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KGIBC-CTC TESOL for Test Preparation


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Learn about KGIBC-CTC's new and innovative program that shows students how to effectively teach IELTS and TOEFL.

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KGIBC-CTC TESOL for Test Preparation

  1. 1. Over 900 test centers in 130 countries Recognized by more than 8,500 colleges, universities and agencies in more than 130 countries
  2. 2. TESOL - Test Prep. Students
  3. 3. Teaching an exam preparation course requires special skills and knowledge. KGIBC-CTC TESOL-Test Prep. classes provide this skill set, knowledge, & TIPS – TRICKS and STRATEGIES !
  4. 4. TESOL-Test Prep. Graduate’s Testimonials... I loved… “Speaking, speaking and more speaking!” International news, daily discussion groups, daily classroom student-led warm-up activities and presentations!
  5. 5. TESOL-Test Prep. Testimonials... I loved… “Doing my own presentation!” “Learning about which skills students need to improve on in order to get higher test scores.”
  6. 6. TESOL-Test Prep. Testimonials... I loved… “All of it !” “Learning so many different things.” “Knowing how to teach for TOEFL or IELTS “Learning so many good teaching tips.”
  7. 7. Tips! Tricks! Strategies
  8. 8. Providing the opportunity to connect, interact and understand better authentic multicultural test students.
  9. 9. Professional standards of teacher test preparation is focused upon
  10. 10. KGIBC-CTC TESOL for TEST PREPARATION INSTRUCTORS • Strong academic credentials • Great depth of experience in both TESOL and Test preparation classes • Professionally certified • Engaging, personable and dedicated with a strong focus on interactive classes
  11. 11. New solid international friends and teacher connections are made
  12. 12. Student’s become involved in International discussion, debate and study topics Geography Global Warming Family Studies Books Careers
  13. 13. TESOL for TEST PREPARATION students become a hard-working and socially connected team of friends
  14. 14. Our KGIBC-CTC TESOL for TEST PREP Graduates ! Complete with their diplomas, our graduates head out into the Test Preparation teaching field, confident and prepared to share their newly acquired skill sets and knowledge