Rfid and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system, ieee 2011


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Rfid and zigbee based manufacturing monitoring system, ieee 2011

  1. 1. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 RFID AND ZIGBEE BASED MANUFACTURING MONITORING SYSTEM, IEEE - 2011 AIM: The main aim of this project is to monitoring the product in various manufacturing systems. PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to obtain the real-time status and data of the various manufacturing systems located in different nodes. BLOCK DIAGRAM; TRANSMITER SECTION 1:- POWER SUPPLY MICRO CONTROLLER ZIGBEE RFID READER skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 1
  2. 2. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 TRANSMITER SECTION 2:- POWER SUPPLY MICRO CONTROLLER ZIGBEE RFID READER RECEVER SECTION:- skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 2
  3. 3. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 PC POWER SUPPLY MICRO CONTROLLER ZIGBEE DESCRIPTION: Now a day’s energy product has some life time and that life time is going to decrease day by day for every product to check that life time we are going to spend a lot of money by checking the product life time. So by using the RFID and Zigbee Based Manufacturing system we can check the status of no of products manufactured in different nodes. RFID monitoring devices can serve as the data collection system and the ZigBee wireless network can serve as the communication system to transmit the data to different levels of the enterprise management from the perspective of system automatic control. The monitoring layer is the core of the RFID and ZigBee based manufacturing monitoring system. With the help of the readers placed in different locations, the information in skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 3
  4. 4. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 the tags nearby will be collected, if gaining the permission, the readers can read the data on the tags and transfer the data to the end-user devices. TECHNOLOGY: RFID: RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. In general terms, RFID is a means of identifying a person or object using a radio frequency transmission. In other words RFID is an electronic method of exchanging data over radio frequency waves. The technology can be used to identify, track, sort or detect a wide variety of objects. There are three major components of an RFID system: the reader, the antenna, and the tags. Each tag is associated with a unique number. When a tag is in the detection range of the reader, the number is read. Two types of tags can be found: active tags with a longer detection range and passive tags with a shorter detection range. An RFID tag is usually attached to an object and the information of the object along with the RFID number are recorded in the database. Whenever the RFID tag is sensed, the object can thus be identified. ZIGBEE: Zigbee is new wireless technology guided by IEEE 802.15.4 Personal Area Network standard. It is primarily designed for the wide range controlling applications and to replace the existing non-standard technologies. It currently operates in 868 MHz band at a data rate of 20Kbps in Europe, 914MHz band at 40kbps in USA, and the 2.4GHz ISM bands Worldwide at a maximum data-rate of 250kbps. It is used to verify whether user’s truncation is possible or not. One of the main advantages of this ZIGBEE communication is that it provides a noise free communication, the amount of noise added in this type of communication is very less compared to the other wireless communications. skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 4
  5. 5. Embedded systems Ph:7842522786 9948887244 SOFTWARES: 1. Embedded C 2. Keil µvision 3. Flash magic or ISP 4. Express PCB HARDWARE COMPONENTS: 1. Microcontroller 2. Power supply 3. RFID reader 4. RFID tags 5. ZIGBEE module 6. Personal computer RESULT: By this project we can provide number of products manufactured in different nodes. skesystems@gmail.com Vijayawada Hyderabad Page 5