Planningness 2011: How to Activate Communities


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Kat Egan & Ken Habarta's presentation at Planningness 2011. @kategan @khabarta

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  • Side of the Walker Art Museum
  • Photo: Setting up the first Exopolis office in 2002.
  • Quick round-up on hodge-podge career background. Insight into community activation.
  • David Byrne’s site-specfic bicycle racks that he designed around NYC.
  • Bank notes is a site Ken runs – totally unpaid – which stems from his interest in data portraits and subversive media.
  • Non-capitalistic motivation is the first lever to activating communities.
  • Consider the Hippopotamus amphibius. The harmonious relationship between the tickbirds and hippo.This eco-system has locked-in rewards for both the tickbird and the hippo. This is the NATURAL state for creating a collaborative partnership.
  • …and here we’re not even getting full participation.
  • Whenwe want to foster participation or collaboration, we are talking about getting beyond mere INTERACTIVE relationshipsInteractive tends to be measured in Pageviews, signups and data collection. Group chat…
  • Life in a Day( is a global experiment to create the world’s largest user-generated, feature-length documentary film. Director Kevin MacDonald and producer Ridley Scott worked with YouTube to enlist a massive community to capture moments of their life on a single day -- July 24, 2010. 80,000 submissions from 192 countries. The most compelling and distinctive footage was cut from 1,000 clips to make the 90 minute film.
  • SparkParks ( In this initiative from BBH NY, Sprite teamed up with Miami Heat basketball star, LeBron James, for the Sprite Spark Park Project. This initiative will funnel $2M to refurbish parks, athletic fields, playgrounds and basketball courts. Consumers can go online and nominate and vote for their favorite local park or basketball court. Coco-Cola acknowledges that the more people in the national community are activated and get involved, the more powerful the project becomes. After constructing, refurbishing and refreshing more than 150 basketball courts, neighborhood parks, playgrounds and athletic fields in 2011, the Sprite Spark Parks Project will turn its attention to other play spaces that are important to teens beginning in 2012.LeBron James joined Jay-Z at a East Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club to help launch the Sprite Spark Parks project. The project is a five year, $2 million investment to build and restore basketball courts, parks, and playgrounds across the country. The venue for this event was the first basketball court to be restored in a long line of future projects.
  • Google’s International Online Science Fair ( This science fair accepted entries from students all over the world aged 13 – 18. They narrowed down 7.500 entries from 90 countries to the final 60. Voting now. Awesome, brilliant stuff - everything from the ‘greener green bin’ and ‘the affect of cinnamon in food on Alzheimer’s.
  • The Beta Cup ( Mutopo + Jovoto worked with Starbucks to solve a problem -“ideas to eliminate paper cups” Simultaneously the project bridged numerous groups (designers, environmentalists, Starbucks consumers).
  • Levi’s Go Forth campaign ( When you Google “Braddock, Pennsylvania,” the search results feature terms like “distressed municipality,” “boarded-up storefronts,” and “high unemployment.”Levi’s committed itself to the refurbishment of Braddock’s vitality and at the same time made the town the center-point of their Go Forth campaign.
  • The DARPA Network Challenge ( required participants to locate 10 large, red balloons at undisclosed locations across the United States.This competition explores the roles that the internet and social networking play in timely communication, wide-area team-building, and urgent mobilization required to solve broad-scope, time-critical problems.
  • Mercedes Tweet Race ( 4 cars racing from 4 separate cities to a common finish line in Austin. The cars are fueled solely by twitter activity for each individual team. The campaign had almost 30,000 active participants with over 72,000 Facebook Fans and 77,000 Twitter Followers who generated over 150,000+ tweets to power the cars. The campaign videos generated about 2 million views, while the twitter reach pushed over the 25 million mark.
  • LEGO GAMES ( is a pioneer in open innovation applications which stretch across the full spectrum of business activities. GAMES is one example which seeks ideas from the user community and others to develop the next generation of board games
  • WHY should we be thinking this is good? This represents all the Planning-ness course descriptions fed into Words that stand out: NEW, DESIGN, BEHAVIOR, PEOPLE, etc.
  • When we talk about WORK,we are talking about the type of work which is represented on Forrester’s famous technographicsladder: basically going from passive viewing  active workingWhat the ladder does not account for (as most ladders don’t) is lateral mobility.
  • The ladder does not account for lateral thinking, but we need to acknowledge the expanding media world.If were trying to create new ways of working or collaborating, it’s not just rungs on a ladder but more of a scaffolding.Working creatively with others requires a lateral and expansive approach.
  • People understand the concept of collaboration,but often we get the same old results (i.e. another not-so-differnet advertising campaign).
  • The current system is producing the same ends, no matter how much people change the method.
  • The network is only as big as your community.We need to scale up for things / solutions get to more interesting.
  • Going outside gainsunique perspectives on problems.
  • Dr. Lakhani is a professor at Harvard Business School and studies the effectiveness of problem solving. Her company has shown that most access knowledge within a sphere they are familiar with and rarely do they go outside their fixed views or knowledge spheres. They found that by by adding diversity, the problem had a much more significant prediction for success.
  • Image of companies working in the ‘crowd-sourced’ space. Let’s not forget the crowd-sourced world is…crowded
  • P&G uses a range of resources
  • Getting everyone connected in the ecosystem so they benefit. Recall the baseball picture in slide 8: this is living version of the 1-9-90 rule ( There are players on the field, the spectators in the stadium (in both field-seats and in the nosebleeds), and then there are people at home watching on TV. Understanding the varying motivations-incentitives-purpose at the heart of each audience is vital to getting higher levels of participation.
  • Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips gets the crowd working
  • This is the sketch which inspired The $300 House challenge ( . The organizers framed problem in a way to net a large response.
  • Fuzzy goals provide space for the imagination. If goals are kept too rigid, you can’t allow for new ideas, thoughts or changes in the environment. A fuzzy goal is one that motivates the general direction of the work without blinding the team to journey.
  • World Leaders Debate Global Issues At Clinton Global InitiativeIn This Photo: Bono, Al Gore, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Queen Rania, E. Neville Isdell
  • Ken
  • Ken
  • Our acronym to date has been the MEGAS until we found the unscrambled version (GAMES) made much more sense.
  • Ken
  • There is a huge difference between “I’m going to do something that people will see.” (classic / passive) and, “I’m going to do something that lets other people do something for the brand.”
  • KenThis is the ecosystem. Connecting the dots.
  • Ken
  • How to get more production without increasing cost
  • Planningness 2011: How to Activate Communities

