Cote d'ivoire project5


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This is the powerpoint u want to se NOT the last one cote d'ivoire powerpoint by autumn

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Cote d'ivoire project5

  1. 1. Cote d’Ivoireby: Autumn MackSocial Studies ProjectPeriod 6
  2. 2. GeographyCote d’Ivoire is full of amazing #2. Cote d’Ivoire is one amongstgeography, there are many the top Cocoa producinglandforms and water features in countries of the world(cocoa isCote d’Ivoire. Some of the one of Cote d’Ivoire’s naturalgeography in Cote d’Ivoire is resources)forested plateau, savannas, Mount #3. Cote d’Ivoire was one of sub-Nimba, lots of cropland from Saharan Africas most stablegrowing crops like bananas and countries from 1960 to 1985cocoa. Major rivers, including theBandama, Komoe and Sassandra,and large lakes include Lake Ebireand Lake Kossou. Here are athree interesting facts about coted’Ivoire’s geography:#1. Morethan 70% of the nation’spopulation depends on thesuccess of its agriculture and Mount Nimba, the highest pointtourism industries of elevation in Cote d’Ivoire
  3. 3. LanguagesThe language spoken in Cote d’Ivoire isFrench.
  4. 4. History In 1958, Cote dIvoire control over Cote dIvoire becomes a self-governing  In 1893, Ivory Coast republic became an official In 1000s, Portuguese French colony explorers landed in Cote  In 1960, Cote dIvoire dIvoire, but didnt make declares its permanent settlements independence In the early 1700s the ivory  In 1990, Cote dIvoire trade became so large holds its first multiparty that it all but wiped out elections the entire elephant  In 2002, violence erupts population of Cote between the various dIvoire ethnic groups and In 1885, European powers religious groups in Cote decided how to divide up d’Ivoire Africa Also, in 1885, France gains
  5. 5. Cote d’Ivoire’s ProblemThe problem with Cote d’Ivoire isthat they are not trading enoughnatural resources. The peoplearen’t trading more than half oftheir natural resources. In Coted’Ivoire they are more than 18natural resources and in Coted’Ivoire they are only trading 5 ofthe 18 natural resources. Somenatural resources that Coted’Ivoire is trading are, cocoa,bananas, coffee, and rubber. TheirGNI is $1730 per year, so there is agood amount of money forpotential countries that want totrade with Cote d’Ivoire.
  6. 6. Solutions to the ProblemI have come up with a couple solutions to the problem inCote d’Ivoire. One of the solutions, is to get the countriesaround Cote d’Ivoire to trade more natural resources withCote d’Ivoire. Like Cote d’Ivoire could trade diamonds withLiberia. Or Cote d’Ivoire could trade nickel with Mali. Tradingwith more natural resources will make the GNI go up and sowill the trade products. Another solutions I have made up, isa negotiation with another country that is not in my region.The last solution I came up with is, the people in Coted’Ivoire who trade natural resources could not just trade intheir city, they could trade all over Cote d’Ivoire. If Coted’Ivoire can’t trade more natural resources by itself, then justas back-up, I created a negotiation with The Republic ofCongo.
  7. 7. NegotiationsI have made a negotiation with The Republic ofCongo. I have offered to give them 5 doctors,in return The Republic of Congo would tradewith Cote d’Ivoire. The Republic of Congo’sproblem is that they don’t have enoughdoctors. So I offered to give 5 doctors to TheRepublic of Congo. My problem is trading morenatural resources, since I am trying to help TheRepublic of Congo, they can help my countryby trading with them!
  8. 8. Final SolutionMy final solution is for Cote d’Ivoire is totrade more natural resources, without anyother country help. The people in Coted’Ivoire who trade natural resources couldstop just trading in their city, but theycould trade all over Cote d’Ivoire. Coted’Ivoire is a somewhat big country, there isplenty of area to trade to other cities. Tohelp my solution I am willing to say that Imight need International aid. I wouldprobably turn to Asia for help, Asia hashelped out Cote d’Ivoire many timesbefore. I would ask Asia to help out withtrading natural resources. Cote d’Ivoirecould trade with Asia, because Asia ispretty popular when it comes to trading.
  9. 9. Work CitedHere are the websites I used to find myinformation: