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Logan ghandi

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Logan ghandi

  1. 1. L O G A N G H A N D I P E R I O D 4 1 2 / 9 / 1 4
  2. 2. WHY I PICKED IT AND WHAT IT IS marriage and family therapists diagnose and treat metal and emotional disorders, and help people get over their problems. I picked this career because I love helping people and I am great at it.
  3. 3. STATISTICS the annual salary is about $46,000 average. A typical family and marriage therapist works at a office or at home.
  4. 4. POTENTIAL AND RELATED CAREERS My potential for advancement is being president of marriage and family counseling. Related careers are Recreational therapist, occupational therapist, and social worker.
  5. 5. HIGH SCHOOL CAREER ACADEMIES • I will go to Atholton high school • I will enlist in heath career academy • I picked this academy because therapists need a masters degree in psychology
  6. 6. VIRGINIA TECH • Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, VA 24061 • The tuition cost is between $837 and $28,048
  7. 7. VIRGINIA TECH • You must have a GPA of 2.5 or high to join Virginia Tech • The school mascot is a hokie bird • Virginia tech also has a 35 million dollar dinning hall
  8. 8. COMMUNITY SERVICE • In the future I will help at a local soup kitchen • I will do this because it will make a real difference in someone's life
  9. 9. PRIOR JOB EXPERIENCE Examples: • Nurse • Prescription doctor • Social worker
  10. 10. CITING • • • • • • •