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Period 1 zimbabwe


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Period 1 zimbabwe

  1. 1. BY: Aidan Healey
  2. 2. Zimbabwe official name Republic of Zimbabwe Official language English others speak native languages  Zimbabwe is a Shona word meaning “house of stone” History: Great Zimbabwe was rich andpowerful for a time then suddenly fell apart.
  3. 3. Health!!!! Doctors per 100,000 14Infant Mortality per 1,000 live births 150 Life Expectancy 35.5 years 34(f) 37(m)
  4. 4.  Zimbabwe can fix its health problems by investing in medicine for HIV/Aids. Also, Zimbabwe should educate people in medical fields Local countries could help Zimbabwe by giving them doctors and/or medical education  Agreements- Zimbabwe gives $75 toMadagascarper doctor given
  5. 5.  Get medical education from foreign aid or local countries Invest money into getting HIV/Aids research and medicine