Top 10 comic book heroes


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I've done research for a couple weeks and I cam to a consensus. This is my first project on something I am truly passionate about so I hope you all check it out. Its take me a few weeks but I finally finished. Enjoy!

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Top 10 comic book heroes

  1. 1. #10 - Thor  Being the king of Asgard, Thor has a militant mind that needed some maturing. He learned how to be humble and not greedy and to understand the importance of ruling. He believes that he is not higher than anyone else and tries to maintain piece through the 8 realms. What makes him special is that bottom line he is a God and has the ability to control thunder. Even though he is a Comic Book hero he represents Norse Mythology and “Viking-esque”. Thor went through what we all do and that is growing up and so its nice to relate even though he is a God among men but he is a hero because he doesn’t see it that way.
  2. 2. #9 – Daredevil  Matt Murdock was blinded at a young age not knowing what would happen to him soon after. He lost his sight but in return regained a radar sense that helps him visualize his surroundings. Daredevil is a very interesting character because he does have this disability which appeals to a certain audience. Now people who have similar issues have a hero they can look up to and that can do wonders for people in their everyday lives. Daredevil is grotesque but justifiable. There is something ironic yet beautiful about him sitting on a tall cathedral with angels or his back against a cross. He represents the fear in his fellow Hell’s Kitchen criminals. In addition, he does not just pursue justice at night but by day being a very honorable lawyer for the blue collar people of New York City.
  3. 3. #8 – Wally West (Flash)  Jay Garrick was the original. Barry Allen was Golden age. Bart Allen is the new rookie but when people think Flash they think Wally West. He is the most well known and popular Flash. There are different types of heroes in the universe and when you want comic relief Flash is who you point to. Either if he is hitting on Wonder Woman or flat out making dumb comments Flash has humor. What makes remarkable is even though he can be childish he can be just as heroic. When it comes to serious matters his mine shifts and is ready to take on the challenge. Maybe super speed isn’t all cool to people because you just get to run fast. Remember though, this is the man who almost killed LexLuthor in Flashpoint. He almost single handedly killed him by going the speed of light. When it’s a race against time (which is often the case) you want him on your side.
  4. 4. #7 – Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)  Again, Hal Jordan is the most iconic Green Lantern out of them all. Even with his sarcastic and semi-arrogant attitude he represents willpower. Willpower incoporates self- discipline and self-control. Hal Jordan has become a master at that. He had growing pains to embark. In order to be a Green Lantern you have to have no fear. He did and that was his big challenge. Overcoming that fear made him probably the most powerful galactic force out there and the only human in the Green Lantern Corps. He is the “Star Wars” of superheroes. He protects planet Earth but also helps other galaxies. More than a space cadet he inspires us to have nothing to fear but fear itself.
  5. 5. #6 – Wolverine  Going by an alias known as Logan, Wolverine is pure testosterone to the max. He exceeds the level of violence and brute force but does this for the benefit of mankind. He is probably the most “badass” superhero because of his tough personality and with his simple and practical answers to battles. While others have plans to attack and have a thought process Wolverine goes into the heat of the battle with his head up spontaneously destroying anything in his path. He is one of the more recent mutants making his first appearance in the 70s. Some heroes have rules but Wolverine’s policy is, “I’m going to cut your head off see if that works”. With no boundaries he is the brute of the X- Men but with his dedication to stopping evil he is one of the best if not the best. No question he is the best at what he does. The claws are his trademark. We think they are amazing but they can be signified as a curse after him being forced into an experiment which made his whole skeletal structure into attamantium. With seeing these claws Wolverine was raged. He could of lived off revenge and hatred his whole life due to his condition but decided to rise above it and look at it as a gift to protect and that makes a hero in anyone’s book.
  6. 6. #5 – Wonder Woman  No comic book hero speaks more for women than Wonder Woman. With her being the Amazonian Princess, here mission is to bring love, peace, and sexual equality to a world torn by the hatred of men. She stands a symbol for all women by being powerful, capable, and exceeding men in intelligence and strength. She believes in truth and justice and by using the Lasso of truth she demands the truth of whoever she captures. She is a heavy weight combatant and holds the ideals of feminism. Also going by the name Diana, she is an ever-present figure in the DC Universe and a constant symbol of what is needed and has a warrior mentality which gains her the respect of many other heroes. Diana is the ambassador between the Amazonians and Earth and even though she prefers peace and diplomacy when a battle is in the mist you want her on your side. She was the focal point for females to have an icon they can call their own.
