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Jordan northrup powerpoint

  1. 1. Jordan Northrup A Block 11/15/10
  2. 2. Introduction Definition: Gambling is any game of chance for money or other stakes. Statistic: 99% of people that gamble lose the most money at casinos.
  3. 3. Where and when did gambling first take place in America? Gambling was taken over the sea with the colonists who came to America. All colonies participated in some sort of gambling. Many colonies used lotteries as a common source of revenue.
  4. 4. How much money do people spend on the lottery each year? An obsessive gambler can lose up $32000- $50000( not just the lottery) The estimated total in 2008 was 1.1 trillion nationwide. A not so obsessive gambler can lose between $150-$1000 a year. Poorer people play the lottery as a means to get rich quick. Many middle class people play fro enjoyment and that slim chance of winning.
  5. 5. How much money do states raise from the lottery? 20-50% of tax rates for states. 2-5% of the states actual income is gained from the lottery. In 2003 the intake was 72 billion In 2008 the intake was 1.1 trillion( all the money is not actual income.
  6. 6. Other then state governments who receives profits from the lottery? 48 states actually have a form of lottery. Money goes to roads and government owned buildings. Some professions may receive their income from lottery profits.
  7. 7. How many individual states have lotteries? 48 states have lotteries. Other states may have casinos or racetracks. Even the original colonies had lotteries. All states have some form of gambling For example the slot machines here in Maryland .
  8. 8. Pit Boss A Pit Boss is an individual on the floor of a casino who supervises the floor and dealers.  All pit bosses most attend a dealer school and are encouraged to have a degree.  Salary ranges from $20000-$70000 a year
  9. 9. High School Career academies  I will go to River Hill High School. I researched the construction management academy. I researched this because I have always been interested in buildings and how and who builds them.
  10. 10. Lanier Technology college In multiple cities within Georgia.  per credit the tuition is between $31 and $62 depending if you are in or out of state. What are the program requirements? The school is predominantly white with a total of 80 % and is 64% women and 35% men.
  11. 11. Community Service I have donated clothes and shoes and food to homeless shelters. Participated in food on the 15th and in harvest fest.
  12. 12. Prior Job Experience (name jobs you could have done) I have worked as a dealer in a casino and shadowed many pit bosses in the past.