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Trans-Media Trends: Minedshare 2 10 09



Keith Gerr: Direc...
“Among North American Agency CEOs, 62% said
 that they think digital will grow this
 year, while 39% of non-North American...
Marketers wanna entertain and socialize
with their 09 funds

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Trans-Media Trends: Minedshare 2 10 09

  1. • TRENDS IN TRANS-MEDIA Minedshare 2.10.2009 Keith Gerr: Director of Strategy, Opus Creative
  2. “Among North American Agency CEOs, 62% said that they think digital will grow this year, while 39% of non-North American CEOs said the same.” About the survey: The survey was conducted during the week of January 12, 2009 among global agency CEOs. Of the 83 CEOs responding, 34 were in North America and 49 were in markets in Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. The agencies range in size from $5 million to $500 million in capitalized billings and are all partner agencies in WPI, a privately held owner-operated advertising and marketing services agency.
  3. Marketers wanna entertain and socialize with their 09 funds
  4. …SHOCKING NEWS… CMO Council Survey: Only 16% of respondents said their companies have any routine system in place for monitoring what people are saying about them or their brands online What information could be more important to a marketer today? • Social media is simultaneously advertising, customer service and research • The tools for brand monitoring are free (Blog Pulse, Google alerts, TweetBeep, Facebook Lexicon etc.)
  5. “Customer experience is one of the most critical determinants of brand strength and business growth. Yet most organizations and senior marketers suffer from major blind spots and gaps in the way they interact, handle and respond to customer issues or problems.” Donovan Neale-May, CMO Council executive director
  6. People and the Social Web
  7. 75% of online adults 18-24 have a profile on a social network site 57% of online adults 25-34 have a profile on a social network site 30% of online adults 35-44 have one 19% of online 45 to 54 year olds have a profile 10% of online 55 to 64 year olds have a profile 7% of online adults 65+ have a profile
  8. “A typical social-networker connects weekly with an average of 18 people one-to-one, and 110 people one-to-many” Netpop Research
  9. Thoughts on Audience Segmentation and Behavior
  10. Generation Talkin Bout’ Yer Source: Understanding and cross-referencing similarities and differences between generations helps to focus the conversation
  11. Shift From TV To PC/Handhelds Is On “A majority of U.S. consumers - aged 14 to 75 - already see their PCs as more of an entertainment device than they do TVs.” Deloitte media consumption report “Savvy consumers are finding “good enough” digital substitutes online that allow them to forego subscribing to pay TV or online video rental services.” Eric Auchard, Reuters Who’s winning?: YouTube, Hulu, MySpace, NetFlix,
  12. Grl sends more than 20,000 txts in 1 month alone “Thank God quot;I can text one- handed, but I I get free usually use both text because it's easier,quot; messagingquot; said her father Source: The Star Press
  13. “Amazingly, teens know more about cell phone models and wireless plans than their favorite band or sports team.” Harris Interactive
  14. Brand Ela stic ity
  15. “Choose some colors, write a message and Sharpie makes it possible for anyone to leave his permanent mark on the side of the bus stop or the public phone or anywhere else billboard adverting may be experienced.” Sharpie – Interactive e- Cast Billboard
  16. 3-D Web: Crest Kiss Me
  17. Customer Service Intermediary:
  18. “The Curb team went out into central London—which has been quick- unusually wintry these past few days—to deliver a hit campaign for sports channel and lifestyle brand Extreme. Over 3,500 imprints were placed on parked cars, post boxes, walls and other snow-covered surfaces. The company used a laser-cut stencil to leave sharp imprints.”
  19. Kraft iFood Assistant is one of the best selling iPhone apps. “With its endeavor, Kraft is pulling off a rare trick: getting consumers to pay a one- time 99-cent fee for the app and also sit through ads on it. And in the process, it's collecting useful data for targeting them more closely.” AdvertisingAge
  20. Otherness
  21. Philanthropy 2.0: Ultimate Social Experiment “a school will be built for children in poverty when this group reaches 1.21 million members.” “Life Changing Apparel has provided funds to to carry out this project.”
  22. I am the new illegal alien
  23. Head Room
  24. quot;Search aided by a social interaction or a social connection is a paradigm shift in search -- primarily because it does what everyone wants: It delivers 'human context' and therefore increased relevance. For example, when you ask a friend to recommend a restaurant, they consider your age, gender, ethnicity (demographics), where you live, what you both like in common, and because of your shared demographics, they give you information only another human could give you ... shared human contextual information. This type of search is what the internet was created for ... connecting people with like interests.quot; Robb Fujioka, chairman of Fuhu
  25. Thanks Keith Gerr Director of Strategy, Opus Creative