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  • Source Control for the database data
  • Data control

    1. 1. Install Delphix Software on x86 VMx86 hardwareAllocateStorageAny typeInstalls on any x86 hardware as a Vmware VM, and is shipped as OVA fileSupports any major Oracle O/S such as Linux, AIX, HPUX, Solaris, OpenSolarisUses any storage
    2. 2. One time copy of source databaseDatabaseProductionInstanceFile systemRMAN APIsAfter installation of Delphix, then the source database host is registered with Delphix.Delphix will auto discover any databases on the source host.A user then can pick a source database, and Delphix makes a one time only initial copyusing RMAN APIs.
    3. 3. Delphix Compress DataDatabaseProductionInstanceFile systemData iscompressedtypically 1/3size
    4. 4. Incremental forever change collectionDatabaseProductionInstanceFile systemChanges are collectedautomatically foreverData older than retentionwidow freedDelphix will continue to pull in the changes, and only the changes incrementally and forever,holding on to 2 weeks of changes and purging changes older that 2 weeks. The 2 week windowis called the timeflow. A virtual database can be provisioned from anywhere in the timeflowdown to the transcation SCN. The two weeks is configurable and is often be extended longer.
    5. 5. Typical Architecture : Before VirtualizationDatabaseFile systemProductionInstanceDatabaseFile systemDevelopmentInstanceDatabaseFile systemQAInstanceDatabaseUATInstanceFile system3 or more copies of production, duplicating the majority of datablocks
    6. 6. Architecture : after VirtualizationDevelopmentInstanceDatabaseProductionInstanceFile systemvDatabaseQAInstanceUATInstancevDatabase vDatabaseNFSSource Database Clone Copies of Source DatabaseFiber ChannelOne compressed copy of production along with 2 weeks of changesstored on the virtualization appliance and all clone copies share theduplicate datablocks
    7. 7. I/O Virtualization3 physical clones 1 source 3 virtual clones of 1 sourceVirtualization layer takes one sourcecopy, compresses it, pulls in ongoingchange to the source and orchestratesI/O access between clone databaseand storageSpace wastage and creation time delays
    8. 8. Timeflow: Production change captureClones created in minutesDeveloper VDBQA VDBProductionDevelopment, QACan spin up a copy of production for use in development in minutes withalmost no storage overhead. The development database along with allchanges made to it can be forked off to be used by QA in minutes
    9. 9. Devv2.6 v2.6v2.6QA UATv2.6Productionv2.6 v2.6v2.6v2.7v2.6 v2.6v2.6v2.8Virtualization makes running paralleldevelopment tracks with different versionsof database data and schema easyv2.6v2.6v2.6v2.6v2.6v2.7v2.6v2.7v2.6v2.8v2.6v2.8
    10. 10. DevProd2.6Dev copies production Databaseand starts modifying code anddatabase schema and/or metadata and/or database contentsProduction Time FlowDevelopment Virtual clone of Production
    11. 11. DevQAProd2.6Dev finishes a sprint or pointrelease and QA forks off a clonevirtual database from DevdatabaseProduction Time Flow
    12. 12. DevQAUATProd2.6Dev might refresh from prod, re-implement changes, write morecode and changes, then QA forksoff a clone, and then UAT forks offa cloneProduction Time Flow
    13. 13. DevQAUATProdDevQAUAT2.62.7All of this might be happeningwith a second paralleldevelopment releaseProduction Time Flow
    14. 14. DevQAUATProdDevQAUAT2.62.7DevQAUAT2.8Or a thirdand after one release finishesthose changes have to beincorporated into the next releaseProduction Time Flow
    15. 15. DevQAUATProdDevQAUAT2.62.7DevQAUAT2.8Data Control = Source Control for the DatabaseWith Delphix, every step of theway can have a snapshot and becorrelated to a point in the sourcecontrol treeProduction Time Flow
    16. 16. DevQAUATDevQAUAT2.62.7DevQAUAT2.8Data Control = Source Control for the DatabaseDelphix Production Time FlowDevelopment, Test and QA can all share majority ofstorage across different development versions alleasily managed with database snapshotsClone database datafiles mounted via NFS, all storage on Delphix
    17. 17. DevQAUATDevQAUAT2.62.7DevQAUAT2.8Data Control = Source Control for the DatabaseDelphixSourceProduction Time FlowChanges (via RMAN and TCP)Development, Test and QA can all share majority ofstorage across different development versions alleasily managed with database snapshotsClone database datafiles mounted via NFS,All storage on Delphix