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Jackson franco

  1. 1. Is homework beneficial or detrimental to a student’s academic success? Jackson Franco Block C Nov. 29 2010
  2. 2. Introduction Definition: Homework- schoolwork assigned to be done outside the classroom.
  3. 3. Introduction Statistic: Elementary school: 10- 1 hr. of homework a day Middle school: 1 hr.- 1 ½ of homework a day High school- more than 1 ½ hr. of homework a night
  4. 4. Has the homework load increased over the years? Homework has increased, but only by an average of 23 min. a day Most of the increase has been with 6th , 7th , and 8th graders
  5. 5. Does homework increase average test scores? Homework does help academic performance but does not improve test scores
  6. 6. Research Question 2 Extended homework time does not improve grades Highest scoring countries have teachers who give little homework Lowest scoring countries have teachers who assign a lot of homework.
  7. 7. How much homework should a student have according to their grade level? 10 minute rule, 10 minutes per grade (10 min. for 1st graders, 30 min. for 3rd , an hour for 6th graders)
  8. 8. Do parents find homework a burden? Most parents find homework cutting into family time The most common subject between parents when talking about their kids is how much their kids schooling is stressing them out, including homework.
  9. 9. Where in the world is the most homework given? France, Russia, and Italy spend twice as much time on homework then the US The highest scoring countries such as Czech Republic, Denmark, and Japan have teachers who give little homework
  10. 10. Research Question 5 Thailand, Greece, and Iran have teachers who assign a lot of homework. The US is one of the most homework intensive countries in the world
  11. 11. Related Career- Teacher To instruct students in public or private schools in one or more subjects.  US: $34,600, $52,200, $88,200  MD: $41,800, $60,300, $88,600 Trends- +9% next year Advancement- Principle, vice principle, board of Ed.
  12. 12. High School Career academies I will go to Atholton High School I researched the Computer programmer career academy I picked it because I like to work with computers and it was the only one I could pick that I was interested in
  13. 13. Duke University Durham, NC 27708 2138 Campus Drive Yearly Tuition- $66,938.00 program requirements- SAT Reasoning test, SAT Subject Tests or ACT, ACT writing section Their team is the Blue Devils and are rivals with Maryland Terps
  14. 14. Community Service Made Christmas dinner for all the people in a homeless shelter I did it because if we had not done it then nobody else would have and I wanted them to have a good Christmas dinner.
  15. 15. Prior Job Experience Subway Giant McDonalds Accomplishments/awards Honor Roll The Science Department Award
  16. 16. Citing Google images - Duke University Clip Art