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  1. 1. The Career of a Musician By: Natalie Greenlee 2/27/11 Block C
  2. 2. OverviewA musician may• Play one or more instruments solo or with group• Write songs• Compose, conduct, or arrange music• Conduct bands, choruses or orchestras• Teach music (either instrumental or vocal)• Sight read musicOther Characteristics:• a Involved in music from an early age• Adjust to changing hours and schedules• Most are self employed
  3. 3. Overview (cont.) The different ways they broadcast their music to entertain people is by:• Performing live on a stage• Video• Radio• Make or participate in recording in a studioA musician must be:• Prepared for auditions• Skilled in several related styles (jazz, rock, classical, etc)
  4. 4. Education• Private lessons and training• University music programs• College prep. classes• Math and writing skills• Masters degree (music teacher)
  5. 5. Additional Skills and Abilities• Memorization skills• Originality and creativity• Marketing, Sales, management, and Business Skills• Teaching and Performing Methods
  6. 6. Related Careers• Song Writer- writes songs for them to perform, or for other professionals to perform• Dance Choreographer- picks the moves and routines for dancers• Actor/Actress- acts out scenes in a play or movie
  7. 7. SalaryMaryland- Beginning: $14.83, Middle: $33.28, Potential: $47.95 (Hour) National- Beginning: $8.04, Middle: $22.36, Potential: $58.90 (Hour) Average Annual Salary: 70,000
  8. 8. Outlook and Growth PotentialThe career of a musician is stable and increasing by 7.64%• People skilled in various instruments and styles have the best job prospects• There are more people interested in being a musician than there are job openings
  9. 9. Additional Questions and AnswersWhat is the location of this career? The location varies depending on the specific type of musician and the gig.About how many people have this job now? About 246,000 people have this job.
  10. 10. Career Comparison Chart Musician Physical Therapist Play one or more instruments, write songs, compose, conduct, teach, arrange, rehearse, sing, sight read, must be skilled in various musical instruments and styles, most are self employed and they have to help patients to relieve pain and function well, market for themselves, make or participate work 40 hours a week, assess, organize, in recording in a studio, or performing live, plan, and participate in rehabilitation they must adjust to changing hours and programs to help patients to restore healthOverview: schedules or relieve pain, must be physically fit private lessons and training, college prep. Good High School Grades, science Classes, university music programs, and Background, study anatomy, therapy, skills in teaching, performing, math, diagnostic procedures, medicine, biology, writing, organization, memorization, chemistry and dentistry, an associatedEducation originality, and business degree in physical therapy, Average Hourly- Beginning- $29.78 Middle- Average Hourly- Beginning- $14.83 Middle- $41.24 Potential- $54.81 Average $33.28 Potential- $47.95 Average Annually- Beginning- $61,900, Middle-Salary Annually- $70,000 $85,800, Potential- 114,000Growth 7.64 there are more people intterested in being potential a musician than there are job openings 34.00% Stable, people skilled in various instrumentsOutlook have the best job prospects Increasing faster than the AverageRelated Athletic Trainer, chiropractor, occupational careers song writer, dance choreographer, actor/actress therapist
  11. 11. Thought About Success“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to failure when they gave up.” ~Thomas Edison