Career research unit power point


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Career research unit power point

  1. 1. By: Daniel Long
  2. 2.  western pop music is one of the main contributors for sexism and stereotypical attitudes women-hating lyrics lyrics often include profanity and can degrade women promotion of drug use,explicit sexual contentand violence Google Images
  3. 3.  songs talk about ego, beauty, money, cheating, posturing, and partying lyrics can be superficial, misogynist, and downright stupid female sexuality presented as a typical performance for men
  4. 4.  catchy tunes tend to lodge nasty phrases into the minds of the youth The lyrics contribute to an increasingly violent society There was a link between dancehall music and aggressive behavior by the young people such as higher crime rates Google Images
  5. 5.  this music is taken seriously and used to justify criminal behavior by its listeners and fans according to the Macquarie University, “songs with violent lyrics make people who hear them up to four times more aggressive.”
  6. 6.  Richard Russel told the Daily Mail that the images in pop videos made him feel “queasy” people find it more horrifying for young women to toy with sex and self image than for young men to toy with actual violence and hostility according to the Children and Families Research Centre, a better warning system for music should be prompted to encourage parents to take more notice on what’s on their teens’ iPods
  7. 7.  Description: Disc Jockeys (or deejays) play music on the radio, talk about news, sports, weather, talk with guests, and tell what’s going on in the community Education required: classes in English, public speaking, and drama are helpful. You can also gain experience at a school radio station Salary: entry: $15,881 average: $32,085 potential: $50,938 Google Images
  8. 8.  Attended River Hill High School from 2012- 2016 Courses: English Public Speaking School Radio Station Google Images
  9. 9.  Attended Howard Community College from 2016-2020 Located in Columbia, MD Program of Study: Fine Arts Tuition: $714.00 Google Images
  10. 10.  Volunteered at a soup kitchen from 2012- 2014 Donate my old items to a local charity
  11. 11.  Chess Club Student Government Association Art II Technology Education Basic computer skills Experience with Public Speaking Honest, reliable, and responsible
  12. 12.  Waiter at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant, Sept. 2014-Sept 2016 Received Employee of the Month Award for Jan. 2015 Superb attendance record