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Visual innovations and visualizing information


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Illustrates some technical innovations in visualization (first animation, photo, etc) and and shows several concepts to consider when looking for opportunities to visualize information.

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Visual innovations and visualizing information

  1. 1. LascauxCaves: theprehistoricSistineChapel
  2. 2. Egyptian hieroglyphics
  3. 3. Visual Innovations
  4. 4. Frederic Edwin Church’s South American landscape"Heart of the Andes" was a sensation when it wasshown in the city in 1859
  5. 5. In 1826 Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce produced theworlds first acknowledged photograph
  6. 6. "Boulevard du Temple", taken by LouisDaguerre in late 1838 or early 1839, wasthe first-ever photograph of a person.
  7. 7. In 1878 Eadweard Muybridge photographed a horse infast motion using a series of 12 stereoscopic cameras.
  8. 8. Newsreel from1946
  9. 9. Windsor McCay’s Gertie the Dinosaur, 1914
  10. 10. Walt Disney’s “SteamBoat Willie” 1928
  11. 11. John Snow’s cholera map, 1854. Analysis.
  12. 12. William Playfair’s 1786 graph illustrating trade balance
  13. 13. Charles Joseph Mindard’s 1869 map illustratingNapolean’s March to Moscow
  14. 14. Think about these things to give meaning, emphasis and clarity
  15. 15. l’homme le plus grand du monde mesure 2,465 m : Sultan Kosen
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Husband Both WifeRight-brained Funny Left-brained Forgetful Adventurous Responsible Depressed Good parents Happy Artistic Gardeners Studious Handy Sexual Tool challenged Messy Foodies Neat Impulsive Travelers Planner
  20. 20. GrossIncome Wife $80,000 2009
  21. 21. Gross Income Wife Husband $80,000 $42,000 2009
  22. 22. Gross Income Wife Husband $100,000$80,000 $45,000 $42,000 2009 2010
  23. 23. •cause and effect
  24. 24. Why Husband Is Annoying HIS WORK HIS LEISURE Long hours Eats 24/7Uncommunicative Watches sports Low pay Doesn’t exercise Aaargh! Won’t clean Messy Won’t garden Snores Won’t cook Forgetful ATTITUDE HIS HABITS
  25. 25. --
  26. 26. •organizational chart
  27. 27. •pictorial representation
  28. 28. MAKING a DRAGON FACENinjas use this hand sign to “surprise and confuse their enemies”says Ninjas: The Silent Assassins. You can surprise and confuse yourself and your friendslearning to make this tricky face - start at the tail and follow these seven steps...Open palms Tightly curltogether, touchpinky to pinky, 1 remaining middle finger entirelyand ring finger around indexto ring finger finger of theto make mouth oppositeTouch an index hand 5finger to the ringfinger of theoppositehand 2 4 To make the 7 RRROARLay the eyebrows, tightly curl middleotherindex 3 finger entirely around index Your hands are nowfinger across a deadlyto touch the finger of thering finger of opposite hand weapon...the opposite of surprise!hand - these arethe eyes Now tighten brows, wiggle 6 those thumbs and get ready to roar... © 2008 SUSANNA TELLSCHOW
  29. 29. Label Label LabelLabel Label Label