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Short summaries of topics for leadership development

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Coaching Brochure

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE COACHING Influential leadership ensures team members perform at their best, focus on solutions rather than problems and improve productivity. If leaders are not effective, decision making delays, missed deadlines and worsening staff tenure can cost organisations substantially in terms of key business drivers such as speed to market, customer satisfaction indices, sales targets and operational efficiency. Additionally, saving on recruitment costs is important at any time, but it becomes even more pressing during times of economic uncertainty. Companies need safe pairs of hands to guide them through a recession and people who can see it as a positive, taking advantage of the opportunities it may bring. Executive Coaching provides support to organisations by enhancing the leadership and coaching skills of their managers. Available as complementary coaching to an Interim Management assignment, as standalone workshops and coaching programmes, or as one to one management coaching.Dynamic and Long Term Performance from your Next Generation of Leaders TESTIMONIAL: “The long-term benefits are a fuller understanding and appreciation of colleagues with whom we may on the surface share little in common. As team leader, I now feel less tense in my leadership role, as I now have a better appreciation of my colleagues’ working preferences.” UNSEEN MANAGEMENT COSTS * *illustrative and estimated costs, based on a remuneration package of £35k pa. 18-26% time spent on conflict management £6-£9,000 per manager/annum Replacement for one resigned, de-motivated employee c£17,000 per person (not including any additional risk of processing errors) Unproductive meeting time (10 mgrs for 2 hours) £400 per meeting 07540 724103 Where could cost savings be better spent? What more could your managers do with the extra time? What amazing results could the organisation achieve when teams are working in sync with each other?
  2. 2. Achieving Dynamic and Long TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve really valued and appreciated COMMUNICATION SKILLS CHANGE MANAGEMENTTerm Performance from your the time I get to spend with Karen each week, and have been able to focus on the team building and WORKSHOP WORKSHOP Next Generation of Leaders communication aspects that have been so daunting in the past. Karen has been challenging the way I approach things, giving me ideas of things to try, and With the success of an organisation depending on the Change is a constant reality impacting every has been very supportive. For the first time in several performance of the people in it, supportive leaders are organisation. Change can be ongoing and evolutionary years, I feel as though I am learning again, and that is required to help them fulfil their potential. or unexpected and powerful, with the main drivers of a wonderful feeling! Karen really helped me efficiencies, cost reduction, restructures and Communication, and especially feedback, benefits understand more about myself and my role, and I cant competitive advantage. from being delivered in the language that suits each thank her enough for that.” individual team member’s patterns of speaking and A recent executive survey highlighted that there has TESTIMONIAL: “Interesting, thought-provoking and thinking. Additionally, each manager’s style can been a recent decline in abilities over the last couple shows how we can combine our approaches to work contribute to a positive and progressive team or, if of years, with 85% of companies considered poor or effectively together. We had frank and enlightening unaware of their impact on others, can breed stress average at managing change. Inability to identify the conversations about behaviour and its effects on work and conflict. required process, and lack of leadership, motivation of ethics, as Karen created a relaxed atmosphere, with staff and communication were all contributors. Through understanding their own motivation and constructive use of humour.” stress triggers, this workshop provides managers with Management of all change is critical to success, techniques and skills covering conflict management, requiring the ability to adapt to the individual needs. TESTIMONIAL: “The workshop gave me an insight addressing decision makers, motivating staff, using This workshop aims to provide managers with into analysing my own and others personalities from a words to get results, and giving effective feedback. knowledge of communicating, motivating, challenging different angle. It gave me an insight and acted as an “eye-opener” about certain aspects of myself. Karen The workshop can be tailored to the individual and leading change in the workplace, and can be was very friendly and created a very relaxed organisation through an initial review process, and tailored to individual organisation’s needs. atmosphere, and was happy to answer our questions.” would then be a 2-3 day intensive coaching programme for junior and middle management. CLIENT RETENTION SENIOR MANAGERS STRESSED OVER GOAL SETTING EXCELLENCE DURING A RECESSION MONEY WORRIES IN BUSINESS MODELLINGEvery department in an organisation needs to Stress in the workplace has been widely recognised as a In today’s high pressured organisations, it is vital to While organisations strive for improved productivityunderstand their role in ensuring client retention. Many significant business concern. Existing research has ensure enough time is given to developing effective and efficiencies, leaders can be frustrated that withcompanies commission various customer research highlighted the negative impact it can have on the goals and targets to provide the longer term benefits similar experience and the same training, there is suchprojects to gain feedback on satisfaction levels and economy through symptoms such as increased necessary for success. a marked difference in individuals’ achievements. Incompetitor analysis. However, there are also employee absence and attrition rates and poorer concentrating on the poor performance, often little The purpose of goals and targets is to highlightdepartment-specific analyses being completed across for individual and organisational performance. attention is given to the best employees. something to aim for, often involving profitability,example, the web, contact centres, customer complaints, The key to preventing such results is to manage stress and it is important that buy-in is achieved at all levels. Through modelling, it is possible to understand andsales. Using this information to provide an overallinterpretation, which can then be presented to all effectively and, where possible, to prevent it occurring replicate the thinking, motivation patterns and The skills developed through this workshop providedepartments, could gain their buy-in to and creativity in the first place. strategies of high achievers providing “best practice”, managers with the understanding and techniques tofor future initiatives. which can then be used to help all employees achieve Managers have identified clear areas that they believe produce well defined goals for themselves, and others. their potential. would help them to manage their direct reports’ stress: Using these skills to empower their individual teamMaking logical and appropriate decisions based on clear *Understanding what employees need when stressed members to think differently about problem Modelling excellence can be adapted to a range offacts will help provide a consistent and quality service *Identifying individual employee’s stress triggers resolution, for example, will free up their time to think business aspects, including leadership, negotiating,across Sales, Marketing & Operations, and improve the *Understanding why people react in the ways they do strategically and plan for the future. selling, planning, presenting and client service.likelihood of client retention. *Developing skills to discuss issues that lead to stress Tailored to the organisations need, the process would Additionally, developing, encouraging participationTo provide a review of current and possible research, include identifying and modelling relevant personnel, Option of organisation-specific workshops or seminars and clearly describing well-formed goals for the team/interpretation and impact analysis on client retention, testing the model and establishing a training module using a mixture of career and executive coaching. department, will transform its performance.with recommendations and presentation. for ongoing development. This is a 2 day intensive workshop for managers.
