Video Analysis Of Amber Rubarth


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Analysis of what we want in the video according to the timing of the song

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Video Analysis Of Amber Rubarth

  1. 1. Song Time – 3.03 Analysis of Amber Rubarth’s – “Rough Cut” Lyrics for Music Video 0.15 Suddenly you’re shaken with pain She is sitting in a shower room shivering and 0.17 Shooting down inside you crying it zooms into her eye. It then zooms 0.19 And now you’re crumbling away out and the scene changes to her in another 0.21 But this isn’t like you room, she stands whilst clinching her fists. 0.23 It doesn’t stop ’til it breaks down all you know She screams until she collapses. 0.27 Your breathing locks and your balance goes 0.30 Ladadadadadadada 0.33 It takes a minute 0.34 Ladadadadadadada 0.37 It doesn’t finish Narrative: Scene changes to her sitting whilst her 0.38 Ladadadadadadada boyfriend is shouting at her. Then the scene changes 0.40 You’re breaking faster to her friends laughing at her. 0.42 Ladadadadada 0.44 You’re nothing after 0.52 There’s nothing after 1.01 You try to make your escape The scene changes back to her in the room; 1.03 But the blows keep on coming she tries to break out but fails. She notices 1.05 And as the dust clears away that a chip breaks off the wall, and that there 1.07 You start to notice something is a small hole in the wall. She then begins to 1.09 Each time a piece crashes down into the floor rip the wall apart. 1.13 You’re a little lighter than just before 1.16 Ladadadadadadada 1.19 It takes a minute 1.20 Ladadadadadadada 1.23 It doesn’t finish Narrative: The scene changes to her parent shouting at her, she 1.24 Ladadadadadadada runs out of the dining room. The further she runs the smaller he 1.27 You’ll see it after problems are becoming. 1.28 Ladadadadada 1.31 When you look backwards 1.38 When you look backwards 1.47 And now your eyes shift from negative spaces The scene changes back to the 1.54 To contours that light up this rough cut design room, she rips the wall apart 2.02 And now you see it, you’re sculpture in motion completely but then the wall starts 2.10 You’re unfinished art that keeps going, it keeps going to repair itself, she realises that 2.17 It keeps going and going and going and going.. she needs to move quickly. She breaks through and makes it to the other side. 2.22 Instrumental till end The camera zooms out of her eye and reverses until she is dry again. It ends with her smiling and walking out.