teacher, it makes me become more mature in the dividing of time. Aswe know, a teacher must divide their time wisely because if not, how they want toeducate others.In the same time I can be independent without expecting the other person. If youlook at the previous semester,every English assignments, I tend to rely on friends thenby my own self. But at this time I work harder and be independent to complete myassignment very well. As the saying goes, "where there is a will there is a way".Finally, I would once again like to share my opinion that science andmathematics should be taught in English. It would be quite difficult, but we can successif we believe. "Labored in the past, have fun then."
  8. 8. 8BIBLIOGRAPHY:Abraham Sung. (2011). 330 English Essays. Selangor: Minerva Publications (N.S) SdnBhd.AngYianTze, Angelina Francis, Chew PohChooi, Lee SauKhuan, Lee Yet Ling, & NgKeatSiew.(2010). Muet Skills, Preparation & Practice. Selangor: Marshall Cavendesh(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Elaine Walker,& Steve Elsworth. (2002). Grammar practice. England: PearsonEducationLimited.JM. Hawkins. (2011). KamusDwibahasa Oxford Fajar. Selangor: Oxford FaharSdn. Bhd.N.D.V. PrasadaRao.(2010). English Grammar & Composition. Selangor: S.C HAND &COMPANY LTD.
  9. 9. 9APPENDIX