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Kgic Brochure 2010

  1. 1. Your Success is KGIC’s Success!
  2. 2. Campus Locations ch oose y our dest inat ion Wherever your destination, see Vancouver’s scenic Victoria’s elegant what’s in store for you in Canada! >> Mountain ranges Legislative Buildings VANCOUVER VICTORIA KGIC Vancouver Nestled in between the Pacific Ocean Victoria combines West Coast splendor and the North Shore Mountains, with Old World charm. Located on the Vancouver makes the ideal west coast southern tip of Vancouver Island, British stop. Voted the number one city in the Columbia’s capital is packed with tourist world, Vancouver has every right to boast attractions, unique shopping destina- of its cleanliness, safety, hospitality and tions, and picturesque scenery. Victoria beauty. Famous for hiking, snowboard- houses many grand public buildings and ing, and a spectacular natural setting; structures, with the BC legislative whether its adventure you seek, or buildings dominating the landscape of culture you desire; Vancouver is for you! the inner harbour. International students It’s no wonder that Vancouver was from all over the world love Victoria for selected to host the 2010 Winter Olym- its open, friendly atmosphere, vibrant pic and Paralympic games. hospitality and fascinating local culture. KGIC Victoria Did You Know About Vancouver This beautiful city will be the home of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The famous comedian, Jim Carrey, was born in this city. This city has approximately 95 Starbucks coffee shops! About Victoria In this city you can spend your day having high tea and riding a double-decker red bus. You may even hear some British accents if you listen carefully. This is the warmest city in Canada. It rarely snows. 2 KGIC | C amp u s L o c at io n s
  3. 3. Your Success is KG IC ’s Success Surrey’s abundant Toronto’s charismatic green Parklands downtown core SURREY TORONTO Known as the city of parks, Surrey has all If you love arts and entertainment, KGIC Surrey the elements of a small, close-knit town, fabulous shopping, fine dining, and offering residents and visitors a beautiful fast-paced urban living Toronto is the combination of diverse landscapes, place for you! Canada’s largest city and abundant parks, urban forests and cultural capital is located on the shores of pristine beaches. In addition to its Lake Ontario. Its spectacular skyline alluring natural attractions, Surrey has features the world-famous CN Tower, one of the most efficient public transit the elegant Art Gallery of Ontario, and systems in Western Canada, so you are the incomparable Sky Dome. In addition never too far from the big city. As the to the engaging city life, Toronto also biggest Suburb of the greater Vancouver offers peaceful tranquility in the form of District, Surrey provides the friendly and lakeshore trails and exquisite gardens welcoming atmosphere many seek. and parks. Toronto is always exciting, remarkably safe and welcoming. KGIC Toronto About Surrey There are over 400 parks in this city. It’s a great place to picnic! This is the largest Canadian city that sits strategically beside the U.S border to the south and the Fraser River to the north. About Toronto This city houses the CN tower that is 553.33 metres or 181 stories high. That equals 5.5 football fields standing on top of each other!! It also weighs an equivalent of 23,214 elephants – 130,000 tonnes! C amp u s L o c at io n s | KGIC 3
  4. 4. New Campuses » Sailboats in Charles River Boston, Massachusetts USA Photos Provided by: Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has a rich economic, cultural, and social history. Founded in 1630, the city has a deep connec- tion to American history becoming a major shipping port and manufactur- ing centre after American Independence. The city is the site of several American firsts, including the first subway system in the United States. With strong schools such as Harvard and MIT, much of Boston’s develop- ment has been shaped by its commitment to higher learning. Known as a “city of neighborhoods”, Boston is distinguished by its many diverse and vibrant neighborhoods. Offering a variety of cuisine, shopping, attractions, and culture, each community has its own personality while still Swan Boats in Boston Public demonstrating Boston’s unique charm. Professional sports are of great importance to Boston, with teams in four professional sporting leagues. The renowned Fenway Park is the oldest Major League Baseball stadiums in use. Boston is also home to one of the world’s most famous marathons, the Boston Marathon. Boston is a popular destination for tourists who want to sample some delicious New England clam chowder in one of America’s oldest restau- rants, experience one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the country or stroll through shopping districts full of history and culture. Zakim Bridge and Museum of Science 4 KG IC KGIC | Ne w Camp uses C amp u s es