    1. 1. How to ActivateCommunities! Kat Egan (@soulkat)! Ken Habarta (@khabarta)"
    2. 2. Herding!exercise"
    3. 3. Current agency models are evolvinginto ones built on collaboration."
    4. 4. Having diverseexperience helps…"
    5. 5. As does community-building…" •  <summestage>  
    6. 6. Working with groups beyond yourexperience yields interesting ideas." ©  David  Byrne  bike  racks  
    7. 7. Think for a moment about whatgoes on outside of your work teams"
    8. 8. Personally-motivated WORK is a powerfulfactor in activating communities" is a labor of love" is the same way"
    9. 9. Meaning is the New Money."
    10. 10. The hippo-tickbird relationship is mutuallybeneficial: this is natural collaboration."
    11. 11. Yet this is often the way it comes across. !Unnatural. Who benefits here? "
    12. 12. Interactive: !prompts people to take an action."Collaborative: !people are incentivized to worktogether to achieve a goal. "
    13. 13. Examples of CommunityActivation: "
    14. 14. LEGO GAMES 2.0"
    15. 15. Ladders don’t account for lateral thinking"
    16. 16. Working creatively with others requires a lateral and expansive approach."
    17. 17. “Insanity is doing the same thing over andover again and expecting different results.”" - Albert Einstein"
    18. 18. The current system produces the same ends" Crea2ve   Planning   =" SAME" OUTPUT" Research  
    19. 19. Agency  Partners   Developers   People  formerly   known  as  customers   Crea2ve   Planning   =" INTERESTING" Research  Specialists   Entrepreneurs   Product  Designers  
    20. 20. From ‘interesting’ to Epic" 3 People" 43 People" 23,000 People" +20K"
    21. 21. “The further the problem was from thesolvers expertise, the more likely they wereto solve it.”" - Dr. Karim Lakhani, Innocentive"
    22. 22. Diversify ! your! Stimuli"** P&G’s Connect and Develop website"
    23. 23. TEAM" FANS IN STADIUM" FANS AT HOME"Every ecosystem has many roles"
    24. 24. I see you, but how do we work together?"
    25. 25.    SOCIAL PRODUCTION"
    26. 26. Remember  the   hippo-­‐2ckbird   rela2onship?       That’s  our  aim.  SOCIAL PRODUCTION"
    27. 27.     OUTCOMES"
    28. 28. Housing for everyone"
    29. 29. Framing your problem differently suggests new people to reach" How to design Designers, Architects " housing for the poor"How to manage construction ! Suppliers, Logistics" of inexpensive housing" How to get funding Lawyers, Local Govt" for housing the poor"
    30. 30. Keeping goals fuzzy allows for abroad range of interesting ideas"
    31. 31. Work towardactivatingdiverse sets ofcommunities,viewpoints,domains"
    32. 32.     PEOPLE"
    33. 33. A community is a self-aware groupof people with a common purpose"
    34. 34. Meaning is the new money: a group’spurpose is what drives its activation."
    35. 35. Meaningfulness is but one aspect of theDark Arts of motivation."
    36. 36. M" E" G" A" S"
    37. 37. GAMES are at the heart of the entire value exchange in communications" Attention & Feedback Attention Attention Prospective Sponsors Designers Renovators & their trusted advisors sales Money experience Design rights Money, contract Organizer Ideas, stories, glory inspiration Source:  LifeEdited  
    38. 38.     TOOLS"
    39. 39. “If we solve it, they will come.”"
    40. 40. If we build it with them, they arealready there. Make tools easy to use."
    41. 41.     ORGANIZATION"
    42. 42. “More than 50% of P&G’s innovations comefrom external companies of all sizes andfrom individual entrepreneurs too.”" - Bruce Brown , CTO, P&G"
    43. 43. Putting this into practice"•  Assemble into your groups"•  Work on a challenge for NPR"
    44. 44. Things to think about"•  Reframing problem leads to different communities"•  Understanding GAMES leads to better participation"•  Working outside network gives interesting solutions""
    45. 45. How can NPR !create a sustainable businessmodel which isn’t reliant on gov’t funding?"
    46. 46. Asking these questions" 1.  Is there a way to restate the problem?" 2.  Who will you work with?" 3.  What do you want them to do?" 4.  How will you incentivize?" 5.  How will you organize?"
    47. 47. Afterthoughts"•  If work comes out of this, how will that be handled?"•  Ownership of idea?"•  What about compensation?""
    48. 48. Kat  Egan   Ken  Habarta  @soulkat   @khabarta