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Digipack Planning


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A plan of our digipack

Published in: Art & Photos, Business
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Digipack Planning

  1. 1. Digipack Planning The front cover of the digipack would be plain and minimal to reflect the mood of the music and the type of artist. The black and white colouring would highlight the fact that the music is very meaningful. The cover would also include the name of the artist and her image so that people can identify her and therefore help to promote her. The digipack would contain lyric pages of each song, to allow the audience to either sing or use the songs for their own purposes.
  2. 2. The digipack would also contain images of the artist and there music. This would show off the artist’s style and explain her as well as the influence or build of the album. The digipack would contain a CD with just the initials of Amber Rubarth.
  3. 3. The back of the digipack would include another image of the artist as well as the song list of the album; therefore the audience would know what songs they would be able to purchase by buying this particular digipack. Influences from other digipacks or album covers: Lady Gaga’s album cover for “The Fame Monster” influenced our digipack design as the black and white colouring expresses the style of music and artist. The cover also clearly promotes the artist which is something we want to achieve when creating the digipack for our artist.
  4. 4. Robyn’s album is also influential as it uses the same colour scheme as Lady Gaga’s album however; the red scarf helps to make the album cover unique and different to other artists. Furthermore, the background includes images of buildings which may reflect the demography of the artist, which we need to think about for our artist so the audience can relate to the location of the artist. Duffy’s album again follows the black and white colour scheme; however it is even more minimalistic due to having only one image of the artist, this is effective as it draws attention to her image.