Artist Branding/Style Construction
                                                   Amber Rubarth

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Final Artist Branding


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How we would reflect our artist

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Final Artist Branding

  1. 1. Artist Branding/Style Construction Amber Rubarth To successfully promote our artist, we need to construct a style that would appeal to many target audiences. With a good style, our artist becomes very likeable and therefore enables her to become a successful artist. It can also start a trend for younger audience members. We want to promote our artist as being ‘Young and Fresh’, and to be ‘All about the music’. Therefore, we want to show our artist with a guitar. The guitar represents the type of music she produces and shows her ‘style’. To expand on this style, we can show her with different guitars with different designs, but always having a guitar, so she doesn’t loose that specific ‘image’. We want to represent our artist as being hot and stylish, but not too provocative as we want to keep the female and children audience interested as well. We want our artist to be liked for her music, more than her appearance. We may have our artist in a dress. These dresses are quite ‘sweet’, however they do show some flesh, which could appeal to the male audience, however they are not ‘sexy’, which allows the audience to focus more on her music rather than her body. As it is her first video, we want to keep it clean as this video is representing her whole music style. If not a dress, we would have her wearing casual jeans and a shirt, or a long shirt with leggings. We want her to be simple, as this is the vibe we get from her music. This again is a casual but also hot look, which doesn’t show off too much of her skin. This also isn’t very fashionable, which shows she isn’t a ‘superstar’, but is very down to earth.