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KGIC Halifax Campus Activities Calendar April 2013


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KGIC Halifax Campus Activities Calendar April 2013

  1. 1. Wednesday, April 10th Current Exhibit! FREE Deadline: April 9th At Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History you can find out more about our people,geography, plants and wildlife. The current exhibit has animals that live in the desert. What does a bee hive looks like on the inside? How big is a humpback whale? What is a mermaid’s purse? It’s fascinating! If you enjoy science and animals, you will love this museum!
  2. 2. $40 for transportation. April 12, 2013 2 – 6pmDress warmly. Bring your camera. Be adventurous.Deadline is April 5th!
  3. 3. CLUB NIGHT APRIL 13th, 2013BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! Free Cover before 12am and 2drinks!
  4. 4. Thrift APRIL 17 at 4pm th Shopping “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Let’s go bargain hunting! APRIL:Every month we will go to a different thrift Salvation Army Thrift Storestore to find new-to-you clothing and more! Green St. in Halifax
  5. 5. April 18th at 4pmThere is a lot of history, scenery and special shops, so bring some money and your camera.
  6. 6. Visit 3 Markets 1. Seaport Farmer’s Market 2. Alexander Keith’s Brewery Market 3. Alderney Landing Market APRIL 20th 10-2pmDeadline: Friday, April 19th All-You-Can-Eat for just $12: • scrambled eggs, • bacon, • sausage, • hash browns • and toast
  7. 7. Wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes. APRIL 24th We will take the bus. 3:45pm to 7pmDon’t forget your camera! DEADLINE: April 19th
  8. 8. Are you looking for the perfect souvenir? Do you need a new outfit for the weekend? Is there something you need? Let’s go shopping together! Meet at KGIC at 4pm. APRIL 25th