Assiem Executive Summary


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Assiem Executive Summary

  1. 1. Contact: Karen Goold ABOUT P: 07540 724103 Karen has over 11 years‟ experience in operational management and client service, and 8 years‟ experience in management consulting. E: Established across the Financial Services industry and with blue chip/FMCG companies, Karen has a proven track record of delivering high W: standards of client service, productivity and efficiency improvements and operational risk awareness, as well as leadership and coaching skills. Karen is a certified practitioner in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). INTERIM MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE COACHING Providing solutions to resourcing problems or to resolve Powerful leadership is not about having all the answers and corporate crises, including senior level departures, managing telling people what to do. It‟s about communicating in a way departments or restructures, change management, leading that allows people to learn, think, create and to solve problems projects, and implementing cost and staff reductions. effectively and quickly; inspiring better performance. This requires the ability to assess a situation, to successfully turn it around and to interact Encouraging people to come up with their own ideas and solutions is highly motivating for with the client's own staff to gain their respect and support. all involved. In so doing, one can begin to resolve many of the big challenges faced by Examples of achievements to date: organisations: the lack of employee engagement, development of new leaders and continuous Productivity: Contact Centre improved by 20%, whilst quality monitoring innovation. scores increased from 66% to 86% and first time resolution to 92% Available as complementary coaching to an Interim Management assignment, as standalone Efficiency: Quarterly report despatch timelines reduced by 14 business days and workshops and coaching programmes, or as one to one management coaching. production costs reduced by £53k pa Staff Tenure: 26% improvement in one year Examples include: Risk management: Dealing errors reduced from 1.07% to 0.21%, saving c£224k pa  Team Building Workshops Client Satisfaction: Increased by 14% in one year, 92% satisfied/very satisfied  Leadership Development Workshops Analysis & Budgeting: Co-ordinated $203m budget process, Activity Based Costing, Contact Centre forecasting model  Inspiring Communication Between Sales, Marketing and Operations Project management: Department offshoring, Customer Security programme, Account  Change Management Workshops Take On Process, Fund launches, FMCG Trade Pricing Policy,  Excellence Modelling Retail Market Research  Goal Setting (inc Business Visions or Team direction) Team management: 20 years‟ experience with teams up to 150 employees across UK,  Communication Skills Ireland and India, restructures, efficiencies, change management,  Coaching Skills goal setting, competencies, Employee Satisfaction Surveys  Personal Development in Business TESTIMONIAL: “Karen has a number of strengths, chief of TESTIMONIAL: “The long-term benefits are a fuller which is her ability to get the best out of people. She is an understanding and appreciation of colleagues with whom we excellent people manager but is also able to build powerful may on the surface share little in common. As team leader, I business cases through the use of complex management now feel less tense in my leadership role, as I now I have a information and customer feedback. better appreciation of my colleagues’ working preferences.“ Karen can see the bigger picture but understands the detail TESTIMONIAL: “Interesting, thought-provoking and shows and is an effective change manager as a result. Her breadth of how we can combine our approaches to work effectively experience means that she is highly flexible and can tackle a © Assiem Ltd 2009 together. We had frank and enlightening conversations about MABNLP, MTLTA, MABH wide range of roles. Her enthusiasm and commitment make Registered: England and Wales, Registration Number: 6988367 behaviour and its effects on work ethics, as Karen created a her a safe pair of hands.” relaxed atmosphere, with constructive use of humour.” Further Testimonials overleaf
  2. 2. FURTHER TESTIMONIALS “Performance orientated with the customer firmly at the centre of her drive for “The workshop is non-confrontational and informative, giving a real insight into how continuous improvement, Karen had the vision to build and the drive to push the Contact I work and how others work – not everything I had assumed was true! I think it will Centre senior management team to a 20% gain in productivity and 20% drop in required help the team work “smarter” when tackling issues or projects as they arise.” headcount in less than 10 months. New management information was created to accurately track and correct performance and as a strong advocate for the balance “I have worked for many people, for several different companies, in my working life between people and business goals the whole team was challenged and developed and only have very few I look back on with admiration but Karen is definitely one of throughout the changes.” them. I have learnt many things from her and will really miss her honesty, professionalism, attention to detail, loyalty and encouragement.” “Karen combines a thorough understanding of the detail, with a strong strategic vision. Her energy and drive are considerable, resulting in a positive impact on those working “I have really valued and appreciated the time I get to spend with Karen each week, with and for her.” and have been able to focus on the team building and communication aspects that have been so daunting in the past. Karen has been challenging the way I approach “Karen is a great stakeholder / sponsor to work for as she understands project things, giving me ideas of things to try, and has been very supportive. For the first methodologies and how her influence can result in successful deliveries. In addition to time in several years, I feel as though I am learning again, and that is a wonderful directing the strategic objectives she is able, due to her outstanding knowledge of feeling! Karen was one of the best managers I've ever had the pleasure of working business processes, to answer the most detailed of questions.” with, and she really helped me understand more about myself and my role, and I can't thank her enough for that.” “Karen managed to drive through many amazing changes, pushing the boundaries whilst building a great working relationship between the Operational and Sales departments.” “The workshop gave me an insight into analysing my own and others personalities from a different angle. It gave me an insight and acted as an “eye-opener” about “Karen is committed to investing in her people and spends alot of time thinking about certain aspects of myself. Karen was very friendly and created a very relaxed how to develop individuals, how to communicate effectively with them and how to meet atmosphere, and was happy to answer our questions.” their needs within a business framework. She also looks at the impact of change on the larger organization and looks at ways to manage the potential issues that change brings. “I have learnt more from Karen in 18 months than in 10 years with the other Karen is happy to allow her staff to be „experts‟ within their technical discipline and she companies I‟d worked at.” gives them space to use their expertise while guiding them from a management perspective. This can be very liberating for individuals and allows them to flourish “Karen‟s approach to our half-day INSET Workshop was perfect. She paced her under her guidance. She is very clear on what she expects from people and is balanced delivery just right, and interspersed visual activities with discussion, anecdote and in her feedback using a range of techniques to get the best from individuals. practical tasks, to maintain a brisk working environment. Karen‟s calm and highly Karen has a background of project and process management and she brings these skill professional approach created the atmosphere of trust essential to the development of sets to all aspects of her work. She is methodical in looking at changes to the team, a greater understanding of others. It is always challenging to deliver novel and business processes and at the introduction of new systems or products. She is able to relevant INSET to teachers who spend their working lives disseminating information drill down into subjects and discover key areas of risk or concern. Karen then uses this and skills to others. The content of the INSET certainly achieved this, and stimulated approach to plan for the future, putting together detailed plans for the business and a great deal of debate and original thought both at the time, and subsequently over having clear goals and milestones for the team. Karen works hard to measure progress the vacation and new term.” in all areas of her work and reports back to senior management so that there is always a sense of control and progress within her teams.” © Assiem Ltd