Fit HR Product Overview


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The system is designed to provide customers with full-featured, web-based Human Resources and
Payroll Software products which developed to develop, manage, and make the Human Resources
Manager's jobs easier by providing procedures and structure thereby eliminating the time you or
your Managers spend on HR issues and problems. Moreover, this product may not only eliminate
needless confusion about issues and save management time, it may ultimately result in an increase
in employee morale. Our goal to providing the highest quality service to our client companies in
everything we do.

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Fit HR Product Overview

  1. 1. March, 2009 Products Overview Builders Software Solutions
  2. 2. PRODUCT OVERVIEW The system is designed to provide customers with full-featured, web-based Human Resources and Payroll Software products which developed to develop, manage, and make the Human Resources iew Manager's jobs easier by providing procedures and structure thereby eliminating the time you or your Managers spend on HR issues and problems. Moreover, this product may not only eliminate verv needless confusion about issues and save management time, it may ultimately result in an increase in employee morale. Our goal to providing the highest quality service to our client companies in cts O everything we do. u SYSTEM MAIN APPLICATIONS Prod * Human Resources Solution FIT-HR ® * Payroll Management Solution FIT-Pay ® * Employee Self Services Solution FIT-ESS ® * Managers Self Services Solution FIT-MSS ® Major Features * Web based. * Flexible with any type of business and number of employees. * Fully bilingual (Arabic / English). * Security and authorization access levels. * User friendly. * Independent hardware, operating system. * Standard button and navigation. * Integrated with Microsoft o ce, PDF. * Backup and Restore facility * Rich reporting and enquiries. * Advanced search capability. * Audit log and security feature.
  3. 3. Web based advantage * Simple Installation and run programs. * Minimum network costs. iew * Centralized support. * Fast implementations. verv * Minimal License Fees. cts O Report Features * Reporting wizard ( a feature that allow the end user to create his own reports) u Prod * Ability to export reports to PDF , Word, Excel, Text and HTML les or direct send these reports via e-mail * Many enhancements to the Advanced Reports and advance criteria. * Printing features which enable the user to output the reports in many sizes of papers such as (A4, A3… and others) . * Ability to schedule Sending reports to managers automatically via emails. * Rich governmental reports. Ease To Navigate Our intuitive Main Menu provides easy access to all areas of the program. Wizards guide users through the more complex tasks and large picture icons are featured on every screen to help guide the way.
  4. 4. Human Resources Solutions FIT-HR® FIT-HR® is a human resources management system designed to handle the tasks from recruitment to retirement and all the functions in between. iew FIT-HR® is dedicated to provide human resources department with tools to achieve many of their goals, increase employees and managerial productivity, training and growth, reduce costs without verv reducing bene ts and enhance employees’ satisfaction and productivity FIT-HR® The system extensively covers all aspects of Human Resources such as recruitment; cts O employee relations management; leaves, time attendance; competency management; appraisals; training, analytical studying, documents management and transferring procedures…etc. u Prod FIT-HR ® main modules * Work ow Management Module. * Organization Module. * Reminder Module. * Personal Pro le. * ESS Requests Management. * Job Classi cation and Career Path Module. * Work Flow Module. * Documents Management Module. * Forecasting Module. * Appraisal Module. * Reports Generator Module. * Promotion Module. * Short Message System. * Manpower Module. * Schedule Tasks Module. * Recruitment Module. * Termination Analysis Module. * Succession Planning Module. * Training and Development Module. * Disciplinary Actions Module. * Incoming and Outgoing Module.
  5. 5. Organization Module This module helps the user to build dynamic organization iew hierarchy with the ability to de ne unlimited structure levels such as (departments, sections, and sites). verv Also the hierarchy can be exported to Microsoft Visio. cts O u Prod Personal Pro le Module One page that has all employee information such as (General Info, Education, Addresses, Contacts, References, employee documents, Children, Skills, Family, Documents, Dependence, Contact information, Experiences...etc.