  3. 3. INDIVIDUAL EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP SALES, MARKETING, OPERATIONS STAFF MOTIVATION COACHING DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP - INSPIRING COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPThe success of an organisation depends on the Powerful leadership is not about having all the answers The nature of the roles of Sales, Marketing and Successful organisations understand the link betweenperformance of the people who work in it, with the and telling people what to do. It’s about communicating Operations in organisations makes it vital that they employee motivation and improved productivity anddegree of success a leader achieves being measured by in a way that allows people to learn, think, create and to work and think in different ways. However, that very innovation. Undoubtedly, some steps have already beenthe results realized through the efforts of their team. solve problems effectively and quickly; inspiring better difference can also cause miscommunication when taken in each organisation, but there is anAn executive coach can help people fulfil their performance. interacting with one another. This has the potential to acknowledgement that more can be done, and offeringpotential, work at their best and continue to become cause deadlock and inaction, with key input suppressed staff a competitive compensation is only one solution.more capable and skilled. Coaching can be made Encouraging people to come up with their own ideas or ignored. Investing in helping managers to recognise their ownavailable to individuals with specific development and solutions is highly motivating for all involved. In so motivational criteria, as well as that of the members ofareas, or for those who are experiencing challenges in doing, many of the big challenges faced by The standard workshop programme consists of 4 their team, is especially important during and movinga leadership role. organisations can begin to be resolved: the lack of distinct parts and aims to highlight those differences in out of an economic downturn. employee engagement, development of new leaders and a positive and appreciative way and provide newWith the demands placed on senior executives, there continuous innovation. communication techniques to benefit the organisation A good leader knows that their own positivity andis little time for them to provide dedicated support to and the individuals involved. leading by example is vital when motivating others.members of their team who need to address specific This 2 day intensive programme provides a deeper This programme provides managers with the insight toconcerns regarding key competencies. Outsourced understanding of leadership requirements for ongoing This programme can be tailored and include short understand how they and each of their team membersExecutive Coaching sessions will concentrate on the practical application and includes self–awareness and interviews with each function, a joint communication are motivated, and to communicate appropriately inmain goals identified and tackle any issues the understanding, communication techniques and workshop and training workshops. Additionally, an response.individual has been unwilling or unable to discuss leadership style workshops. initial in-depth review and additional workshops to A tailored minimum 2 day intensive workshop helpingwith their line manager; therefore achieving fast improve the innovation process could be agreed. leaders improve employee engagement, results on keyresults. business drivers and innovation for future success. TEAM BUILDING AND PRODUCTIVITY & EFFICIENCY COACHING SKILLS CAREER DEVELOPMENT COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP SKILLS WORKSHOP WORKSHOP WORKSHOPIt is important to identify and value the differences As many organisations have had to reduce headcount, Integrating coaching skills into day to day management Political elements and influences are to be found in anyindividuals bring to the success of the team and the the remaining employees and management have often and leadership is a progressive way of inspiring better organisation. Additionally, each individual has theirorganisation; building on this where it works well. been left struggling to keep functioning under the performance from the team. own political “agenda” and often needs to influence increasing demands. Additionally, millions of pounds others in order to achieve their own ambitions. ToWhere there is conflict or lack of progress, a greater Coaching skills will help managers to build effective are wasted in organisations through their managers’ lack move one’s career forward within the organisation, it isawareness of oneself and others (and learning a new relationships, encourage independence, self-motivation of understanding of how to recognise where cost important to obtain a greater awareness of oneself and away of communicating) encourages understanding, and responsibility, and create a productive environment. savings, efficiencies and productivity improvements full understanding of what is expected of each level oftrust and respect. It will also improve the individual manager’s could be made. the management hierarchy.The workshop provides a dedicated time out of the effectiveness, as they will learn new ways to delegate, In response to requests from senior executives, this support change and communicate, thereby freeing upworking environment to understand the differences Investing in employees’ career development encourages workshop has been developed to provide managers with time for their own creativity and strategic members have in how they are motivated, take in loyalty to the organisation and motivation to drive the skills to review and analyse potential areas ofinformation, make decisions and structure their lives. Greater overall team success can be achieved, as effective productivity and efficiencies; especially improvement, plan strategically and evaluate returns, asIt also helps them to appreciate others who are similar coaching also provides the tools to manage the middle important during and moving out of an economic well as providing insight into the leadership skillsto them, and especially those who differ from them. 80% of the team, rather than solely concentrating on the downturn. Keeping hold of your best managers will required to communicate to and motivate their teams to bottom 10% (poor performers) and top 10% (star help weather the storm and build a robust platform forIt is preferable for the programme to be held over two inspire better performance. achievers). the future.days, but it can be separated into two distinct parts if With the skills to review and implement productivity Following an internal business requirement review, thisthat works better for the team involved. The workshop is a 2 day intensive programme for junior and efficiency improvements in each department, how would be a 3 day workshop for a mix of same level and middle managers. quickly could your trained managers recoup the cost of managers. a one-off 2 day intensive workshop?