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What is Outplacement? How will it help your firm?
Interior Talent's Outplacement Group will help you through this challenging transition.

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Talent Outplacement Group

  1. 1. Talent Outplacement Group we get it. Outplacement is a benefit that serves both the employer & the employees. vacation pay, health insurance coverage and other benefits. Talent Outplacement Services Outplacement essentially means, “placed out of the In a challenging economy firms sometimes need to organization.” Companies hire an outside firm like Interior conduct downsizing, restructuring or layoffs which Talent to work with the displaced employees to help them become employed again quickly. Outplacement specialists are require a lot of pre-planning. an external neutral force during an emotional time, when the displaced employee may feel anger and resentment toward their Interior Talent’s outplacement group can help with this difficult former employer. The outplacement professional’s neutrality, and unpleasant task. We are an industry specific outplacement compassion and expertise assist the employee in shifting their service, therefore we understand how to help your employees focus forward. reposition themselves for new opportunities. Our team will work with you to develop the most appropriate program to The value of providing an outplacement benefit can be directly ensure that this transition is performed accurately and delicately. measured. It can impact the following areas: You can choose from our existing programs or ask us to customize our services according to your requirements. * The Bottom Line: Some of our services include: Budgeting for outplacement as part of the separation package makes good business sense. It is as essential as offering some • Group workshops form of severance and can directly impact the bottom line. It • Resume and cover letter writing decreases the amount of time workers obtain unemployment pay • Portfolio review (if applicable) and reduces the potential for lawsuits. • One-on-one consultations with an industry specialist • Transition Management * Reputation and Public Image: • Career Coaching In an age where companies’ reputations can easily be tarnished, • Full service recruitment efforts the value of being viewed as a good place to work is important, • Career/Redirection assesstments as is the image presented to shareholders, customers, and Benef its of Outplacement Services vendors. Outplacement helps promote the company’s image as a good corporate citizen and decreases the cost of turnover among Outplacement is a benefit that serves. It is a benefit that remaining employees. Providing outplacement demonstrates to companies offer their displaced workers as a stand-alone benefit the community that the company values its human capital. or part of a separation package that includes severance pay, Orlando: 800 915 3012 407 228 1938 Interior Talent.com Chicago: 800 915 3035 312 527 3383
  2. 2. Talent Outplacement Group In a recent Reed Smith survey given to employers: • 66% felt outplacement support improves staff morale, motivation and productivity during times of change • 55% agreed that providing outplacement for exiting employees helps those who remain • 87% believe that offering outplacement eased the pressure on line managers • 78% felt that providing outplacement could improve the organization’s reputation • 55% believe that outplacement can help the organization be seen as an employer of choice * Decrease the Potential for Lawsuits: * Preserve the Dignity of the Displaced Workers: Angry employees sue. Offering outplacement can diminish Knowing that the company has provided a free and valuable the resentment, hurt and anger many laid off workers feel. By service to assist the displaced employee become re-employed offering a structure that is focused on moving forward, workers quickly can help preserve their self-esteem. Armed with the have less time to fret and vent about the company and its tools, displaced employees become motivated to enter a job perceived treatment of them. search campaign with confidence. * Preserve Morale and Productivity of the The cost of not offering an outplacement program can Remaining Workers: be in the thousands of dollars per displaced employee. “It could have been me.” Most employees who remain after Some of the costs overlooked: downsizing have this thought. Once the loyalty contract is broken between employers and employees, the remaining • Unemployment benefits (most states can give 26 weeks or employees look to their displaced co-workers to see how they more of unemployment benefits) are being treated. Downsizing creates a disruption in business • Reduced productivity by remaining employees due to the as workers gossip, theorize and worry about the impact on their fear factor own lives. Providing a solid outplacement plan can squelch this • The cost of recovering from bad public relations due to negative energy and provide reassurance to the remaining staff. slandering by ex-employees * Enhance the Ability of the Displaced Workers Interior Talent will develop a streamlined, customized to Become Re-Employed Quickly: outplacement program to address these concerns and to ensure Studies have shown that outplaced employees find work company morale remains high in this challenging time. quicker (as much as 50%) and often at a higher salary when they have the benefit of career transition services. This is because For more information contact a specialist from our Talent most displaced workers are critically weak in the skills needed Outplacement Group at 800-915-3012. to aggressively look for work. Our programs include resume development, interview training, and job search coaching. By offering outplacement services you are providing the training and support displaced workers need to find new employment. Orlando: 800 915 3012 407 228 1938 Interior Talent.com Chicago: 800 915 3035 312 527 3383