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Vision statement for ict chad vale done


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Vision statement for ict chad vale done

  1. 1. I.C.T Vision for Chad Vale Primary SchoolAt Chad Vale we aim to create enthusiastic, motivated, “lifelonglearners” through the extensive use of ICT to enhance learning andteaching.Learners…  Are engaged through enriched multi-media learning experiences using new technologies.  Use ICT to enhance their learning and deepen their understanding.  Extend their learning beyond the classroom.  Are empowered to take control of their ‘e-learning’ and know how to stay safe.Teachers…  Use a wide range of ICT to plan, deliver, assess, evaluate and improve the curriculum.  Enrich learning and teaching through ICT for pupils by risk-taking and innovation.  Are experts in their field and share their knowledge, skills and experience in and beyond the school community.  Provide the opportunity for extended ‘any time, any place’ learning.  Are empowered to give pupils opportunities to learn in different ways through new technologies.  Teach children how to be safe in online communities.Parents:  Support and understand the e-learning of their children.  Can access data and information that allows them to support, nurture and develop their child so they are able to achieve their potential.  Know how to keep their children safe in online communities.What the children want in the future of Chad Vale’s ICT…  “Fast and easy access to computers and laptops in every classroom”  Have wireless internet access throughout the school.  “Online activities that can help us to learn inside and outside of school.”  “More programmes to improve our learning in different subjects.”  “The teachers to try new things using new technologies.”  Have two class sets of I-pads to support learning.  For teachers to teach ICT lessons from the new scheme of work – rising stars.