  5. 5. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada The leading cultural centre of Nova Scotia, Halifax offers an exciting variety of sights, attractions and people. Founded in 1749, Halifax was the first British town in Canada. It has the world’s second largest natural harbour, sandy beaches, rugged shorelines and colorful gardens. The city is home to a diverse mix of people with a friendly charm that welcomes all visitors. You may think that life in Halifax is centered around the sea, but the city has much more to offer. The bustling downtown core of Halifax offers friendly nightclubs, charming sidewalk cafes, fantastic shopping, museums, art galleries and several historic sites and churches. The city has the world’s Granville Mall longest downtown boardwalk that runs for over 4 km along the magnificent Halifax harbour. Halifax is your gateway to Canada’s East Coast! You can head out of town to nearby coastal communities for a day of hiking, camping or bird watch- ing or enjoy the pleasure of walking along sandy shores beachcombing for unexpected treasures. For warm Maritime hospitality, scrumptious dining, shopping, non-stop fun and terrific live music shows, Halifax offers something for everyone! Halifax Public Garden Ne w Camp uses | KGIC 5
  6. 6. ESL Eng li sh as a Se con d L an g uage My time in Canada was very well spent. Canada quickly became a second home where I met many great people that I will never forget. Teachers at KGIC became like big brothers and sisters who not only taught me English but also were a huge influence in my development as a woman. I will leave this place with a sense of pride that I not only learned English, but crossed boarders; not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. KGIC ADVANTAGES Class Levels A. Class Levels At KGIC, we have classes to suit all language levels from beginner to advanced. Regular and English Elite accurate testing is done in each class to ensure that you are in the appropriate level. When you have achieved a specific set of goals, you are moved up to the next class. English Advanced English Essentials B. Flexible Level Structure KGIC also has a distinct level structure, unlike most ESL schools in Canada. It allows you to be in different levels at the same time according to your ability in each class. You are tested and evaluated separately for grammar, reading, writing, listening and communications and put in the appropriate class – from Foundations (Beginner) to Level 6 (Elite). Your class schedule is Flexible Level Structure specifically customized to match your capability. For example, if you are stronger at speaking you will be in a higher Communications class; if your listening skills exceed your writing 6 Elite skills, you’ll be in a higher Listening class. You can focus on developing each of your skills according to your exact ability, instead of being in one class based on your overall ability. 5 Elite C. Monthly Progress Reports 4 Advanced Students receive a detailed monthly progress report for all their classes. These reports let the students keep track of their performance, including their strong and weak points. 3 Intermediate 2 High Beginner D. KGIC Student Rewards There are a variety of ways to earn great student rewards while studying at KGIC. Recogni- 1 Beginner tion includes: School-wide scholarships - Foundations A range of contests Rewards given out to students who show exceptional participation and communicative habits 6 KGIC | English as a Second L ang uage
  7. 7. KGIC Levels and Equivalency KGIC Terms Stages KGIC Levels Specialized Programs Equivalents Available at this Level Foundations Foundations Foundations Beginner 1 Completed level 2: TOEFL PBT 435; CBT 123; English High Beginner 2 IELTS iBT 40; TOEIC 470 Essentials Completed level 3: TOEFL PBT 450; CBT 133; iBT 46; Intermediate 3 TOEFL, PMM, EPT, EPIT-K, TOEIC 550; IELTS 3.5; EPC, Pre-EPE Cambridge KET; CAEL 30-40 Completed level 4: English FCE, BEDP GBE, PJP BMDP HMDP ITDP , , , , , TOEFL PBT 500; CBT 173; iBT 61; Advanced Advanced 4 TESOL, TESOL-I, TESOL-C, TESOL-M, TOEIC 650; IELTS 4.5; Cambridge TESOL-P Ed. Leadership, IOMDP , PET-FCE; CAEL 40-50 TOEFL PBT 550; CBT 213; iBT 81; 5 Completed level 5: TOEIC 800; IELTS 6; Cambridge ABMDP AHMDP TESOL-A , , FCE; CAEL 50-70 English Elite Elite TOEFL PBT 600; CBT 250; 6 iBT 100; TOEIC 900; IELTS 