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Period 1 Liberia


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Period 1 Liberia

  1. 1. LiberiaBy: Justin Samuel Period 1 Click to hear the National Anthem
  2. 2. Map of LiberiaThe contiguous countries are Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. Relative Location: West of Africa Absolute Location: 6.3636˚N, 9.4659˚W
  3. 3. Liberia’s Map
  4. 4. Liberia’s FactsTotal Area Population People Per Climate Average Annual Range of Square Mile Zone Temperature Rainfall Elevation January/June43,000 sq. 4,128,572 82 Tropical, 26˚C, 79˚F 170 cm 0-1000mile Humid and (January) 70 inches meters111,370 sq. Hot 27˚C, 81˚F (Northerns above seakm² (June) Uplands) level (Cape Mount)Landforms Water Groundcover Crops in Urban Areas 510 cm Features Rural Areas 200 inches 60-150 (Coast) meters onPeninsula, Rivers, Trees, Soil, 39.9% Rural 60.1% Urban the landCape, Hills, Lakes, Rocks, Mud, 2/3 in the The urban lifeMountains, Mouth of Shrubs, Swamp, rural areas increased ThePlateau, Rivers Cropland, numerously WologiziValley, Grassland, over a period MountainsCostal Tropical Forest, of time. When reach aPlains Broadleaf the Liberian maximum Evergreen Civil War took of about place, it 1,380 m destroyed everything. Now. their rebuilding.
  5. 5. Liberia’s FactsBirthrate Infant Doctors Per Literacy Gross LifePer 1000 Mortality 100,000 Rate National Expectancy (per 1,000) (people) Income per capita50 115.1 2 38% $520 50 years(2000) (2000) (1997-1998) (1996-1998) (2011) (2003) 92.1 57.5% $43 per month 56.7 years36.45 (2005) (2003) (2011)(2012) 72.71 55.9% 55.1 years (2012) (2004) (male) 77.08 72.3% (2011) (male) (men) 58.1 years (2012) (2004) (female) 68.2 39.3 (2011) (woman) (women) (2012) (2004)
  6. 6. Liberia’s FactsCountry Currency/ Natural Resources Trade Official LanguagesExamined US $1 ProductsLiberia Liberian Rubber, Timber, Iron, Aluminum English Dollar Diamonds, Cocoa, Iron Ore and CoffeeSierra Leone Leone Diamonds Vehicles, English Machinery, Cereals, Meat, Pharmaceutical ProductsCôte d’Ivoire CFA France Aluminum Pineapples, French Askan Gold Palm Oil, Fish, Portuguese Bananas, Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Petroleum, Didier Drogba
  7. 7. Liberia’s FactsType of Government Economy/Economic System Educational SystemRepublic Market-based economy Start school at age 6 Unemployment rate 70% Elementary school starts from 1-6 Poor country Middle school starts from 7-9 Ranked 147th in the world Secondary school starts from 10-Interesting Facts 12 College or University starts fromMotto: The love bought us 13-16here All schools starts from March-Liberia means “Land of DecemberFree” in Latin 1 teacher for 38 studentsFoods Housing Activities Animals Clothing ToolsBeef Internal Concrete Games, Cow, Ox, Goat, Western Style Racks, Forks,Soup Steel Festivals, Fish, Sheep, Pig, Traditional Spoons, Knives,Jollof Rice Insulation Restaurants and Chicken, and Cattle stylish pants Baskets, Grinder,Monrovian Foam Parks and shirts for Shovel, Blender,Collards and Wattle men. Axe, and SawCabbage Cement Women wearSweet Wood a “two piece”Potato Pone MudGinger Beer Tile
  8. 8. Liberia’s FactsMajor Major Major Major Specialty Crops Beliefs,Religions Ethnicities Celebration Sports Foods Traditions, Customs, Special ClothingChristianity Kpelle, Weddings, Soccer, Beef Cocoa, Beliefs consists of(85.6%) Bassa, Gio, Birthdays, Basketball, Internal Coarse witches, ghostsMuslim Kru, Grebo, Funerals, Volleyball, Soup Grain, Nuts, and tall tales.(12.2%) Mano, Christmas, Canoeing, Jollof Rice Fiber, Fruits, Traditions consistsTraditional Mindingo, Easter, New Handball, Monrovian Pineapple, of unique forms of(0.6%) Gbandi,Gola Years Day, Swimming, Collards Sugar Cane, dancing,Other , Krahn, Vai, Thanksgiving, Cycling and Rice, handshakes, fairs,(0.2%) Bella, Kissi, Armed Forces Cabbage Vegetables, exhibits, foods andNone and Loma Day, Sweet Cassava, live music.(1.4%) Independence Potato Palm Oil, Oil Customs consists(2008) Day, National Pone Seeds, of dancing, songs, Redemption Ginger Bananas, arts, and crafts. Day, & Good Beer, Fufu, Plantain & Clothing consists Friday. & Palava. Legumes of Western style (jeans and a t-% of TV’s per Computers Vehicles Internet Jobs shirt). Men wearpeople person per person per person Users % shot or long pantswith with a loose round- neck. Womenphones wears a long shirt45% 70,000 3,080 12,000 cars 20,000 Forestry (lappa) and a(2011) (2011) (2011) & 35,950 (2009) Mining loose top (bubba). trucks (2003) Agriculture
  9. 9. Liberian Art
