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Ny eden elc 2013 sept


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Ny eden elc 2013 sept

  1. 1. • When disaster strikes, New York State citizens turn to Cornell Cooperative Extension for reliable information and research-based educational resources to aid in preparation and recovery efforts. Coastal Flooding from Hurricane Sandy Inland Flooding from Hurricane Irene
  2. 2. EDEN Mission • The EDEN mission is to reduce the impact of disasters through research-based extension education. • This network of multidisciplinary professionals ensures that the Cooperative Extension System can appropriately respond to local, state, regional, national and international education needs during a crisis.
  3. 3. EDEN is… A NATIONAL NETWORK  All 50 states + 3 territories  1862 & 1890 Land Grants  Sea Grants  NIFA
  4. 4. EDEN Organization Local State National USDA/NIFA EDEN CCE NY EDEN CCE Associations CCE Regional Teams NYS Gov Agencies County Gov
  5. 5. NY EDEN Organization Ext.DisasterEducation ADVISORYBOARD CCE NY EDEN CCE DART Extension Disaster Education (project/program)
  6. 6. Want to increase visibility of CCE among policy makers and elected officials? • CCE NY EDEN helps your association be visibly and memorably New York Severe Storms and Flooding Incident period: June 26, 2013 to July 4, 2013 New York Severe Winter Storm and Snowstorm Incident period: February 8, 2013 to February 9, 2013 New York Hurricane Sandy Incident period: October 27, 2012 to November 9, 2012 New York Hurricane Irene Incident period: August 26, 2011 to September 5, 2011 New York Hurricane Irene Incident period: August 25, 2011 to September 5, 2011 New York Severe Storms, Flooding, Tornadoes, and Straight-line Winds Incident period: April 26, 2011 to May 8, 2011 New York Severe Winter Storm and Snowstorm Incident period: December 26, 2010 to December 27, 2010 New York Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Straight-line Winds (DR-1943) September 16, 2010New York Severe Storms and Flooding Incident period: March 13, 2010 to March 31, 2010
  7. 7. But isn’t NY EDEN just duplicating the Red Cross? • When individuals, families, and communities suffer from a disaster, NY EDEN has resources to help mend personal loss, rebuild farms and help communities recover and rebuild homes, businesses and lives. • NY EDEN is active in all phases of disaster which means they can help communities and individuals become more disaster resilient. • Communities that are disaster resilient are economically more sustainable. • Their citizens are less dependent on the hundreds of million dollars in local, state and federal support. • This ultimately helps reduce the amount of government funding needed for disaster response and recovery.
  8. 8. We’re not the Red Cross, we’re Big Red! CCE puts research into practice by providing high-value educational programs and university-based resources that help solve real-life problems. Nobody is better positioned to answer the tough question when the stakes are high than the Land Grant University, and nobody can extend that information like Cooperative Extension.
  9. 9. Online Learning Opportunities
  10. 10. Tools tailored for the production agriculture community…
  11. 11. Relationships  Dept. of Homeland Security  USDA agencies  Other federal agencies  Non-governmental organizations
  12. 12. Farm Disaster Prep Cert • 6 hour course • Insurance discount incentive Agriculture Sentinel • CCE Assocs act as eyes & ears during disaster • Create real-time situational awareness for NYSDAM CCE DART • CCE EXT system wide response to disaster • Includes SOP and regular drills Organizational Innovations
  13. 13. New Directions • Funding for regionally based Crop Insurance training achieved • Funding for Ag sentinel achieved • It’s time to think about regional leadership for NY EDEN, and corresponding educational programs and educators
  14. 14. Extension Disaster Education and Climate Change: Cornell’s Nature and Human Security Applied Research and Extension Program State Program Leader – Keith Tidball NY EDEN Adv. Council Chair – Rod Howe Isabel Frances Tammy Irene Sandy … ?