7.5; Cambridge CAE; CAEL 70-90 * Please see website for detailed entry requirements Weekly Class Schedule BLOCK MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Block A Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar Grammar 9:00 - 10:10 am * Elite Project Day * Elite Project Day 10:10 - 10:20 am Break Break Break Break Break Block B Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Reading & Writing Reading & Writing 10:20 - 11:30 am * Elite Project Day * Elite Project Day 11:30 - 11:40 am Break Break Break Break Break Block C Listening Listening Listening Listening Listening 11:40 - 12:30 pm * Elite Project Day * Elite Project Day 12:30 - 1:30 pm Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Communications Communications Communications Communications Pronunciation & Block D & Pronunciation & Pronunciation Accent Reduction 1:30 - 3:00 pm & Pronunciation & Pronunciation * Elite Project Day * Elite Project Day (Classes finish at 2:30 3:00 - 3:10 pm pm on Friday) Break Break Break Break Block E Career Prep Elective Classes Each week contains 24 3:10 - 4:00 pm Skill Development Certificate Classes hours of core classes English Lounge English as a Second L ang uage KGIC 7
  8. 8. Curriculum KGIC’s own ESL Materials KGIC has its own copyright and an excellent team of curriculum developers... KGIC has its own copyright and an excellent team of curriculum developers who are continually developing new Listening material and projects for the teachers to work with. • Learn how to listen for key information and take notes • Make inferences and predictions KGIC is one of the only ESL schools in Canada to work • Identify topics and main ideas with the popular publisher Longman Pearson to create its • Understand implications and details own curriculum. Our custom-made books will give you a • Synthesize and summarize information in your own words new and exciting approach to developing your English skills. Grammar Communications & Pronunciation • Understand different grammar structures and their • Learn to communicate in a variety of situations in a functions natural manner • Recognize how and why grammar is used in context in the • Utilize appropriate vocabulary and expressions to speak real world with confidence • Receive immediate error correction from the instructor • Express yourself like a native speaker using proper idioms on a daily basis • Increase fluency and accuracy • Communicative activities and written exercises to connect • Practice drilling for correct pronunciation and receive grammar to everyday communication immediate error correction 8 KGIC | English as a Second L ang uage
  9. 9. Language Enhancement Programs It is so much fun using my creativity in m writing! It is very important to my learn different expression to be a better writer. I am writing for a magazine, newspaper, paraphrasing, essays, making catch phrases for advertisings, I didn’t realize there are so many different writing styles out there! We don’t just write, but we write to attract audiences with all different techniques. I am improving my writing every day! PJP Module Overview Powerwriting for Journalism and Publishing (PJP) 8 week diploma program Week 1 Powerwriting for Journalism and Publishing is designed to help upper intermediate or Introduction to the three fields of published media and the final advanced international students enhance and advance their writing skills. The course uses group project. modern published media (including current newspapers, magazines and blogs) as templates to help students pursue their goal of fluent written English. In particular, Weeks 2 & 3 students will learn editing tools: practical guides to "style" (formatting) and tone (audience and intent). Magazines and magazine reading/writing. Key Skills Developed Weeks 4 & 5 • Fluency and sophistication in written English • A wide range of editing tools Newspapers and newspaper • The ability to recognize tone, like sarcasm or irony, and use it reading/writing. Weeks 6 & 7 Career Opportunities Successful graduates can pursue jobs in publishing and journalism, web-editing, online Online Publishing; in particular, blogs, publishing, advertising, tourism, business (especially small-businesses), graphic design and and blog reading/writing. hotel management. That is, any job that requires you to mediate between native and non-native speakers through writing. Week 8 Entrance Requirements Completion and presentation of TOEFL: CBT 173/PBT 500/ iBT 61; TOEIC: 650; or completed English Advanced Group Projects; review. Level 4 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test score or a pass on our entrance exam. Interview required. 10 KGIC | L ang uage Enh ance me nt Prog rams