  7. 7. #4 – Captain America  The patriot and the leader of the Avengers, Steve Rogers was once one of us. He had physical setbacks which didn’t allow him to join the military. He like very good citizen just wanted to serve his country. All he needed was some super soldier serum because he always had the right mindset and the heart to do what was right. He was chosen for the project because he had the qualities beyond the physical which are more important like patriotism, integrity, and wanting unity amongst all nations. When he became Captain America he was the same man on the inside and he never changed. He is the one hero to truly look up to in the Marvel Universe because of his leadership and principles. He was the leader of the anti-registration act team in the graphic novel Civil War and he believes in the good in people. He never believes his nation is better than anyone elses and he is for the people. He never quits even as the little guy getting beat up he said, “I can do this all the day” and when asked do you wan to kill Nazis he replied with the perfect answer saying, “I don’t like bullies. I don’t care where their from.” He denotes his life to the world securing it from the bad and he is always the first one in and last one out showing how a true leader should be and his heroism.
  8. 8. #3 – Spider-Man  He is the everyman. Growing up he went through what many young kids and teens do and that is bullying. He suffered from it due to his brilliant mind and his nerdy look. These people can relate to him and so can young adults. Even with Peter Parker being bit by a radioactive spider he suffers from what every person does and that is making ends meet, going through school, and middle class woes. He is a photographer just trying to make it (barely) in the world. He deals with issues of his sick Aunt May and complicated relationships with women (Gwen Stacey, Mary Jane, Black Cat, etc.) With all this to deal with he still goes out everyday in a spunky outfit not knowing if he is going to come back the next day alive. He is one of the most tragic heroes knowing that he can benefit the world with his intelligent mind but chooses to beat bad guys in tights. His greatest trait besides being an inspiration to multiple audiences is his responsibility not only to himself but the people around him. He learned the hard way and webhead will never forget it. He lost his Uncle Ben because of his lack of initiative and selfishness and they cost his Uncle’s life. Since that day he makes a constant effort to helping those in need even though he is looked at as a vigilante. With all that is going on his life Spidey never looses focus on what he is meant to do. He is the most relatable character out of anyone and lives by a wonderful motto. “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  9. 9. #2 - Batman  The Dark Knight lost his parents at 8 years old due to criminals and the corruption of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne dedicated his life to stop that from happening to anyone else by become a Martial Artist and getting Master Degree’s in Psychology and Criminology. For that he is the world’s greatest detective and one of the smartest heroes ever. He has reached his physical and mental peak and chooses to become what he fears most and that is bats. Using this he overcomes that fear to battle Gotham and its villains. Speaking of villains, the greater the villain the greater the hero. Batman’s villains are the stuff of legend. He has the greatest cast of villains with people such as Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, and Scarecrow. These villains are not only iconic but psychologically disturbing. The greatest of them all with the ultimate heart of darkness is the Joker who is Batmans ultimate challenge. Batman is incorruptible and for that villains dedicate their lives trying to hurt him. What makes him great is he never thinks he is doing enough when he probably is doing all what a human can. He works outside of the law because how corrupted Gotham is and he created great heroes like Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. So confident in himself Batman knows his limits and will not take a life regardless of the cost. He is the greatest hero to come out of the shadows at night and the cape crusader is so stubborn he will stop at nothing to have justice. He is an essential part of the DC Universe and he battles with old wounds everyday. He is the only human to stand by the Justice League and arguably can be the greatest comic book hero ever.
  10. 10. #1 - Superman  His “S” symbol is iconic in pop culture, his glasses and phone booth transformations are remembered by many. Not to mention he is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and he can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Superman was the original superhero. He was first witnessed in Action Comics in 1938 and from there him and the rest of the comic book world would go uphill. Superman set the standard for the comic book superhero and everyone at least has heard of him. If it wasn’t for Superman all these fantastic heroes that have been created wouldn’t have been made. He stands for truth, justice, and the now the world way. He is the leader of the Justice League and the most widely known hero. He is what men want to be because of who he is. Coming from krypton Kal-El was raised by two kind Kansas people in the city of Smallville. Growing up there he had to learn how to deal with being different and not being able to do things that other kids could. There are people like that in this world who know how it feels to be different and Superman is a great representation of that. Being a mile mannered reporter Clark Kent is sweet, genuine, goofy, and compassionate which is just as good as when he is Superman minus the goofiness and the glasses. Superman represent all comic book heroes and when you look back to see who started it all it was this hero. He is referenced on TV, in songs, and in culture. When people look up to the sky and they want inspiration they want to say “it’s a bird, no it’s a plane, no its Superman! He shows the the potential in all of us to achieve greatness and no one has made the impact he has in the world. He is a beacon of light and hope no one has topped and probably never will the Man of Steel.