OpenMIC March-2012.making money on mobile


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  • OpenMIC March-2012.making money on mobile

    1. 1. Mobile Apps and Payment @kgutteridge
    2. 2. Models? Point of download - “App store” model Subscription for service - “Spotify” In app payments - “Eliminate, Ecards” Tokenized payment- “Online poker, Oyster” Support existing business Offers and surveys @kgutteridge
    3. 3. Point of download (via app store)+ Third party handles billing, little or no integration+ Variable revenue share, harmonising ~70/30- Hard to track all conversions- App is one thing on the warehouse shelves- Scope for pricing differentiation is often limited @kgutteridge
    4. 4. Subscription+ Recurring revenues- Cancellation- Regulatory considerations- If using operator billing options, this could feel like abait and switch, due to past activities with Ringtones @kgutteridge
    5. 5. In App+ Recurring revenues+ Repeated micro payments- Potentially breaking user flow of using app- Again Limited pricing points @kgutteridge
    6. 6. Tokenized+ Solves handset/platform implementation issues+ Most likely ~90-95%+ revenue share- Forces sign up for an account- How to get users to “top up” account- Choosing token points that are suitable for service- Distribution might force other methods to be used inconjunction @kgutteridge
    7. 7. Numbers Top free app is roughly 50-100k downloads a day Cost of acquiring users  Free $0.1 - 1.50  Paid $1-3 Appsize limits 50mb on iOS cellular + Android @kgutteridge
    8. 8. iTunes Affiliate Scheme iTunes run by Once accepted you earn 5% of anything the user purchases in the next 72 hours @kgutteridge
    9. 9. Metrics - aggregates stores data, reviews ratings in app statistics @kgutteridge
    10. 10. Localisation At least localise the App store descriptions, bi lingual people might be searching in their native language $0.10 word + 300 words $9 per month @kgutteridge
    11. 11. In app advertising - Self ad mediation + house ads Ad mediation, one line SDK, also works for Qt, Corona and Marmalade - Ad mediation + house ads @kgutteridge
    12. 12. Incentivized Downloads @kgutteridge
    13. 13. Game networks Apple Game Center - iOS only - iOS + Android - Social gaming network + Chinese assistance @kgutteridge
    14. 14. Discovery web + on device Android market search social recommendation social recommendation app search @kgutteridge
    15. 15. Free app a day sites (faad) Open feint free game of the day @kgutteridge
    16. 16. Cross promotion Think Zynga + webrings @kgutteridge
    17. 17. Other tricks Price shifting Top grossing Ask + incentivise users to rate to combat negative bias Mine Facebook “likes” Don’t forget email lists @kgutteridge
    18. 18. Q+A @kgutteridge @kgutteridge