  10. 10. In EPC, I have learned how to give presentations, write resumes and many other practical skills. One day I will be involved in advertising and I will need to do presentations confidently. This course has increased my confidence and I am not scared anymore to speak in front of an audience. My speaking has improved. We have also learned business terms, how to apply for jobs and write resumes. I will use it to apply to an interna- tional company. English for Professional Careers (EPC) EPC Module Overview 4 week certificate program WEEK English for Professional Careers is a month-long course which prepares students for An introduction to trends success at our affiliate KGIBC campus. The focus is on building confidence in speaking, 01 in the work world writing and pronunciation, with a business theme throughout. Key Skills Developed WEEK Presentation skills and • Presentations and public speaking • Professional writing such as essays, cover letters, resumes, business letters and emails 02 essential communication • Familiarity with business concepts and skills such as interviews, negotiating, debates, group discussion and meetings WEEK Professional writing skills Career Opportunities 03 Successful graduates can pursue jobs in marketing, entrepreneurship, teaching, sales, and political leadership. Successful graduates can work in any field that requires confidence in English, team work and strong interpersonal skills. Successful graduates of EPC are WEEK Your career path guaranteed entry into KGIBC. 04 Entrance Requirements TOEFL: CBT 133 / PBT 450 /iBT 45/46; TOEIC: 550; or completed English Essen- tials Level 3 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test score or a pass on our entrance exam. No interview required. L ang uage Enh ance me nt Prog ram s | KGIC rams KG IC 11
  11. 11. Language Enhancement Programs The mix of business and tourism really appealed to me since I am so interested in working for the tourism industry. To be honest, I enjoyed GBE so much that it felt like leisure more than school! Free-speaking with my peers and teachers helped give me confidence to increase my public speaking skills. There was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which made it easy to speak. GBE Module Overview Global Business English (GBE) 12 week program (including practicum) Module: 1 International Global Business English is designed to help students learn the language and ideas of Trade International Business and Tourism. Students will learn about the successful business strategies that have worked for Canadian businesses and foreign investors. Students will also Module: 4 examine successful business tourism strategies as demonstrated in the city of Victoria, BC. Module: 2 Selected Hotel Tourism Basics & Management Marketing Key Skills Developed Theory • Successful business strategies • Practical skills in areas such as customer service, sales, accounting and advertising Module: 3 • Confident public speaking through presentations and by free speaking with highly- Hotel Manage- ment Basics skilled instructors Career Opportunities Successful graduates can pursue jobs in hotel tourism, food tourism (catering manager, Leading to: executive chef ), the airline industry (pilot, steward, company staff ), and hospitality Global Business English Diploma services. Students can work as travel consultants, tour directors and escorts, or business owners /operators (e.g. restaurant, bar, tour company). Entrance Requirements Your Goal TOEFL: CBT 173 / PBT 500 / iBT 61; TOEIC:650; or completed English Advanced To confidently use business English in international trade or tourism and hotel Level 4 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test score or a pass on our management. entrance exam. Interview required. 12 KGIC | L ang uage Enh ance me nt Prog rams
  12. 12. BED BEDP was a great experience for me; le I learned a lot of new things and bus business terms that I will use in my work life. Furthermore, Business English is very important in Mexico, so I'm so glad that BEDP gave me all the tools that I need, moreover my teacher Monica is awesome!! She has a great sense of humour and her teaching method is cool. Also I made wonderful friends from all over the world. Thank you KGIC! Business English Diploma Program (BEDP) * New and Improved Structure BEDP Module Overview 4, 8, 12 week options (12 week – with practicum) 4 week certificate, 8 & 12 week diploma Building a Business Career Business English Diploma Program is a course in English communication skills for Communicating Effectively students who need or will soon need English in their work. The new BEDP