Apple i pad loan agreement


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Apple i pad loan agreement

  1. 1. Chad Vale Primary School Apple iPad Loan AgreementDate: ____________ iPad Number: _____________Name: ____________________________________________________As a borrower of a Chad Vale Primary School iPad, I accept the followingresponsibilities:  I will follow the Chad Vale Primary School ‘Acceptable Use’ Policy.  I will follow the guidelines listed below for proper care of the iPad.  I will not write on or place any labels or stickers on the iPad.  I will keep the iPad safe by ensuring suitable insurance cover is arranged and purchasing a case that protects the front and back of the device.  I understand that personal data or pupil data held on the iPad is subject to Data Protection regulations and must be password protected and secure.  I will ensure that any photos/videos/images taken of pupils/staff are kept safe and secure and are only published online using methods approved by the school.  I will report any problems/issues I encounter while using the iPad to the ICT Co-ordinator.  I understand that the school may request for the iPad to be brought in for checking/updates at any time and set the iPad back to factory settings at any point if it becomes unusable or unstable.  I understand that setting the iPad to factory settings may be a course of action for any repairs or modifications on the iPad and this may result in the loss of data from the iPad.  I understand that the SMT/ICT Co-ordinator may request the iPad be returned throughout the school year for inventory and/or software updates. iPads may be re-assigned as deemed appropriate by the ICT Co-ordinator/SMT.
  2. 2. Guidelines for Proper Care of the iPad 1. The iPad is not to be loaned to anyone outside Chad Vale Primary School. 2. Proper care is to be given to the iPad at all times, including but not limited to the following: a. Give care appropriate for any electrical device. b. Keep food and drink away from the iPad. c. Do not leave the iPad out in extreme heat or cold d. Do not attempt to repair a damaged or malfunctioning iPad. e. Do not upgrade the iPad operating system. f. Use the appropriate iPad A/C adapter to charge the iPad 3. Proper security is to be provided for the iPad at all times, including, but not limited to, the following: a. Secure your iPad in a safe place whilst not in use. b. Do not leave the iPad in an unlocked car or in open view. c. The original box the iPad is supplied must be retained and handed back at the end of the loan agreement.Synching Options Option 1- ‘School Sync’This option will mean your iPad ‘sync’ with all the pupil laptops and youwill be unable to purchase additional apps for personal/research use.Any photos/videos/settings (e.g. for wireless access at home or emailconfigurations) would be deleted each time the iPad is synched(probably once a month). Option 2- ‘Personal Sync’This option will mean you ‘sync’ your iPad with your own personal iTunesaccount. This will mean that you can download apps of your choice(within the Acceptable Use Policy) but you will also have to ensure thatyou have copies of all the school apps. You would be liable for the costof these apps.