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Info product killer review

  1. 1. INFO PRODUCT KILLER REVIEW IPK – SCAM or FOR REAL? Find Out Here: Info Product Killer Review Keep Reading to find out about a special Free Bonus worth $250 for people who purchase Info Product Killer through this blog! If you’re a regular reader, you KNOW I don’t tell you about every new “whiz bang” internet marketing product here. Why? Most of them make me want to throw up! I tired of wasting my money on such trash years ago. So I consider myself very sales resistant. If I buy something, it tends to be a TOOL like software or a service like a hosting service. It’s rare for me to buy an information product or even a “one time payment membership site access” like Info Product Killer just because it all is so sickening to me. I DO tell you about a few key products I like, but I hate jumping on bandwagons and promoting things that “everybody” promotes. I like to focus on things that I think really work, and things that I believe are different than the normal hype laden baloney that passes around the internet. I especially despise getting information about the same product from 20 different people! Have you noticed how most of their emails are “Don’t Buy __________________________ without
  2. 2. reading this first!” How many times do you have to see that headline before your eyes roll back in your head and you scream? But I DO want to tell you about Info Product Killer (IPK) and give you a serious review of the product. For me, Info Product Killer (IPK) is VERY different from so many information packages I’ve seen. I have registered many domains. I have tried various “SEO” theories, tools, and tricks to the best of my ability. I have made good money at times, but never astronomical money. And I have just scraped by with different techniques at times. I have gotten a feeling for what works in real life and what is just more bunk. Info Product Killer gets right down to the money making nitty gritty without any extra fluff whatsoever! So how is Info Product Killer different and worthy of your investment in money and time? Is it the “Info Product Killer Scam” as some have wondered? Here are the reasons I answer “No”… Info Product Killer is well worth your investment. 1. Info Product Killer tells you “where the money is” right now. 98% of the keywords you’ll optimize a site for are almost worthless for making money. 2. IPK tells you were to find these money making keywords – and it’s not at Google’s “keyword tool”. In fact it’s much faster. It takes about 30 seconds when you know where to look! 3. Info Product Killer focuses on the traffic that matters. No tire kickers, no people just surfing the internet because they are bored, they tell you how to find the people with their credit card out of the wallet ready to purchase and how to give these people the best possible deal so that they will do business with YOU. 4. IPK isn’t about all the “make work” projects that waste all your time and return pennies. I’ve done plenty of that for minimal returns: Adwords, Paid Traffic, PPC, Article Writing, Twitter, FaceBook, Media Buys, Blogging, Classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking, Link Building, Joint Venture Partners, eMail Drops, Adswaps, etc., etc. 5. Info Product Killer doesn’t cost alot of money. Assuming you have ahosting account already, it’s going to cost you some time (maybe 50 minutes?) and about $10 to get started! (If you’re afraid, see my free coaching offer at the end of this post!) 6. IPK lets you learn through written instructions (my preference) or through online videos (there’s literally over 40 step by step videos!)
  3. 3. 7. Info Product Killer shows you how to take advantage of the huge upcoming Christmas shopping season that starts in August! (Finally I timed something right!) What you do this year to make money will also likely KEEP making money next year too! Your efforts are cumulative! 8. The article and check list for simply and effectively optimizing a money making web page is the best I’ve seen in one place. Lots of people “talk” about this, but IPK is the first resource to make everything so absolutely clear and concise. 9. IPK works with many affiliate providers, but shows you specifically how you can go from making a few dollars per month from Amazon to making much, much more. And frankly I’m convinced by their reasoning for using Amazon. You will be too I think, but know you can use any affiliate network you’re already connected with. Are the big numbers for real? I honestly don’t know. I’m basing my recommendation on the techniques I’ve learned work through my own trial and error and can confirm are “for real” – and they’re all here in IPK! I just wish I hadn’t had to fish around forever figuring these things out on my own! I’ll let you decide if the numbers shown by IPK are realistic. When you learn what they’re doing, I’m sure they are possible. But I know that most of my readers would be very happy if they could just earn an extra $500, $1,000 or $2,000 per month extra right now. I can’t predict how you’ll do. Most people do nothing and earn nothing. But given the hype I’ve heard before, IPK strikes me as “doable” for the average person to make an additional income. The way I look at it is, if I invest $10 per year in, say, a domain name, and $10 in hosting for that site, then anything I make over $20 per year from that site is 100% profit. If you earn that plus the price of the IPK access, you’re doing much better than most people online. 10. Info Product Killer has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you order, get started this week, you’ll know in 60 days if IPK is working for you and you’ll only have been out the cost of the system and a few extra dollars to try. But if it doesn’t work for you, you can get the cost of membership refunded instantly. Be aware, IPK2010 is scheduled to close soon. I don’t know when. But to help you take advantage of this valuable information I want to make sure you are in a position to profit from this knowledge so you never have to waste money on another “information product” again. Here’s my $250 Free Bonus for you… Here’s what you’ll get if you purchase Info Product Killer through THIS LINK… Email your clickbank receipt to me at the email address listed at the About page of this blog, and I will give you a FREE EMAIL SUPPORT to help you set up your first “IPK style” money making project! This is
  4. 4. over and above the support you will receive from the people at Info Product Killer (IPK) My additional email support is a $250 value! Here’ s why I won’t regret making this offer! Because Info Product Killer (IPK) is going to CLOSE SOON. So as happy and insanely busy as I would be helping 1000 people with free email support, odds are you will not act quickly enough to claim my help! So if you want my free email support, ACT NOW. Order Info Product Killer (IPK) from my link. When you’ve had a chance to familiarize yourself with the instructional manuals and watched their videos, I will give you the email support you need to set up your first IPK style “money maker” when you send me a copy of your receipt. But you must act now! Note: These are affiliate links. My offer of free coaching is good for the next 14 days or until IPK2010 closes!