Super snappy page design in 45 minutes


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Originally created by a former student, Joseph Mullen, with edits/additions from me.

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Super snappy page design in 45 minutes

  1. 1. Design So Cool It Will Make Your Eyes BleedKarl Grubaugh Adviser, Granite Bay Gazette With credit to Joseph Mullen, former Gazette co-editor-in-chief
  2. 2. Key Points! 1.Go BIG!(The concept is DOMINANCE)
  3. 3. When you have a terrific photo, RUN IT REALLY LARGE! Don’t waste it. But be thoughtful about how to use it. The designer used the dark feathers as a perfect place to run reverse text without having to add some kind of cheesy shadow box to make the text visible.
  4. 4. BEFORE AFTER Notice the tight cropping of the pictures and effective teasers. COUNT THE FACES
  5. 5. I like the rodent package on the first page, the fish package on the second page. Nice use of creative white space. RULE VIOLATION! Non- modular design … where? Does it work?
  6. 6. Nice cropping and NICE use of cutout on first one. Notice creative packaging on both pages.
  7. 7. Key Points! 2. Text as Art
  8. 8. Great headline treatments, fantastic cutout on number 2. OH MY GOSH, TIGER IS COVERING UP OTHER THINGS!!! Yes…that’s what we call thinking outside of the box
  9. 9. Nice use of color on first one. Take lackluster photo and make it an interesting overall package. (Photoshop tip: color sampling from the photo for use on the font.) Nice use of creative crops and photos on second one.
  10. 10. Great faces on first one: COUNT THE FACES! Cool use of photo illustration on second one, but notice that the illustration doesn’t stand alone.
  11. 11. Great infographic on the left -- cool headlines and judicious use of color. Photo illustration is relevant because PHOTOGRAPHER AND WRITER AND EDITOR COMMUNICATED!
  12. 12. Key Points! 3. Dance with the one who brung ya. (Take advantage of what you’ve got to work with.)
  13. 13. Emphasis is put on photo, tons of white space but it WORKS. Huge typeface makes it more interesting – simple but bold
  14. 14. Key Points! 4. Use COLOR well!
  15. 15. BEFORE AFTER Notice the professional quality of the after page – it’s much cleaner looking than the first one. (Word ‘Sushi’ in first head is incredibly cliché.) Also has creative teasers.
  16. 16. Cool head treatment Cool info- graphic and text shape
  17. 17. REALLY cool cutouts on first one. You can cover up your flag – People know by now whether it’s news, lifestyle, voices, sports, or whatever. Nice infographics on second one as well.
  18. 18. You can design two facing pages as a double truck!
  19. 19. Nice cutout, defies modular design but WORKS! Also, notice they toned down the teasers and photos on other stories to draw attention to main package Don’t use color just for the sake of color. First one is much more effective with limited color. Too many colors looks … cheap.
  20. 20. Key Points! 5. Use Lots of Points of Entry (And you need to play with Illustrator to help create illustrations and infographics!)
  21. 21. Complex, but works. Informative.
  22. 22. Terrific use of color – but label it as a photo illustration!
  23. 23. Boring photos made more interesting through effective design. Nice macro shots, repetition can be very effective;, color sampling/matching gives the package on the left some visual consistency.
  24. 24. Text can be a graphic: be creative!
  25. 25. Key Points! 6. Headlines matter! (Take the time to make them great!)
  26. 26. Tie your headlines into your photos – a little irony is great for capturing attention
  27. 27. There is a nice juxtaposition of fonts on the first page, and the repetition of the photos makes a cool playbill effect. The second one uses illustrative photos on the top and a subtly nice headline treatment with the S going into the photo.
  28. 28. The first one illustrates a nice use of a single color. The second one is just awesome with the infographics.
  29. 29. First one is a cool and creative way to use graphs other than standard Excel graphs. The second one uses a powerful illustration that employs repetition and pops of color that make it really work.
  30. 30. First one is creative solution to typical Christmas gift package. Nice illustration that chunks the story well. The second one is a great use of infographic, differentiating Porsche cars from others by color pops. Color is cohesive and infographic is simple to follow.
  31. 31. Terrific crops on photos; the crops frame stories well.
  32. 32. Great tabloid front, very powerful and representative photo. B+W package on second one is effective for the tone of the story, and cutout is dominant without hogging ALL the space
  33. 33. Tone on left is somber; effectively builds on the photo. Prayers listed down the side is a nice touch. Second one has creative headline treatment by playing with size, leading.
  34. 34. INSPIRATION INTERPRETATION Joseph took a page design he saw online and reinterpreted/applied it to the Gazette using his Illustrator techniques and the text of the story as the walls. STEAL IDEAS!!!!!
  35. 35. First package is serious to match story, toned down, but effective. Use sparingly. Clever and very nice illustration on second one, colorful. Again, matches mood of story with design
  36. 36. When used sparingly and professionally, type as a graphic can be very effective and impactful. The simple black and white ironically mirror the subject matter of the story. Again, RUN IT BIG for more impact!
  37. 37. Effective illustrations are relatively simple, but impactful. Again, colors are cohesive.
  38. 38. Nice illustration, with excellent use of white space Again, nice somber photo, B+W is appropriate to story
  39. 39. Creative content and stories create impact and interest. CONTENT MATTERS Nice graphic for the story, very understandable and clear.
  40. 40. First one is a nice use of cohesive colors . Second one uses onomatopoeia in the headline and clear infographics to illustrate story.
  41. 41. Stunning! A nice macro shot, appropriate use of color (note drop cap); gray background mimics color of the fork and helps the color of the cherry and juice to really pop off the page Nice alternative story package on second one – make it a game! Needs communication to work
  42. 42. Great cropping on first one, adds impact to photo. Second one has one of the greatest headlines I’ve ever seen. Period.
  43. 43. Nice photo-illustration in first one, lime green and black pair nicely. Disney teaser in the second one is simply fabulous.
  44. 44. My web page is at: Academics>social studies>Karl Grubaugh The best designs for inspiration come from: