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KGI and Bruel & kjaer products

  1. 1. Brüel & KjærProducts and solutions overview
  2. 2. Brüel & Kjær The ComPanyBrüel & Kjær Sound and Vibration measurement a/S is a world leader in The CompleTe soluTion innovaTion QualiTy 2 rüel & Kjær – The Company B www.bksv.comsound and vibration measurement and analysis, supplying a comprehensive We are unique in the industry in pro- We thrive on innovation. Our phi- The valuable knowledge and expertise 4 esT suiTes for Trange of advanced solutions. Since the 1950s, Brüel & Kjær products have ducing all of the elements for complete losophy of incorporating the latest we have gained over the years has aerospaCe, spaCe and sound and vibration test systems. Our technological advances in our products given us a reputation for superlative proudly set the standard to which others are compared. defenCe soluTions goal is to create the most technologi- attracts talented engineers and design- reliability and quality. We stringently cally advanced components, built to ers from all over the world to work on maintain this by thoroughly testing our the highest quality and designed to new product developments. For nearly products, systems and solutions in harsh 6 uTomoTive / a ground vehiCles save time and eliminate errors in the 70 years we have been an industry pio- environmental conditions. Our status measurement process. We have an neer, collaborating closely with custom- as an ISO 9001-certified company gives unequalled product range, but our real ers and partners to develop innovative our customers the peace of mind that 8 eleCom and audio T w advantage lies within our ability to sup- methods of solving their noise and extremely high standards are met in all ply a complete solution. vibration measurement challenges. aspects of our products and services. 10 ound and viBraTion s in The environmenT Not only do the individual compo- Many of our research and development nents meet the highest performance personnel are recognised global experts our heriTage standards in the industry, they are also in their fields and are regularly invited 12 rBan and indusTrial u Brüel & Kjær was founded by Per V. Brüel noise managemenT designed to interact and communicate to speak at conferences, advise on new and Viggo Kjær on November 28, 1942. with each other to provide unrivalled standards and write industry papers. measurement security and user feed- They also teach at our Brüel & Kjær In 1943, Brüel & Kjær entered the vibra- 14 irporT environmenT a Brüel & Kjær offers the largest selection of back. This allows us to create solutions University in Denmark, and at regional managemenT measurement microphones in the industry tion measurement market by launching that are targeted at optimising our training centres around the world. the world’s first charge accelerometer. customers’ work processes, to provide Then, Sound Level Recorder Type 2301 16 sTruCTural analysis rapid, reliable results. was introduced in 1949, which went on gloBal and loCal to become probably the most impor- We have a high output of new products 18 oise sourCe idenTifiCaTion n We have the largest sound and vibra- tant instrument for acoustical measure- and accessories designed to improve tion sales and support network in the ments for half a century. our customers’ test processes, but we world, and regularly hold local courses 20 viBraTion TransduCers also have a reputation for continu- It is unique in the industry that you can and roadshows to facilitate continual ing to support older products. Due to source all measurement chain compo- dialogue with our customers. With 22 aCousTiC TransduCers the high manufacturing quality of our nents from one partner, a position we more than 90 sales offices in 55 coun- hardware, many 30-year-old products lately consolidated by the acquisition tries and a global network of engineers are still in service today that we still of LDS Test and Measurement, making 24 viBraTion TesT sysTems to advise on measurement and analysis repair and calibrate in our service de- us the market leader in vibration test problems, we can help you no matter partment when the need arises. solutions. where you are. 26 ulse lan-Xi p analyzer plaTforms More recently, Australian company In addition to specialist training, our Lochard was acquired, and we can now unrivalled support services include provide customers with world-class 28 pulse sofTware installation, software updates, calibra- urban, industrial, and airport environ- tion, planned maintenance, repair and ment management solutions. rental. 30 serviCe and supporT Our world-leading experts provide a comprehensive global support service2
  3. 3. TeST SuiTeS for aeroSPaCe, SPaCe and defenCe SoluTionSever-shortening design and development timeframes of modern aerospace aCousTiC TesT suiTe environmenTal TesT suiTe roTaTing TesT suiTe sTruCTural TesT suiTe and space programs demand ‘right-first-time’ engineering. The aerospace Whether your interest is exterior or Reproducing realistic operational Vibration analysis of rotating machin- Structural dynamics testing is vital to sector is seriously contemplating aviation efficiency and environmental interior noise, our acoustic test suite conditions in the laboratory is essential ery provides valuable information on understand and optimise the inherent provides data acquisition and assess- for qualifying the real-life integrity of engine health, reliability and perform- dynamic properties of structures, to issues, whilst defence industries have the added concerns of ensuring ment systems to combat your noise structures to ensure durability. Whether ance. From R&D and production test- ensure reliable and safe operation. Our reliability and high performance of military systems, often under extreme problems by optimising noise perform- for billion-dollar satellites, launchers, cell applications to on-ground main- structural test suite offers complete conditions. ance, improving sound quality, and aircraft, instruments or structures, our tenance, our vibration measurement systems for controlled excitation test- ensuring compliance with environmen- comprehensive vibration test solutions and analysis systems provide you with ing, real-life operational testing and recognising that high quality, goal-focused, time- and cost-efficient tal legislation. provide a wealth of environmental test powerful machine analysis tools. test-FEA integration – from the smallest systems. components to the largest assembled testing is critical to meeting program milestones, Brüel & Kjær addresses f Noise source mapping and location f ibration analysis, monitoring and V structures. today’s engineering needs by providing user-friendly and seamless noise f Wind tunnel and flight testing f urability and acoustic fatigue D diagnostics testing f perating Deflection Shapes Oand vibration testing, analysis, data storage and reporting capabilities. f ibration data acquisition and V f Engine and aircraft certification analysis f lassical and pyro shock C analysis in engine test cells f Acoustic material testing f Operational Modal Analysis f ine, random, sine-on-random, S f n-ground vibration check of air- O f abin comfort and occupational C random-on-random testing craft engines f Classical Modal Analysis health f Shock response spectrum f Order analysis and autotracking f Normal mode testing f Ramp noise and sonic boom f Kurtosion f Balancing and trim balancing f Structural dynamics modifications f Underwater acoustics f ield data replication F f HUMS transducers f Model correlation and updating f coustic stealth and noise signature A management Distributed and rack-mounted LAN-XI data acquisition system Image courtesy of Rolls-Royce Plc. Acoustic and vibration sensors Satellite vibration and shock testing with LDS PULSE LabShop used for real- V984 vibration shaker and PULSE Reflex Shock time and post-processing Response Analysis analysis4 Image copyright: Westland Helicopters Ltd 5
  4. 4. auTomoTiVe / ground VehiCleSPassenger vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses and trains con- inTerior nvh sTruCTural analysis powerTrain TesTingtinuously need to be more exciting and pleasant, while becoming safer and The Source Patch Contribution (SPC) The Structural Dynamics Suite helps B rüel & Kjær provides tools for ef-emitting less noise. This makes noise, Vibration and harshness (nVh) testing system covers the entire measurement improve the dynamic behaviour of any ficient powertrain testing: chain from transducer to the final structure. It includes Operating Deflec-a key to competitive advantages for vehicle manufacturers. f ery high-temperature triaxial V analysis platform, allowing engineers to tion Shapes analysis covering the full accelerometers analyse structural and airborne contri- set of methods (frequency, order, time), PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis –Brüel & Kjær’s expert knowledge of the industry, combined with extensive complete structural analysis solutions butions in vehicles, and even tune their Classical Modal Analysis with a wide f Crankshaft angle analysis software with results you can trustexperience of customer-driven projects, allows us to cover the whole vehicle sound and vibration characteristics. range of powerful curve-fitters, and f ystems for measuring sound power SnVh development process. our solutions range from vehicle nVh simulators Operational Modal Analysis. versus RPMto target setting, to spherical beamforming for 360-degree noise mapping. wind Tunnel TesTing f olography systems for locating noise H sQueaK and raTTle sources and measuring partial sound Surface microphones on the exterior power versus RPM and crank angle of a vehicle measure the pressure Our unique equipment range ensures fluctuations at different positions, that automotive components and inte- f ide band noise source identifi- W whilst beamformers placed outside the riors are durable and free from noise, cation systems customised to fit main airflow pinpoint the location of and supports industry-standard QA engine test cells noise sources and quantify the relative practices for squeak and rattle vibra- f VH simulators to evaluate power- N NVH desktop simulator helps you noise contributions. When combined tion testing. train components or complete evaluate the sound before you build with a spherical beamformer inside the the vehicle and design the sound f Low noise shaker systems powertrains in full vehicle context vehicle, a detailed noise cause-effect of the vehicle to meet brand and relationship is achieved using minimal hybrid-electrical and electrical vehicles: customer expectations f Sound quality analysis software testing time. f rray-based systems for quick A f witching noise analysis, transient S localisation of noise sources analysis, high-frequency beamform- Our flagship test centre near Detroit is a state-of-the-art test facility that includes a hemi-anechoic four-roll chassis ing, multi-field microphone with engineering serviCes dynamometer very low magnetic sensitivity for We provide a wide range of engineering sound engineering measuring in unknown sound fields services to improve products or execute The NVH Simulator Suite auralises NVH f VH simulator for exterior N complete development programmes, in data with advanced sound-simulation vehicle noise cooperation with global partners. techniques, allowing you to efficiently communicate NVH targets to non- f ibration testing of V experts even before physical prototypes large batteries eXTerior noise are available. The on-road simulator Moving source beamforming As community regulations put ever- used to pinpoint noise sources allows evaluation of virtual vehicles, on high-speed trains tighter restrictions on noise emission, and even benchmarking of competitive our Vehicle Pass-by solutions offer vehicles under real driving conditions. complete support to ensure compliance with the latest standards. Adding moving-source beamforming enables noise source localisation and troubleshooting during measurements. Battery testing for hybrid Our Indoor Simulated Pass-by Noise electrical vehicles with System enables efficient comparison of lifetime simulation of the car and its subcomponents design alternatives. 6 7
  5. 5. TeleCom and audioacoustic performance has become increasingly important as users demandhigh quality audio in every situation, whether this concerns handsets,headsets, loudspeakers, hearing aids, microphones, or any other devicereproducing music or transmitting speech.Brüel & Kjær has a long tradition of close connections with the fields of eleCTroaCousTiC audio analyzers TransduCerstelecommunications and audio, pioneering many methods that are now TesT sysTems With PULSE being one of the most com- To guarantee reliable acoustic meas-standard practice all over the world. Our experience of providing quality monly used platforms for conducting urements, most national standards acoustic solutions gives us a solid back- acoustic measurement, it forms a solid laboratories use Brüel & Kjær refer-Today, based on our accumulated knowledge and experience, we offer a ground when developing new systems foundation for our audio analyzers. ence microphones. Consequently, most for emerging technologies and markets. These offer a variety of analysis meth- acoustical measurement in the world An extensive range of vibrationvariety of electroacoustic test systems, audio analyzers, and transducers for shakers accommodates everything Our range of dedicated electroacoustic ods, covering traditional sine testing ultimately refers back to Brüel & Kjær electroacoustic applications. from evaluating printed circuit card test systems is eminently suitable for (using SSR and TSR), spectrum analysis products. construction to examining package acoustic design, benchmarking, pre- (using FFT and CPB) for testing using materials Our range of acoustical transducers qualification and conformance testing real speech, and perception-based test includes ear simulators, mouth simula- of mobile phones, tablets, VoIP phones, methods. tors and microphones. All transducers headsets, loudspeakers, etc. In combination with the dedicated supplied by Brüel & Kjær contain infor- The test system supports the entire hardware, this supports the audio en- mation about their actual sensitivity. workflow required by typical test gineer in achieving the acoustic design When the transducer is connected to procedures. This covers system calibra- goals setup. Besides its measurement the analyzer this information is auto- tion and verification, various acoustic and analysis capabilities, PULSE also of- matically transferred to the analyzer, measurement suites for evaluating the fers tools to automate test procedures, ensuring that the proper setting is performance of devices under testing, as well as reporting and data man- always used for the specific measure- and reporting. Tools for easy compari- agement tools for easy archiving and ment task. PULSE LAN-XI data acquisition son of measurements as well as tools retrieving of measurement data and hardware constitutes a high to hear and edit recordings are also related information. quality, state-of-the-art platform for available. electroacoustic measurements PULSE LabShop and PULSE Reflex offer various software packages for dedicated electroacoustic applications, as well as general acoustical and vibration analysis A comprehensive portfolio of transducers supports standardised testing of telephones, hearing aids, headphones, headsets, ear phones, loudspeakers, receivers and many other applications8 9
  6. 6. Sound and ViBraTion in The enVironmenTSound and vibration in the environment comes from a variety of sources environmenTal noise hand-arm and sound insulaTion room and offiCe such as industrial plants, road and rail traffic, construction work and whole-Body viBraTion in Buildings aCousTiCs The tasks involved in managing envi-aircraft. add to these sports events, outdoor concerts, leisure parks and ronmental noise are many and varied Human vibration is defined as the Building acoustics is the assessment of The way sound is created, propagated, – from solving noise complaints to effect of mechanical vibration on the sound insulation in buildings and their perceived, measured and modelled domestic situations to name but a few, and you have many different noise mapping, and from policing noise human body. The effect might be on component elements. The acoustics of inside an enclosed space is called ‘room sources of sound and vibration, each with different characteristics that limits to noise abatement and zoning. the body as a whole, or on parts of buildings are important for the well- acoustics’. Enclosed spaces include pose specific problems for the professionals who assess them. Reports must be made and all data, the body – of which the hands and being of people in their homes, work- dwellings, offices, workshops, factory results, reports and analysis must be arms are the most important and most places or public venues, and minimum halls, lecture rooms, auditoriums, con-With our broad range of sound level meters and hand-held analyzers, Brüel safely and intuitively archived. frequently affected. Hand-held power standards are consequently enshrined cert halls and transportation terminals. tools such as chisels, drills and pressure in the building regulations of most & Kjær offers systems to cover all eventualities from level checks to in- A wide range of tools are available Acoustic measurements are used to hammers, expose the user to dangerous countries.depth analysis, and from measurement to post-processing and reporting. from Brüel & Kjær to help in the vibration. validate new constructions and to various tasks involved in managing en- Building acoustic measurements are troubleshoot existing ones. Reverbera- vironmental noise, from simple sound The relevant international standards used to validate new constructions and tion time is the single most important level meters to permanent noise moni- involve measurements of whole-body to troubleshoot existing ones. Proper parameter used to describe room toring stations, from post-processing vibration and hand-arm vibration using measurement of minimum require- acoustics, but in addition, parameters software to noise mapping software, instruments such as Type 4447 that ful- ments should fulfil relevant standards, describing music quality and speech and from advanced analysis tools such fil the requirements of the standards. such as ISO 140. intelligibility are important. as sound intensity or narrow-band For modelling the acoustic perform- analysis to centralised noise monitoring ance of a room or hall, Brüel & Kjær software. provides software that simulates the interior acoustics of buildings, allow- noise aT worK ing reliable predictions and simulation of the subjective response in modest Occupational health, safety and com- calculation times. fort are major concerns throughout the world, and measures have to be taken to minimise the risks in the workplace. Millions of people suffer from noise- ODEON Type 7835 induced hearing loss (NIHL), resulting Triaxial hand-arm room acoustics modelling software in a reduced quality of life. Hearing vibration measurement protection programmes have been implemented in most countries, and are governed by international and na- Type 2270-based tional standards. Any such programme Building Acoustics System involves an assessment of the noise problem using hand-held sound level meters and personal noise-dose meters. Sound Level Meter and Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270 with Sound Level Calibrator Type 423110 11
  7. 7. urBan and induSTrial noiSe manage menTeffective management of environmental noise is a major public concern noise senTinel noise moniToring noise prediCTion that consists of a complex set of issues that need to be dealt with ef- Terminals sofTware Takes away the headache of reporting ficiently. Whether you are in an industry with an obligation to show noise noise compliance Brüel & Kjær has a wide range of Whether assessing the noise impact of noise monitoring terminals covering new developments, developing noise limit compliance, or a local authority with a need to show your community Noise Sentinel takes care of all aspects permanent installations, mobile units maps over larger areas, or investigat- of operating a continuous noise that noise is under control, our solutions will do the job. and portable solutions, to enable ing noise emission in complex outdoor monitoring programme. The complete you to measure and record data over acoustic environments, software that can Outdoor service takes care of installation and Brüel & Kjær’s state-of-the-art environmental noise management solutions extended periods of time – without calculate the noise impact is an essential Microphone ongoing operation, delivers the noise Type 4952enable efficient adherence to legislation such as the eu environmental compliance information you need being physically present. Each instru- tool to underpin decision making. ment fully meets all relevant interna-noise and iPPC directives, and accordance to good practices and standards rather than the headache of operating Brüel & Kjær has been at the forefront tional standards, and is built to operate such as iSo 1996 covering environmental noise assessment. acoustic instrumentation. This simpli- of noise prediction software for 15 continuously in harsh outdoor environ- fies the task for you, delivers a higher years, with products that meet the dif- ments for long periods with high up-Brüel & Kjær’s experience of more than six decades monitoring noise in a quality result in a more cost-efficient fering needs of both local authorities time, ensuring completeness of data. manner. and research applications.huge variety of locations is a huge benefit for our customers. our systemsare designed to operate continuously for many years, and help to improve Managing noise is also about commu- Predictor-LimA Type 7810 is intuitive nication, and with tailored graphical and simple to use, yet provides the most the urban environment. output and public web displays, Noise comprehensive feature and calculation Sentinel delivers here too. set of any noise modelling package available. Suitable for predicting noise from single sources as part of a plan- ning application, through to multiple- source city noise maps featuring 3D noise presentation and integration with Geographical Information Systems, Pre- dictor-LimA is the only tool you need. Noise Sentinel Type 7871 Predictor-LimA™ Type 7810 provides high quality results, Intuitive, powerful and modern, making simplifies your business, and environmental noise calculation easier. simplifies your finances Calculate and analyse noise from various noise sources such as industry or traffic.12 13
  8. 8. airPorT enVironmenT managemenTBrüel & Kjær has been working with airports for a long time – over 30 why is airporT noise Our AirTrak Carbon Manager software noiseoffiCe managed a range of soluTions years to be precise. We help airports manage their growth by ensuring moniToring imporTanT? enables airports to assess and influence serviCes for differenT needs their carbon emissions.regulation compliance, minimising their environmental footprints and You cannot manage what you don’t Modern organisations understand We have developed a portfolio of measure. Noise is a serious issue for the benefits of focusing their efforts solutions that deliver value for a wide building strong community partnerships. We work closely with our client airports as neighbouring communities The BesT way To handle on managing their core business and range of requirements, from small air-base of over 250 airports on five continents, to meet environmental chal- become more vocal in their opposition ComplainTs leaving things like noise compliance fields who simply need to track flights lenges, both today and into the future. We offer the industry’s broadest to environmental impact and seek to monitoring to specialised service pro- and respond to community complaints, Responding quickly to complaints and constrain airport development. viders. By partnering with Brüel & Kjær to our flagship ANOMS which manages suite of product and service solutions, and we are currently expanding into queries, and guaranteeing environmen- and our NoiseOffice suite of tailored noise at some of the most environmen-the monitoring of air quality and carbon emissions. Accurate noise measurement is es- tal transparency and accountability are services, airports find that they can tally-constrained airports in the world. sential to demonstrate compliance with excellent ways to build better relations provide a higher quality result for their The first airport noise monitoring system delivered by Brüel & Kjær was to local regulations and provide precise and community tolerance. Our Airport stakeholders and save money. With additional applications that work information in order to mitigate future Noise and Operation Monitoring Sys- with community stakeholders and regu-fornebu airport in norway, back in 1966. Since then, more than 250 simi- noise disturbance and improve com- tem (ANOMS) provides instant answers lators, and with our NoiseOffice suite lar systems have been delivered to airports all around the world – from munity relations. to complex questions about noise, off- of tailored services, we are able to offer los angeles, uSa to Sydney, australia. track flights, weather conditions, and the most comprehensive suite of solu- other issues that concern members of tions for airport noise management. modelling for the community. The fuTure Self-service complaint entry via our Our products and services enable air- WebTrak online interface frees airport ports to create precision noise contours noiseoffiCe – Tailored airporT serviCes staff to concentrate on more general of historical data and make calculated community building activities. predictions of future noise impact using NoiseOffice actual data collected on flight tracks, alongside noise and weather informa- Building greaT EnvironmEnt DEpt. opErAtions DEpt. Community AirlinEs tion. CommuniTy relaTions NoiseDesk FlightOps WebTrak WebTrak FlyQuiet The Scenario Builder software applica- Community tolerance and amicable tion simplifies and automates the crea- relations are key to successful airport tion of noise contours and emissions operation and future development. inventories. ANOMS Our solution gives the public a better understanding of the airport’s impact The rising impaCT of on its mitigation procedures by facili- air QualiTy tating investigation, report building, and displaying live tracking and noise AirTrak Greenhouse gas emissions, carbon data. These transparent programs show footprints and general air quality have that the airport is serious about meet- become key issues at airports around ing its environmental obligations to the world. There are multiple levels of the broader community, which in turn data collection, analysis, reporting and Scenario Builder builds greater community acceptance. compliance that individual airports are facing as necessary additions to their NoiseOffice – A range of solutions targeted to current environment management different needs operations. 14 15
  9. 9. Structural analysis is vital to understand and optimise the actual behaviour and inherent dynamic properties of structures, leading to lighter, stronger and safer constructions, lower fuel/power consumptions, higher comfort and better performance. STruCTural With product development cycles becoming increasingly complex, shorter, more integrated, highly automated and performed in parallel, structural analysis is done at various stages and levels during the development process. Consequently, systems for analySiS structural analysis must efficiently and accurately identify the root causes of structural weaknesses and provide powerful tools for finding optimal solutions to the problems. Brüel & Kjær offers unique, fully-featured and easy-to-use structural analysis solutions developed in close cooperation with leading companies and academics around the world. With the acquisition of ldS, Brüel & Kjær now offers complete solutions for combined structural and vibration testing.ClassiCal operaTional operaTing defleCTion sTruCTural dynamiCs TesT–fea CompleTe modal analysis modal analysis shapes analysis modifiCaTions inTegraTion measuremenT ChainIn Classical Modal Analysis a model In Operational Modal Analysis (OMA) In Operating Deflection Shapes (ODS) With Structural Dynamics Modifications Integration of test and FEA is a core Our complete and fully integrated of a structure’s dynamic behaviour is only the output responses are meas- analysis the vibration pattern of a struc- (SDM) you can simulate the effects that discipline in structural analysis. Using a measurement chain includes accelerom-obtained by exciting the structure with ured and the natural ambient and op- ture is measured and visualised during structural modifications will have on finite element model you can increase eters, impact hammers, force transduc-measurable forces and determining the erating forces are used as unmeasured stationary, quasi-stationary or transient your structure without having to actu- the quality of your modal test by pro- ers, modal shakers, data acquisition response/excitation ratio. Our hammer input. OMA is used instead of classical operating conditions influenced by fac- ally make them. Based on an original viding optimal excitation and response front-ends, and measurement and and (multi-) shaker testing systems are modal analysis for accurate modal tors like engine speed, pressure, temper- modal model, a modal model of the locations. By comparing FEA and model post-processing software, letting you used in many areas, including trouble- identification under actual operating ature, flow or ambient forces. Our solu- modified structure is calculated and can test results you can refine your finite select the optimal solution for your shooting and diagnostics, benchmark- conditions, and in situations where tions support all types of ODS analysis be compared to the original. Our solu- element models. Our solutions include structural analysis needs. Whether you ing, simulation studies and design opti- it is difficult or impossible to control including Time ODS, Spectral (frequency tions support modal models obtained a variety of tools for pre-test analysis, require a small system for ODS analysis, misation. Our modal analysis solutions artificial excitation of the structure. or order based) ODS and Non-stationary from testing or Finite Element Analysis model correlation, model updating, or a multi-shaker system with hundreds guide you through the complete setup, Our patented systems use state-of-the- (run-up/down) ODS. Also included are (FEA), and include industry standard and design optimisation. Interfaces and of accelerometers