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  1. 1. Cryptologist Kelly Long Period 4 12/9/14
  2. 2. What is a Cryptologist?  Somebody who is skilled at deciphering codes, puzzles or cryptograms  Creates codes to protect private information.  Use their knowledge to break these inscriptions from worldwide threats.
  3. 3. Why did I choose this career?  I am very skilled at solving puzzles, codes, etc.  I enjoy not having to repeat the same task on a daily basis  I enjoy having to challenge myself at new tasks
  4. 4. Cryptologist Salary  The median annual salary is $125,000/year  Median salary of $83,000  Although this is the average salary^ it depends on your performance and time in service
  5. 5. Cryptologist advancement  Yes, there is potential for advancement.  An IT is the highest level of Cryptology
  6. 6. Related Careers  Mathamatician  Computer programer  NSA  Security  Language jobs  Information professional  Intelligence  Engineer  Cyber warfare
  7. 7. High School Career Academies  I will be going to River Hill High School  Career academy I researched:Cybersecurity Networking Academy  I picked this career academy because it matches the same requirements and studies as a cryptologist does
  8. 8. University of Maryland College Park  UMCP is located at College Park, Prince George’s County MD  Tuition:  (resident) $573/credit  (non-resident) $1,236/credit
  9. 9. UMCP  Program Requirements:  2.0 GPA or higher  BMGT 200, BMGT 230, MATH 200  Minimum grade of a “C”  Other Facts:  Over 800 clubs and organizations  Successful sports teams  School mascot is the Terrapin
  10. 10. Community Service  Grassroots is an organization where women go when they are abused, or have nowhere else to go. I donate food, and clothes to here on a regular basis with my mom.  There is a similar organization where I give my old clothes to the women and children who live there.  My friends mom teaches at Arundel Middle School and several of her students are forced to live in their cars and she has to go grocery shopping for her students who aren’t able to buy food for themselves. The children have a very little amount of clothes and blankets. Very recently my mom and I donated bags and bags filled with old clothes and blankets to give to her who then gave to her children at the school.
  11. 11. Why Do I Do Community Service?  I participate in community service because I feel that there are so many children, teenagers, and adults, that need as much help as they can get. People most likely might think to themselves, “Oh, I don’t need to donate because people already do that,” but they are wrong. You cant continue to push things like this away because some donations are desperate, and others not as much. You should WANT to help people, not just feel the NEED to.