Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

  1. 1. EDU 590 CHAPTER 5: Nonlinguistic Representation “Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works.”by Howard Pitler, Elizabeth R. Hubbell, Matt Kuhn and Kim Malenoski Central Michigan University
  2. 2. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation  Planning Question: Suggested Technology:Which Strategies 1. Word Processing Applications Will Help 2. Spreadsheet Software Students 3. Organizing and Brainstorming Acquire and Software Integrate 4. Data Collection Tools Learning? 5. Multimedia  Learning 6. Web Resources Strategies: Nonlinguistic Representation
  3. 3. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic RepresentationNonlinguistic Represenation: McREL’s research supports the following generalizations:1. A variety of activities produce nonlinguistic representation.2. The purpose is to elaborate on knowledge. Image Curtsey of Microsoft Clipart and Media
  4. 4. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic RepresentationNonlinguistic Representation: McREL’s Recommendations:1. Use graphic organizers to represent and physical models to create the knowledge.2. Have students generate mental pictures.3. Use pictures or pictographs.4. Have students engage in kinesthetic activities. Image Curtsey of Microsoft Clipart and Media
  5. 5. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation  Planning Word Processing Applications: Question:  Allows student to augment theirWhich Strategies written work with visual elements, Will Help such as clip art and photos. Students ◦ Improves understanding and retention. Acquire and Integrate Learning?  Learning Strategies: Nonlinguistic Representation
  6. 6. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation  Planning Spreadsheet Software: Question:  Create nonlinguisticWhich Strategies representation of data. Will Help ◦ Fill out data into a table then create a Students graph from the data. Acquire and  Helps students make sense of Integrate data that initially seems Learning? overwhelming. ◦ Can change colors, labels, plot types  Learning to make graph more visually Strategies: appealing. Nonlinguistic Representation
  7. 7. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation  Planning Organizing and Brainstorming Question: Software:Which Strategies  Give students and teachers ways to Will Help create a variety of patterns to build Students conceptual understanding of Acquire and information. Integrate  Six pattern organizers: Learning? ◦ Conceptual  Learning ◦ Descriptive Strategies: ◦ Generalization/principle ◦ Time-sequence Nonlinguistic ◦ Episode Representation ◦ Process/Cause-effect ◦ Examples: Figure 5.5 – 5.9
  8. 8. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation  Planning Data Collection Tools: Question:  Allow students to acquireWhich Strategies information and images for analysis, Will Help synthesis and evaluation. Students  Digital Probes Acquire and ◦ Students can then put data into graphs Integrate for a visual interpretation. Learning?  Logger Lite  Learning  Digital Microscopes ◦ Students can create diagrams, graphics, Strategies: and presentations with the images Nonlinguistic collected. Representation
  9. 9. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation Multimedia:  Planning  Multimedia one of the most effective Question: forms of nonlinguistic representation,Which Strategies it is teacher-facilitated learning. Will Help ◦ Most effective when the student is the Students creator. Acquire and  Presentations Integrate ◦ Jefferson County Schools – PowerPoint Learning? Collection (, PowerPoint in the Classroom  Learning ( and many more! Strategies:  Animations Nonlinguistic ◦ Webmonkey for Kids Representation (, Animation Factory ( gif.html), etc.  Movies and Video
  10. 10. Chapter Five – Nonlinguistic Representation Web Resources: Planning  Web resources that support Question: nonlinguistic representation:Which Strategies ◦ ( Will Help ◦ Surviving Everest Students ( Acquire and hannel/highspeed/everest) Integrate ◦ DigiTales ( Learning? ◦ Our TimeLines ( ◦ iCan Film Festival (  Learning ◦ Clay Animation in PowerPoint Strategies: ( Nonlinguistic s/wow/claytutorial.pdf) Representation ◦ Interactive Mathematics Activities (www.cut-the-
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