for large-scale modal measurement and analysis in simple and art technology providing automatic unique capabilities like Graphical Tacho FEA elements such as springs, masses, drivers for leading FEA programs like surveys, we can meet your needs with intuitive steps, and provides you with suppression of harmonic components, Setup for easy conditioning of tacho sig- dampers, rods, bars, plates, bricks and Abaqus, Ansys, Nastran (NX and MSC) flexible, scalable and open solutions.accurate and reliable results even in unbiased modal parameter estimators, nals, and Autotracking for fundamental tuned absorbers. and I-deas (UFF) are also provided.the most demanding situations, with a crystal-clear stabilization diagrams, and frequency extraction directly from a targeted set of best-in-class modal pa- automated mode estimation. measurement signal when no physical rameter estimators and validation tools. tacho signal is available. Brüel & Kjær provides solutions for structural analysis of blades,PULSE Reflex Modal Analysis is a modern and Distributed LAN-XI modules facilitate OMA of In-operation engine and powertrain testing using gearboxes, Model correlation and updating of a powertrainintuitive application for classical modal analysis, large civil engineering and mechanical structures OMA and ODS analysis towers and using the FEMtools™ CAE softwarebeing used here for aircraft engine turbine blade nacellestesting16 17
  10. 10. noiSe SourCe idenTifiCaTionachieve more rapid benchmarking, troubleshooting and target settingwith a complete set of noise source identification (nSi) methods. Thesemethods cover a wide range of applications across the complete audiblefrequency range. The user is presented with informative maps and accuratequantities that enable him to rapidly locate and quantify noise sources. sound inTensiTy mapping aCousTiC holography Beamforming one platform for all methods ensures full inter-operability, which maxim- ises ease-of-use and yields optimal value for money. Sound intensity is a well-established, Array-based measurements (fixed or Beamforming is a cost-efficient method for mapping and hand-held arrays) provide the fastest method of mapping The nSi methods have proved their worth on such varied sound sources ranking sources. The world’s smallest measurement process and the highest noise sources by dis- hand-held sound intensity system based quality of results. Statistically Opti- tinguishing sound levels as hearing aids, wind turbines, cars, aeroplanes and high-speed trains by Gearbox test rig with on a sound level meter is eminently mised Near-field Acoustic Holography based on the direction from colour contour plot identifying the most important sub-sources in terms of position, frequency suitable for on-site measurements. (SONAH) provides detailed acoustical which they originate. The method is very content and sound power. Sub-sources may be ranked to identify where Sound intensity is used for sound information of steady or transient noise quick, allowing a full map to be calcu- power determination, particularly in sources either as a planar or a confor- lated from a single-shot measurement design changes will most effectively improve the overall noise radiation. difficult acoustic environments. mal map. A position detection system where all channels are measured simulta- spheriCal Beamforming integrated into the hand-held array neously. Real-time beamforming gives a Practical nSi began in the early 1980s with the introduction of sound Since sound intensity mapping typically automatically registers the positions quick, accurate evaluation before making Spherical Beamforming quickly pro-intensity measurement techniques and associated mapping. This opened involves a large number of points, actually measured, which greatly re- a single-shot data capture. Beamforming duces an omnidirectional overview measurements are most effectively new applications such as in situ sound power determination and in situ duces measurement error and increases uses a planar wheel array of microphones map of sound pressure contributions performed using an automated micro- measurement speed. to combine optimal acoustical results from all directions. Transient Spherical absorption measurements. at the same time, the first near-field acoustical phone positioning system (robot). with ease of use and handling. It is used Beamforming is used in vehicle cabins holography methods were developed. Taking advantage of the ever- in wind tunnels, for pass-by noise evalua- to rapidly evaluate squeak and rattle in increasing processing power, the nSi tools have evolved to fulfil ever-more tion of vehicles and trains, and aeroplane an easy to understand manner.stringent demands from customers. fly-over measurements. Hand-held sound intensityThe latest additions to the portfolio are conformal mapping calculations systemand sound quality metrics calculations. Type 2270-G Pentangular array in field use Array Robot and sound intensity system Hand-held array with position detection system Semi-circular array used for moving source Spherical Beamformer used for in-vehicle calibration using SONAH beamforming measurements18 19