  10. 10. History of Liberia1822 – First settlement of freed slaves from the United States established in what is now Liberia.1847 – Liberia becomes independent republic.1944 – William Tubman becomes president. He stays in that post until his death in 1971, promoting foreigninvestment and trying to bridge the divide between descendants of the former U.S. slaves and native Liberians..December 1989 – Charles Taylor launches a rebellion that leads to civil warSeptember 1990 – Doe captured and executed.1997 – Charles Taylor elected president.August 2003 – Peace deal ends the civil war. Taylor resigns and is charged with war crimes by The Hague for hisrole in Sierra Leones civil war. A transitional government takes over.November 2005 – Economist Ellen Johnson Sirleaf elected president, becoming the first elected female head ofstate.April 2007 – The United Nations lifts an embargo on Liberian diamonds that had been in place to preventproceeds from funding the civil war in Sierra Leone.February 2009 – President Sirleaf apologizes before the countrys Truth and Reconciliation Commission forsupporting Taylor.October 2011 – President Sirleaf wins Nobel Peace Prize for her struggle to promote womens rights. Fellowpresidential candidate Winston Tubman tells the French news agency Mrs. Sirleaf is undeserving of the prizebecause she “committed violence.” Tubman also says giving her the award days before the countrys election isunacceptable.November 10, 2011 – President Sirleaf wins second term in presidential runoff boycotted by opposition candidateTubman, who alleged fraud.2012 February - Energy companies report discovery of oil off the coasts of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Workcontinues to estimate their size.2012 March - George Boley, the former leader of the rebel Liberial Peace Council, is deported to Liberia from theUS over his role in the civil war in the 1990s.2012 April - Ex-president Charles Taylor is found guilty of war crimes for aiding and directing rebels in SierraLeone. He is sentenced to 50 years in jail.2012 June - Liberia closes its border with Ivory Coast after seven UN peacekeepers are killed on the Ivorian side,by attackers allegedly based in Liberia.
  11. 11. Problems in LiberiaThe problem in Liberia is that they are poor. Moreover, they are ranked147th in the world. Also, they have a low GNI with a budget of $552. Thisproblem leads from the lack education because for every one teacherthere is about 38 students. Therefore, no great education can causepeople without any job. So, without a job the families can’t make moneyand can’t feed their children. In addition, Liberia has a low lifeexpectancy and a very small amount doctors. Lastly, they are recoveringfrom the Liberian Civil War.
  12. 12. Solutions to the ProblemSome solutions may include:Loan Money From Other CountriesPros: Helps the poor and homeless peopleCons: Not many countries will loan moneyLiberia may ask their contiguous countries to loan moneyEducational HelpPros: Increases knowledgeCons: Needs great teachers and materialsLiberia would like to ask if Equatorial Guinea will trade 200 teachers for 12 carats of diamonds($39,600)Provide Housing (shelter)Pros: Improve quality of life for the needy and homeless peopleCons: Lots of money to buildLiberia may ask professional builders to build houses from their contiguous countriesIncrease Job OpportunitiesPros: People can get moneyCons: Competition for jobsLiberia may ask their contiguous countries to create businesses in Liberia for employment
  13. 13. Final SolutionMy final decision was the Educational Help. I chose this decisionbecause if you have knowledge you can apply for jobs and earnmoney to support your family. In order to receive educational help, Itraded with Equatorial Guinea for 200 teachers in exchange of 12carats of diamonds which is worth $39,600. I would like to ask theworld to help provide shelter and money for the poor. For example,The ACCESS Agency can provide shelter and Goodwill Agency candonate money to the poor.
  14. 14. Agreement with Equatorial GuineaLiberia would be interested in trading 12 carats of diamonds for 200teachers. The trade is reasonable because for 12 carats of diamonds themoney value is $39,600. Equatorial Guinea is ranked #1 in Africa ineducation. Therefore, we would like to use well-trained teachers from yourcountry to help improve our educational system. W would like to invest inour children so that they can become future leaders to promote economicgrowth, and world peace. Having educated generation will benefit bothLiberia and Equatorial Guinea. Liberia would like to have business withEquatorial Guinea for 2 years. If it is not sufficient, the contract could beextended. Thank you for your business
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