brings 02 2 Through Technology students into a modern business environment where technology plays an important role in the day-to-day operations. BEDP features business related field trips and successful guest speakers; as well as a business lunch, presentations and discussion of business and 03 Writing with Clarity international issues on a daily basis. Managing Projects, 04 4 Teams, and Time Key Skills Developed • Business letter writing Conveying Persuasive • Effective business communication 05 Messages • Presentation Presenting with • Negotiation 06 Confidence • Telephone etiquette • Listening to native English speakers and non native speakers Understanding Financial 07 7 Terms and Reports Career Opportunities Behaving Ethically in Successful graduates can pursue jobs in office administration, management, banking, 08 Business foreign trade, public relations, sales, marketing. Entrance Requirements TOEFL: CBT 173 / PBT 500 / iBT 61; TOEIC:650; or completed English Advanced Level 4 at KGIC. Any equivalent recognized international test score or a pass on our entrance exam. Entrance interview required. L ang uage Enh ance me nt Prog rams | KGIC 13
  13. 13. Children & Juniors Programs Designed by teachers experienced in both ESL and Public School Curriculum, these 1. Juniors ESL Program: 13-17 yrs. old programs incorporate Canadian Public School materials and ESL guidelines, giving students the basics of English while continually building upon that foundation. KGIC is the only · Grammar school to offer the unique “Academic Content” class which gives students the skills they need · Language Arts - Reading & Writing to learn Math, Science, History, Literature, Art and more. · Speaking & Pronunciation · Academic Contents: Math, Science, Literature, Drama, Children Program History, Biology, Social Studies • Basic sound and letter concepts are taught using an award-winning phonics program • Utilize books that offer different styles of learning 2. Children ESL Program: 6-12 yrs. old Juniors Program · Listening, Speaking & Phonics • Helps students gain confidence in their speaking ability through constant speaking practice · Grammar and activities in all classes · Language Arts - Reading & Writing • Uses a variety of materials designed by KGIC and books used in Canadian classrooms · Academic Contents: Math, • Works with material specifically designed to meet their language needs at each level of study Science, Literature, Drama, Art, Social Studies • Is the closest ESL environment possible to a private middle school classroom • Holds regularly scheduled academic contests The level structure is based on 2 months of curriculum per level Shared Program Features Level 1 Beginner · Utilizes a variety of media, including computers, DVD’s and CD’s in order to help students learn Level 2 Novice · A strict English-Only policy which is enforced at all times · Is taught by native English speaking teachers Level 3 Low - Intermediate · Helps students gain confidence in their speaking ability Level 4 High - Intermediate: · Offers level tests at the end of every month Required to enter Bridge Schools · Provides students with regular homework and quizzes during the month to evaluate progress Level 5 Advanced · Provides students with weekly and monthly progress reports Level 6 Content Based Academics · Offers carefully supervised field trips to educational sites and popular attractions 14 KGIC | C h ildre n and Juniors Prog ram s
  14. 14. Students who achieve passing grades in the Certificate of Completion program can earn Equivalency credits through the Delta School District. Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a grade, a certificate of completion from Delta School District, and a document detailing the terms under which BC High School credit can be obtained. Four credits for an Equivalency of ESL Learning Strategies 10 &11 will be applied to students who enroll in a British Columbia public high school and receive a Provincial Education Number (PEN) from the British Columbia, Ministry of Education. Youth Bridge Program International students will be automatically granted admission to our partner schools upon successful comple- tion of our KGIC Children and Juniors Program (Level 4). KGIC incorporates Canadian Public School materials in our Children and Juniors ESL Programs by making using of BC ELEMENTARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL books and ESL guidelines. This approach allows students to develop their English, so that the ability to speak, think and express themselves in the classroom all become an academic part of their communication skills. • We teach essential English language skills that students will need to succeed in Canadian elementary or secondary school classrooms. • We provide a general overview of the subjects students will encounter in a Canadian classroom. 