  6. 6. Job Classi cation and career path Module Job classi cation module help user to de ne jobs group and jobs type and classify jobs into groups, also iew this module helps the user to build job descriptions for each job which contains job requirements and verv details job skills and responsibilities of the job. cts O Through this module the user can build career path for all positions in the organization; to enable employees & managers to follow up their career u Prod Documents Management Module This module is designed to help the Human Resources Department to build their own documents and letters templates using friendly Editor; this editor could include exible variables changed according to employee’s information. The letter templates can be used in system modules such as reminder, disciplinary, employee letters…etc
  7. 7. Appraisal Module None sense evaluation system, helps organizations to know, plan, and manage their stu through iew knowing stu productivity and performance. Evaluation module saves time and e orts that orga- verv nizations usually spent to evaluate employees. Using appraisal module user can setup any type of cts O appraisal such as Scorecard evaluation, 180 degree appraisal method, 360 degree appraisal u method, and 270 degree appraisal method. With Prod the Ability to add customers or any one from out side the organization to the evaluation process. Promotion Module Promotion Module is used to upgrade the employee’s salary scale with all bene ts of the salary scale such as (class, degree, level, allowances, yearly vacation’s balance, and so). In the other hand promotion can be used to incorporate the employee in the career path of his position. Manpower Module The Manpower module enables the user to make the future vision for the company. Through Manpower the user can build plan for employees number that would hired in a cretin positions in the coming years. Manpower module can be connected to hiring module to control employee number during hiring process.
  8. 8. iew Recruitment Module Recruitment module is used to follow up recruitment cycle in the company, from the recruitment applications, interview request, and hiring procedures. verv Applicants can ll online application through recruitment web service. Human resources manager can make search about any application through advance search tools. cts O Human resources manager can use Termination analysis module recommendations in employment u process. Prod Termination Analysis Module The turnover analysis module help user to determine the turnover rate for all departments. Also termination analysis module helps human resources manager to analyze termination reasons and conclude termination reasons according to many factors such as Gender, position, age…etc. Human resources manager can use termination analysis results as recommendations in hiring process.
  9. 9. iew Succession Planning Module Succession planning module is used to help human resources manager to build succession plan for key verv employee and for key position to make decision about the suitable successor in case one of key employee leave the cts O company. u Prod Training and Development Module This module helps the Human Resources manager to plan, manage and follow up all training activities in the company, by de ning training centers, training courses, and build training schedule and register employees in training courses. Also training module helps Human Resources manager, to deter- mine skills competency gap and to make skills test.
  10. 10. Disciplinary Actions Module Disciplinary Actions Module is used to help the Human Resources Manager to take disciplinary actions according any employee; iew Human resources manager can de ne any type of disciplinary actions such as deduction from employee salary or vacation deduction. verv cts O Incoming and Outgoing Module Incoming and outgoing module is used to manage all operations of incoming letters, user can pass u the incoming letters to organization’s departments according to a prede ned work ow, using ESS Prod managers can add their comments on the incoming letters. Also the user has the ability to display reports for incoming and outgoing letters. Work ow Management Module This module used to de ne company approval Work ow, all employee applications passing to manager according to work ow setup. Also user can de ne any type of employee requests such as loans and personal PC and setup work- ow for all these requests. Forecasting Module Forecasting module is used to help human resources manager to match between expenses and revenues of human resources in the organization in the way to make well strategic planes to support other departments to have the best people in the right place and at the right time.
  11. 11. Reminder Module This module is used to remind the employees with events, limited contracts, documents expiry date, and passports expiry date, , formal holidays, vacations balance …etc. the user use the letters that iew de ned in documents and letters module with ability to modify the letter before send it. verv ESS Requests Management Module cts O Through this module human resources manager can manage all employees’ requests sending using ESS system; also user can setup ESS privileges. u Studying Module Prod Studying Module helps human resources manger to apply any study type That used to developed work and to collect any requested data about company employees. Study sample can be selected randomly according certain department or employee age or any other factor. Short Message System (SMS) SMS module gives the employees ability to send leaves, vacations and other type of requests by SMS. Schedule Tasks Module Schedule tasks module helps the human resources o cer to make schedule for his tasks, the system remind the user with the task at the schedule date and time.
