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Final Lighting Research


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Lighting research

Published in: Business, Technology
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Final Lighting Research

  1. 1. Lighting Research The lighting in this video is quite distorted, and looks like constant photos are being taken. The lighting which is on the artist makes her look quite pale and cold, which could go with the song ‘cold shoulder’. The lights could be flashing, which can represent an underground bunker, where the lights always flicker. The effect of the lights going on and off make the video look quite twisted. As the background is quite dull or sometimes even pitch black, the lighting makes the artist face stand out. The lighting on the artist face emphasises on her features and makes her look more attractive, to appeal to the male audience. As the song is about her troubles with a man, it is quite a deep and dark song, therefore the lighting goes with the narrative. If it was bright lighting, and her walking through a field in the sunshine, it wouldn’t go with the song. The lighting makes the whole room, which we think looks like an underground bunker, look very cold and isolated. The lighting also creates a shadow on her face, making her look much thinner than she naturally is. This could be her record companies decision, because they want to follow conventions of the music industry, and make her look flawless, to increase her album sales.