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Slide dari FB Sore gw di thinkweb

  1. 1. app Hi...
  2. 2. ty St nti re am Ide Social Graph Checking if Verified?Freelance Dev 1. Please Login to your FacebookAgency 2. Visit this URL 3. found “verified:true” is verified.Client How to Verified?Student
  3. 3. Please ask your App Developer!! How to get here if Im NOT a DEVELOPER ? Again!Please ask Your app DIY! Do Explore Developer! Yourself! Whats for? What can I do there?
  4. 4. Ask App Dev, for an accesspermissions ?Check your FB Profile, if you getnotifed and requested as(Administrator,Developer,Insights,Tester) of the AppDONT FORGET TOCLICK IT !!!Ignore all the attributes, just focus on the yellow box, and click that “View All” URL
  5. 5. Dont be surprise, that Yellow box just dont dissappear :-(Check out the “Developer Requests” list below After u “Confirm” , please do click the “View app settings” URL to go to the FB Platform
  6. 6. Congrat, now u have been granted access for the app!
  7. 7. ROLES BASIC INFO Administrator PM, AE, App Creator - Set App Name Developer DEV, DESIGNER - Checking App Type (Website/Mobile/AppOnFb) Analytic NUMBERS - PageTab Setup (Thumb,LandingPage URL) Tester - Enable Sandbox Mode CLIENT, SMM Test User/Bot BOT ADVANCE CONFIG Set App RESTRICTION by - Country - Age 13+ 21+ - Content (Alcohol)INSIGHTS ACTION- Users - DELETE App APP DETAIL (Active/InActive/New)- Feed/Stream Impression SANDBOX MODE - Icons, Banners, etc- Impression of App Permissions 16X16 75x75 128x128- User Retention - App Testing - Privacy Policy URL- Negative Feedback - TOS URL (App Blocking, Spam Report) - Email Support
  8. 8. Impression of App PermissionsLess permission making your AppGetting good impression, lot of peopleInstalled your app without suspiciousMore user retain your App, less of AppBlocking or Spam Report
  9. 9. Facebook User have their own Security Settings, that cannot be overwrite byApp Permissions!
  10. 10. App Start Submission Off Announce On App End Age Gateway Fan Gateway Gender Gateway Country Gateway User Registration Facebook Connect Ext. Permissions Set a FanPage Set a FanPage Profile Photo Cover Photo Create Photo Album Upload Photo to an Album Your User Stories ...? Vote Something Tag a Photo Post to Friends Wall Post to Own Wall Create Event Invite Friends to Event Display User Friends Display User Data Attend an Event Decline an Event Display App Users Disp. Submission Detail Post on Group Wall Invite Friends to AppDisp. Submission Gallery Display Submissions Display User Photos Create Friendlist Add Friend to Friendlist Display User Friendlist Like Comment Checkin
  11. 11. App Start Facebook Connect Fan Gateway User Registration Post to Own Wall A User fill up a story for the sweepstakes And then publish it to facebook feed, each User can only have one submission, every Comment Submission must be moderate before published On the Submissions Gallery, every approved Like Submission can have a comment and like Submission OffDisp. Submission Gallery Disp. Submission Detail Announce On Facebook Connect Fan Gateway Display App Users App End
  12. 12. . . . See you! When I see you?