  12. 12. Payroll Management Solutions FIT-Pay® FIT-Pay® this system concern of salaries calculation according to the company policies and proce- iew dures, and various deductions types such as Income-Tax, social security, health Insurance and various incomings such permanent rewards, and bene ts,…etc. verv FIT-Pay® Main Functions cts O * Financial File. * Earning & Deductions. u * Salary Scale. Prod * Health Insurance. * Provident Fund. * Leave Management. * Advanced Vacations. * Payroll Processing. * Tickets. * Projects. * Services Termination Bene t (STB). * Integrated with Any ERP and Accounting System. * Integrated with Any Banking System. * Integrated with Time Attendance System. * Integrated with FIT-HR. * Capability to calculate Provision
  13. 13. Financial File This page contains all nancial information for the iew employee such as (basic salary, GL No., Social Security Information, Insurance Information, verv Allowances, Vacations balances, Tax data, Employee’s bene ts and deductions…etc. cts O u Prod Earning and Deductions A set of forms that enable the user to de ne and record regular and periodical earnings and deductions, The system gives the user more than way to enter these transactions (by employee, Bulk or importing from excel, Mass transactions). Salary Scale This module enables the user to de ne any type of salary scale; the user can de ne salary scale details such as basic salary, allowances, vacations, tickets and other bene ts, and link salary details to package number. When the user de ne employee on salary scale the employee take all salary scale advantages. Health Insurance Health Insurance module enables the user to de ne various degrees di er in the business rules and deduc- tions.
  14. 14. Provident Fund Provident Fund module enables the user to de ne multiple provident fund types, with its di erent business rules. iew Leave Management A module that enables the user to de ne di erent types of vacations and leaves with its di erent verv business rules and deductions, it also integrated with time attendance system to reduce time and increase accuracy. cts O Payroll processing u Starting from entering/importing employee monthly transactions (Overtime/ Prod Leaves/Vacations/Loans/Increase/other deductions etc...) ending with the salary calculation, the system provide the right and user friendly tools to get this quick and accurate. Tickets This module is designed to help the user to con gure all types of tickets and prices according to the ticket description. Also the tickets can de ned in salary scale setup. Also through tickets web service user can get tickets price. Projects This module helps the user to de ne all small projects which specialize in human recourses, and this module contain all project stages, start with proposed, planning, template, progress… end with complete. With the ability to save the le for each project. Service Termination Bene t STB module gives the user the ability to de ne any type of STB with its details, STB types are compatible with any company business rule.
  15. 15. Time Attendance System Time Attendance module helps automate company employee time consuming, time tracking iew related processes, from employee's time hours worked to exporting data into the payroll system. It helps organizations eliminate the paperwork and manual processes associated with time and verv attendance needs. It could be integrated with any type of time terminals. Time Attendance module contains list of reports such as Daily Transactions report, Delay Employ- cts O ees report, Daily Entrance and Exit report…etc. u Prod Managers Self Service (MSS) FIT-MSS ® MSS gives managers the necessary tools to play an active role in manag- ing their sta . From completing appraisals to controlling vacations approval, leave approval, they can access real-time reports about employees’ vacations, leave, and career path and skills gap. These reports enable them to make more informed decisions. Using work ow processes help to monitor sensitive issues such as vacations approval, leave approval and employees’ appraisal to ensure working within agreed policies and procedures to become more e cient, productive and organized.
  16. 16. Employee Self Service (ESS) FIT-ESS ® ESS is a Bilingual portal (Arabic/English) that is considered as iew a channel between the employee and the HR department, the portal allow employees to view their Vacations verv Balances, Monthly transactions, Salary Slips …etc). More- over the employee can pass a request to change some cts O of his data like (bank information, address, certi cates, in addition of requesting leaves, vacations, training u courses which will be passed through a prede ned Prod