1. KGIC - Children Program Juniors Program Students are taught the essential English language skills they will need to succeed in Canadian elementary or secondary school classrooms. 2. KGIC – Chilliwack KGIC – Langley KGIC – St. John KGIC - Delta Schools Schools Brebeuf School Schools Bridge Program Bridge Program Bridge Program Bridge Program By providing a general overview of the subjects they will encounter in a Canadian classroom while providing intensive language instruction, the Bridge program makes the transition into public/private school easier and more successful. 3. Chilliwack Schools Langley Schools St. John Brebeuf Delta Schools Public Schools Public Schools Private School Public Schools Grades 1-12 Grades 1-12 Grades 8-12 Grade 1-12 International students will be automatically granted admission to these schools upon successful completion (Level 4) of KGIC Children or Juniors Program. C h ildre n and Juniors Prog rams | KGIC 15
  15. 15. KGIC Education Group & University of Victoria Continuing Studies - LINK PROGRAM - How the Link Program Works - Enroll in one the following diploma programs at KGIC or KGIBC Powerspeaking and Modern Media (PMM) Upon successful completion of the KGIC or KGIBC diploma program students will qualify Powerwriting for to directly enter University of Journalism Victoria Continuing Studies.* and Publishing (PJP) *Applicant must have a minimum of 2 years post-secondary educa- tion or 2 years work experience. Global Business English (GBE) University of Victoria Continuing Studies Certificate in Business Administration – Fast Track Option > University of Victoria Campus University of Victoria Continuing Studies Certificate in Business Administration – Program Overview Options and Advantages Aviation Option Program Objectives The 12-week Fast Track Program leads to a Certificate in Business Administration The University of Victoria, in cooperation with the Victoria (CBA). This program is designed to develop your understanding of business theory Flying Club or Pacific Sky Aviation and practices in a short period of time. The accelerated format of the Fast Track offers the Diploma in Business Program ensures that your career is not interrupted for long periods of time. A peer Administration – Aviation Option. case-based learning environment provides the support and real-practice in which to This option combines a apply your knowledge and experience. flight-training program of the student’s choice with the University The Certificate in Business Administration will be of value to you if: of Victoria Diploma in Business Administration program. • You are looking for a mid-career opportunity to enhance your professional expertise Advantages • You would find a business credential useful in advancing your career • Your previous education is of a specialized nature and you wish to Alumni Association acquire a broader understanding of business management All graduates of diploma and • As a business owner or manager you wish to encourage your staff to certificate programs are members of the University of Victoria enroll in a systematic program of training and professional development Alumni Association. in business administration Duration and Format On Campus This is a 12-week program consisting of eight courses. Classes are customarily held on-campus on weekdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm. This schedule may vary, depending on class format and location. Unive rsity of Vic tor ia LINK Prog ram | KGIC 17
  16. 16. University and College Pathway Program EPE Module Overview English for Post Secondary Education (EPE) 12 week program Module 1 EPE is designed for students who wish to enroll at a public post secondary institution for a Life and Learning diploma or university degree after graduating from King George International College. After Technology Today successfully completing the EPE program, students are not required to write an entrance Health and Fitness exam for public colleges that have an agreement with KGIC. Some conditions apply. Module 2 Program Advantages for International Students Travel and Adventure Intensive study throughout a 12 week program Science and Discovery Communication • Wide variety of college-level curriculum topics covered in each module. The News and Controversy • Monthly tests and academic counseling to evaluate student progress. • Intensive academic preparation covering the areas of reading, writing, Module 3 speaking, vocabulary, and study skills. Business and Financial Health Food and Nutrition Direct transfer from the KGIC EPE Program to Colleges in Canada (TOEFL score Art, Language and Literature or Admission Exam is not required to enter Pathway Partner colleges and universities) Media and Culture • Overseas students who register and are admitted to the EPE program receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance from the KGIC partner college of their choice. • Students who graduate from the EPE program receive a letter from KGIC stating they are able to apply at Pathway Partner colleges without a TOEFL or College Admissions Test score. 18 KG IC | Unive rsity and College Pathway Prog ram
