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  1. 1. ⇒ Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the breathing airways.⇒ 4 Million Americans have asthmain the U.S • 10% of these Americans are 18 and younger • Urban areas indicate that this age group goes upwards of 40% “The brain really plays a role in the unfolding of asthmatic symptoms. When asthma symptoms occur, they affect a persons emotional state. The brain really needs to be considered part of the equation.” ~ Richard Davidson
  2. 2. ⇒ Coughing • Inflamed airways, make them swollen.  Airways are extremely sensitive to irritants. o Smoke o Pollen  People with asthma usually have “twitchy lungs”, meaning there airways are very sensitive. • Air enters the respiratory system (lungs) through the nose and passes into the alveoli.  The Respiratory system provides a protective cascade of events preventing respiratory irritation from inhaled substances.  The alveoli are tiny sacs that allow oxygen to diffuse into blood and carbon dioxide to diffuse from the body tissues into the lungs to be exhaled. ⇒Wheezing ⇒Shortness of breath ⇒“Itchy neck”, says Sreelekha Budigi ⇒Chest tightness
  3. 3. ⇒An inherited tendency to develop allergies, called Atopy⇒Parents who have asthma⇒Certain respiratory infections during childhood •Atopy oAirway inflammation and wheezing of the bronchi, it is also known as bronchial asthma. oCan cause suffocation. •Flu/Cold⇒Contact with some airborne allergies or exposure to some vitalinfections in infancy or in early childhood when the immune systemis developing.
  4. 4. ⇒Advair – “Once in the morning /once at night”, said asthma patient, SreelekhaBudigi⇒Albuterol- “When needed quick relief” , said asthma patient, Sreelekha Budigi⇒Nebulizer- “when asthma is not controllable” , said asthma patient, SreelekhaBudigi⇒Inhaler- “at the beginning of an asthma attack.” , said asthmapatient, Sreelekha Budigi
  5. 5. ⇒Take medications on regular bases.⇒Get regular checkups.⇒Avoid anything that can worsen asthma. •Cold food items/weather •Allergies Pollen Dust  Oak Peanuts Animal Fur
  6. 6. ⇒“4 billion Americans” •“Children (8.5%)” •“Females (8.1%)” •“Male (6.2%)” •“Blacks (9.2%)” •“Whites (6.9%)” •“Residing in the Northeast (8.1%)” •“Puerto Rican (14.5%)” •“Mexican (3.9%)” •“Federal poverty level (10.3%)” •“Above federal poverty level (6.4% to 7.9%)”⇒“16.4 million adults have asthma”⇒“7 million children have asthma”
  7. 7. ⇒An Internist is someone who diagnoses and provides nonsurgicaltreatmentfor a wide range of problems that affect the internal organs⇒Salary- $339,738⇒Job trend- There will Be around 458,100 in 2018 and will be raisingby 31.3%⇒Advancement-will grow faster than average.⇒Related Careers- Physicians and Generalists
  8. 8. ⇒High school- River hill High school⇒Career academy- Allied health academy⇒Reason to choosing this academy- This particular academy was chosenbecause this academy allows you tobecome eligible to become a physicianwhich is rather similar to an internist. Also,because you get hands-on trainingin basic medical skills and you learn how to useeach and every medicalequipment at thisacademy.
  9. 9. ⇒Location- 8830 Stanford Blvd. Columbia Maryland 21045-5423⇒Yearly tuition- is around $57,442⇒Program requirements- a minimum of 120 semester-credits⇒Cool Information to know- there are specifically 500,000 graduates and24,000 faculties members at The University of Phoenix.
  10. 10. Community Service⇒Helped cook and serve meals at the homeless shelter.⇒Organized a food scavenger hunt to collect food for the needy.⇒Volunteered to help at a Special Olympics event.⇒Brought toys to children in the cancer ware of a hospital.⇒Made Spring baskets for seniors and for the homeless.I chose to do these community services because I feel that Ishould give back to the community by helping in some way, andthese are the ways I found that I could help out my community.
  11. 11. ⇒ Worked at aeropostale as a cashier.⇒Worked at CvsPharmacy as a cashier.⇒Worked at Ritasas a cashier.⇒Worked at Subway as a cashier.⇒Worked at Medicine Shoppe as a cashier.
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