E commerce in tunisia


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E commerce in tunisia

  1. 1. The Tunisian e-commerce development strategy Definition of e-commerce: Let’s begin by the definition of “Electronic commerce”: it’s commonly known as e- commerce, it consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. There are principally two categories: the first one is electronic commerce that is conducted between businesses: business-to-business or B2B and the second one are the electronic commerce that is conducted between businesses and consumers, B2C. And generally electronic commerce is generally considered to be the sales aspect of e- business. It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of the business transactions. The Tunisian e-commerce development strategy : In the era of globalization and the digital economy, Tunisia plays a leading role in the African Information Society. As you know Tunisia organized in 2005 the World Summit on the Information Society. Following this international event The Tunisian government has paid special attention to electronic commerce, and adopts a national strategy revolves around: 7 principal points : 1. The first axe consist to developing, modernizing and making use of the new technologies, in order to establish a communication(s) infrastructure that meets the needs of an economy increasingly based on knowledge. 2. The axe aim to have a Modern legal framework inine with international standards such the Law No. 83 of 2000, of Electronic Exchanges and Electronic Commerce. 3. The third axe concern the human capacity-building, technical and technological capacity development of research, university training, and the wide dissemination of digital culture, contributing to the development of information society and knowledge For example In Tunisia we have more than 50.000 students in the field of Information and communication technology.
  2. 2. 4. The fourth axe is about modern Tunisian online payment systems. a- The first system is the e-DINAR electronic payment platform of the National Post Office www.poste.tn : the UNIVERSAL e-DINAR card and the smart e-dinar card are a wallet with highly intelligent electronic security, enabling holders (with or without a postal account) to pay for purchases at shops equipped with electronic payment terminals, with draw cash from ATMs and pay for goods and services purchased online. There are many services using the e-dinar payment like: • Bills online payment water, electricity, telephone, Internet services, ... • Send a bouquet of natural flowers, • Order your online subscription transport, • Send a greeting card or postcard, • Pay for university registration fees online , • Subscribe online to the Internet Service Providers, • Buy online Tunisian handcrafts b- The second online payment systems is the Secure payment Server “SPS” developed by the Tunisian Banking Consortium) www.cliktopay.com.tn This system enables e-commerce websites to accept all kinds of online payments ensuring the highest security level and it support all domestic and foreign payment cards. This payment system is used by more than 150 shopping websites, generally adapted for international transaction to accept foreign-currency payments using Visa and MasterCard. we can cite Hotel online reservation or online reservation for flight tickets. c- The third modern new payment system is Mobile Payment. Tunisia enjoys real opportunities in terms of mobile connectivity; with the number of mobile lines around 8.5 million lines. With the existence of the services balance transfer “TTCach” and “Tunisiana light” of the two telephone operators Tunisia telecom and Tunisiana, we have some uses of micro electronic payment using the mobile, like SMS game and some services of news and internet access payment . 5. The axe number five concern the creation of new technological structures: we can mention: • The National Digital Certification Agency (NDCA). It represents the root certification authority in Tunisia and the highest level of trust in the field of digital certification and security of electronic transactions and exchanges, The NDCA aims at fostering a climate of confidence and trade security on internet www.certification.tn. • Tunisia Trade Net which is an online single window to process trade-related documents electronically manages a data-processing network which connects the various interveners in the foreign trade procedures in Tunisia (Banks, Administrations, Customs...). www.tradenet.com.tn .
  3. 3. • The National Agency for Computer Security is charged to insure (of) the security of the national information systems and networks www.ansi.tn . • GS1 Tunisia active in the field of standardization of coding methods used in the supply chain www.gs1tn.org . 6. the last axe of this strategy Aimed to increasing the number of enterprises that opt for e-commerce solutions and to encourage young entrepreneurs to launch their innovative projects, for this Tunisian government creates a “nursery of remote services projects” and set up an “information and orientation unit for electronic commerce projects”. http://www.tunisieindustrie.nat.tn/pepinieres/doc.asp?mcat=23&mrub=271 Conclusion: the future of e-commerce: m-commerce and TV shopping Although electronic commerce is still underdeveloped in comparison with developed countries, it cover now different services like bill payment, tax payment, e-ticketing, e- tourism, e-banking, on line shopping and reservation; E-commerce will represent a growth industry and rapidly changing. The potential of m-Commerce remains great and it will soon be the emergence of more and more new services: It will be possible to pay a taxi using your mobile. Also we will soon have a Tunisian TV shopping channel. I hope that this presentation gives you a brief idea of the Tunisian e-commerce strategy. Some Tunisian e-commerce Success Stories :   www.traveltodo.com laboutique.tunisiana.com www.scoop-online.com.tn www.artisanatartdeco.com www.tasswik.tn www.made-in-tunisia.net www.clubafricain.com/BOUTIQUECA/home.asp?mcat=44 www.roman-mosaic-tunisia.com www.e-fleurs.poste.tn www.moncef-barcous.com www.masmoudi.com HADHRI Khabbab - E-Commerce Specialist – Tunisia Khabbab.hadhri@email.ati.tn +21699348248