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Photography as a career


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Photography as a career

  1. 1. The Career of a Photographer Jennifer Hess February 23, 2011 Block A
  2. 2. Job DescriptionPhotographers take and print pictures of: Places People Objects
  3. 3. Job Description/Overview Photographers take pictures for: Magazines News Papers Clients Advertisement Public Relations
  4. 4. EducationIn high school take as many art and photography classes aspossibleStudy art and chemistryTake computer classesWork in a vocational training facilityBachelor degree in photography or related fieldJob/internship in a photography studio
  5. 5. TrainingWork on your school yearbookBe an assistant to an experienced photographerLearn about advanced techniques
  6. 6. SalaryBeginning salary Approximately $16,170Middle salary Approximately $20,620-$43,530Potential salary Approximately $59,890+Potential annual earning Approximately $35,640Potential hourly earning Approximately $17.14
  7. 7. Salary Possibilities $60,000.00 $45,000.00Salary $30,000.00 $53,890.00Range $15,000.00 $27,270.00 $16,170.00 $0 Starting Average Potential Potential Earnings
  8. 8. Growth Potential/ Outlook A career in photography is growing about 12% per year Projected employment in 2008: Approximately 15,200 people Projected employment in 2018: Approximately 169,500 people Career is stable Career is growing about as fast as the average
  9. 9. Related Careers Visual arts Archivist Art dealer Cinematographer Photo editor Photo stylist Fashion designer Graphic designer Commercial and industrial designer
  10. 10. Quote“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” - Diane HuntThis quote is important to me because whenever I hear it, itreminds me I do not have forever to decide on a career. So decidewhat job you want when you’re young so that you do not have tosearch your entire life.
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