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Drew Pruett's Career

Career Powerpoint

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Drew Pruett's Career

  1. 1. Film/Editing Drew Pruett 4th Period 12/17/14
  2. 2. Film/Editing Why I Picked This Career: -I like to make movies and edit them to look cool and professional -Film and edit all video and design ideas Film/Editing
  3. 3. Film/Editing Salary-$46.20 per hour $96,090 per year ● Los Angeles Film and Video Editor employment still increased 85% from 2002 to 2011. ● The median income for Los Angeles Film & Video Editors increased 96% from 2002 to 2011. ● Los Angeles has the most jobs and the highest median wage for Film & Video Editors than any city in the US.
  4. 4. Film/Editing Some Related Careers Are: -Senior Animator-Infinity Ward -Animator -Producer Advancements for example, is moving up to assistant editor or moving up to head of the editing process.
  5. 5. Computer Programming Academy I will be going to Atholton High School and I am going to do computer programming academy because it goes along the lines of editing and animation so that I will have some experience going into college.
  6. 6. University Of Southern California: Los Angeles Location: Los Angeles, CA Tuition: $47,562
  7. 7. University Of Southern California: Los Angeles -A very high class rank and GPA -High SAT/ACT -SAT 1270-1470 -31 average ACT -87% admitted are in the top 10th of high school grad class -The mascot is traveler/trojan -More than 25 restaurants on campus -Won national title in 2010 college basketball world series
  8. 8. Community Service The Community Service I Have Done Is… -Raking leaves -Soup kitchen -Helping at elementary school -Picking up trash -Donating I do community service because it is really good to give back to the community and it feels good to help somebody out.
  9. 9. Prior Job Experience -Subway -Life Guard -Camp Counselor -Golf Caddy
  10. 10. Citing -Career Onestop -Occupational Outlook -Google Images