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Hack camp 2011


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Slides to demo overnight 24 hour hack at

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Hack camp 2011

  1. 1. AdviceForThat 24 hour hack for LinkedGovHackcamp 2011 Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  2. 2. FCO Travel API + TripIt mashup iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Full on device parser of the FCO API, so potentially a lot more can be done with the data set MCC + MNC Mobile Country Code + Mobile Network Code lookup to save using GPS for coarse location lookups on devices with a SIM Google Maps routing and plotting on MapKit to show driving directions from you to selected Embassy Phone Embassy, Email Embassy with details from API TripIt upcoming trips, adds data about Visa Entry requirements and FCO Travel Summary Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  3. 3. FCO Travel API + TripIt mashup Warning I am not a UI designer, so just went for clean simple and fast to prove user flows!! Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  4. 4. Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  5. 5. Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  6. 6. Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
  7. 7. Kieran Gutteridge | @kgutteridge
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