  17. 17. EPE Program Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Block A Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Vocabulary & Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Break Break Break Break Break Block B Reading Reading Reading Reading Reading Development & Development & Development & Development & Development & Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Comprehension Break Break Break Break Break Block C Writing & Writing & Writing & Writing & Writing & Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Break Break Break Break Break Block D Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Listening & Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Integrated Skills Morning Class Afternoon Class Block A 8:30 AM – 9:20 AM 1:00 PM – 1:50 PM Block B 9:30 AM – 10:40 AM 2:00 PM – 3:10 PM Block C 10:50 AM – 11:50 AM 3:20 PM – 4:20 PM Block D 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM Entrance and Exit Requirements Entrance Requirement Exit Requirement Pre-EPE KGIC Level 3 (R&W and Listening) and KGIC Proficiency Test Score of 40 KGIC Proficiency Test Score of 35, or IBT score of 45 EPE KGIC Level 4 or KGIC Proficiency Test Exit level is KGIC proficiency test Score of 40, IBT score of 61, completed score of 65. If students do not pass Pre-EPE course at KGIC EPE and meet the exit requirement, they may repeat the next 4 weeks of offered EPE until they meet the requirement. Unive rsity and College Pathway Prog ram | KGIC 19
  18. 18. Summer Programs 20 KGIC | Summe r Prog rams
  19. 19. Trailblazers - Vancouver, British Columbia From the classroom to the wilderness, students will learn First Aid and CPR, water safety, environmental minimum impact techniques, critical thinking and judgment skills, GPS, compass navigation, geocaching, and much more! Our outdoor leadership certifi- cation program combines practical English training with special survival skills seminars and workshops in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Participants will venture into the wild backcountry of British Columbia and spend 5 days hiking, navigating and learning how to work as a team. This camp is available for teenagers who have intermediate to advanced English skills. Vancouver Summer Theme Camp - Surrey, British Columbia Students will build international friendships, and develop their confidence all while expanding their English skills. Summer camps focus on fun filled learning through activities and interaction with others. Exciting outings include trips to Victoria, an overnight camping trip, and Science World! Camp Advantages • Enhance their English language skills through the study of curriculum materials based on the world around them • Expand their vocabulary, increase their grammar knowledge, and build essential reading and writing skills • Improve their communicative skills such as listening, presenting, and conversing, • Develop their writing skills through daily journal sessions and communicate with friends and family back home through weekly blog Summer Residence Program - Toronto, Ontario Experience college life with KGIC and join our Summer Residence Program at Seneca College in the Greater Toronto Area! Students will enjoy a combination of academic studies, workshops and outdoor activities. They will make friends from around the world, travel around Toronto, and make memories that will last a lifetime! Our Academic Program focuses on improving students English skills through group work, exercises, presentations and writing various essays and journals. Skills Workshops are available to students on a weekly basis. Our workshops are designed to improve team building and leadership skills. Presentations throughout the workshops function to improve students’ public speaking and presenting skills. Summe r Prog ram s | KGIC 21
