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Republic of the congo project


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Republic of the congo project

  1. 1.  Most of the inland is tropical rain forest, drained by tributaries of the Congo River. Its area is nearly three times that of Pennsylvania. It borders Gabon, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the Angola exclave of Cabinda. Major languages: French, indigenous African languages In the pre-colonial times, the region now called Republic of The Congo was taken over by 3 kingdoms: Kongo, Loango, and Tio. After the Portuguese discovered the Congo River, trade was passed on with the tribes, mainly slave trade.
  2. 2. DictatorshipDenis SassouNguesso has been democratically elected as Brazzavillesgovernment. Taking over Republic of The Congo himself and takes total power over the country. Gave lack of competition in the election under his own rules.
  3. 3.  People could work things out by discussing with each other. People could agree on rules and decide whether or not to have the rule. People could think wisely about their actions. The countries bordering Congo could come join the election.
  4. 4.  People could work things out by discussing whether or not to elect a person. I don’t think its possible to solve the problem myself because Congo might have a thought of their own but other countries might not. If other countries come to discuss whether or not to elect the candidate they think is best then dictatorship might be solved.