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Shaken baby pres


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Shaken baby pres

  1. 1. By Georgia Dracopoulos
  2. 2. What is Shaken Baby Syndrome? A form of child abuse Injuries can occur when a baby or young child is violently shaken by another person Other Names for Shaken Baby Syndrome Shaken Impact Syndrome Abusive Head Trauma
  3. 3. Causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome•Shaking a baby violently•Blows to the head•Dropping or throwing achild•Usually caused by aparent or caregiver
  4. 4. Signs a Child has been Shaken•Bleeding in retina ofthe eye•Bleeding in or aroundthe brain•Bone fractures orbruises•Pale or blue skin•Lethargic eyes
  5. 5. Results of Shaken Baby SyndromeCan be severe or mild: Developmental delays Speech and learning difficulties Hearing loss Blindness (partial or total) Intellectual Disability
  6. 6. Meet Adele: Adele is a three year old child with special needs Adele suffered a brain injury at 15 months old as a result of Shaken Baby Syndrome and now has special needsAdele is now a child who has: Cognitive and speech delays Difficulty with gross/fine motor skills
  7. 7. Meet Adele: Adele and her mother are new to Toronto The mother has a history of alcohol and substance abuse Mother is currently sober and wants a fresh start Adele’s mother has asked for information about services available in the Toronto area
  8. 8. Adapting EnvironmentsCognitive and Speech Delays: Label items with pictures and words Provide one on one time Provide multiple age appropriate toys for stimulation Encourage discussions at circle/group time
  9. 9. Adapting EnvironmentsGross and Fine Motor Delays:Fine Motor: Enlarging (adding materials to make toys accessible)Gross Motor: Reduce clutter Provide time for outdoor play Walking/dancing activities
  10. 10. Support Agencies For Adele
  11. 11.  Private practice Support for fine/gross motor difficulties Offers individual occupational therapy Therapy offered in clinic, in home, in school Group settings offered
  12. 12.  Four locations in Ontario Speech Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants Includes focus on acquired brain injuries and speech delays Offer therapy in individual sessions, pairs and groups Free parent workshops Financing available
  13. 13.  Canada’s largest kids rehabilitation hospital Specialize in children with disabilities In-patient and out-patient programs Online family resource centre
  14. 14.  Not-for-profit organization Offer early intervention program In-home service for children up to five years old Designed for children with delays in two or more areas
  15. 15. Support AgenciesFor Adele’s Mother
  16. 16. Alcoholics Anonymous Toronto Offers support meetings Website offers quick access to all meetings by date, time and location Sponsor to help with sobriety Sense of community
  17. 17.  Support geared towards women with substance abuse Provide affordable housing for single mothers Childcare programs available Parenting workshops Support groups held on Tuesday evenings open to friends and family
  18. 18. ReflectionBefore this assignment, I was unaware of the manyservices available in Toronto for children with specialneeds and their families. I am glad that I was given thisassignment, because I now know more about certainspecial needs and organizations that are available forsupport. I am eager to share the information with mygroup and can’t wait to hear what organizations theyfound and the services that they provide. I hope tocollect the information and keep it in a book that I canuse for references in my future career as an ECE.
  19. 19. Bibliography See notes page below