  20. 20. Activities / Services I have just finished my first week at KGIC and living in Vancouver. It’s amazing how much I have learned not only from my teachers and in my classes, but from attending the cool after school activities. There are so many interesting options every week. Let’s see…what did I do? At the beginning of the week I travelled to the top of Harbour Lookout, which is 430ft above Vancouver. The view was beautiful! I took a picture with my many new friends at the top. Can you believe that all seven people in the picture are from different countries? KGIC Activities Activities At KGIC we maintain a monthly calendar of extra-curricular activities. We believe in providing students with a well-rounded experience in Canada, and thus host a series of Annual Banff exciting outings designed to allow students to enjoy and experience their new surround- Road Trip ings, while learning at the same time. Whether snowboarding in the Rockies, gazing Snowboarding upon Niagara Falls or surfing in Tofino, there is an activity for everyone! Boat Cruise & Sailing & Skiing Services Clubs & River rafting, Movies & Kayaking Volunteer Program Surrey, B.C. Students will have the opportunity to practice their English in a professional environ- ment. Our volunteer companies are carefully selected using our screening process and Concerts & Frequent Festivals Field Trips these companies will provide full training for each student. KGIC students will have the chance to use practical English skills in a real life business setting. Camping & Tennis, Golf, BBQ Basketball & Soccer Student Counselling While at KGIC, students who have questions about their classes are welcome to bring English Activities them to the Student Affairs Officer or Student Advisors who can be found at each campus. These are staff members who are able to support students with any concerns about class levels, curriculum, teachers or other academic related issues. KGIC also Speech Spelling Karaoke Contest Contest Contest provides students with opportunities to meet with counsellors for assistance with visa extensions, transfers to other campuses or programs, homestay issues and general questions about life in Canada. While counselling is done primarily in English, various countries are represented should the need arise for consultation in one’s native language.
  21. 21. Accommodations Student Houses Advantages for Residents of KGIC offers students the ability to enjoy affordable, convenient, independant living in our King George Place student houses. Students are able to live in a multicultural environment with individuals from all over the world, allowing for diversity and an excellent opportunity to learn and share. Speaking English in this setting is mandatory, in order to facilitate English language 01 Creative English Discussion Class 2 times per week learning. Homestay 02 24 hour security service provided by King George Students have to ability to spend their time practicing their English skills with a warm, place supervisor friendly, multicultural Canadian family. Students are integrated into their Canadian families life and are provided with an excellent support system in Canada. Homestay 03 Private television & students enjoy home-cooked meals every day. bathroom in each room King George Place 04 7 minutes from KGIC Surrey Located in the heart of downtown Surrey, King George Place has recently upgraded its &10 minutes away from the library and skytrain services to better accommodate the needs of KGIC students. We are the only dormitory facility in British Columbia to provide cleaning services from Monday to Friday. 05 Cleaning services from King George Place is only 7 minutes away from the KGIC Surrey Campus, and 10 Monday - Friday minutes away from the library and skytrain station. King George Place is a comfortable and safe home for 56 residents with 26 cozy rooms 06 Wireless Internet access with private bathrooms in each. A warm welcome awaits you at the new and improved King George Place! Accomodat ions | KGIC 23
  22. 22. Affiliated Institutions KGIBC - King George International Business College · Business Management Diploma · Hotel Management Diploma · Co-operative education work experience options · International Office Management Diploma · Interpreting and Translation Diploma Programs-Korean & Japanese · FCE Cambridge · iBT TOEFL · Powerspeaking and Modern Media · International English Language Testing System (IELTS) CTC - Canada TESOL Centre · English Preparation for Teachers · TESOL · TESOL for Children · TESOL for Middle School · TESOL Integrated · TESOL Advanced · Educational Leadership and Administration · TESOL Professional King George International College Your Success is KGIC’s Success! ©KGIC 2009. All rights reserved. This brochure is intended for promotional purpose only and is subject to change. Printed in S. Korea. TESL Canada accredited TEAL